#BlogTour “Pucked Love” by Helena Hunting

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Pucked Love, the final sexy and emotional standalone in the NYT bestselling Pucked Series from New York Times bestselling author Helena Hunting, is LIVE!

Sarah’s Musings…

5 Firefly CROWNS

Fair warning, I don’t listen to audible, but there was no way I was waiting to get my hands on Darlene!! I needed them, and guess what I loved it. I love the narrators, I adore Charlene, and Darren was fantastic.

I feel Pucked Love is bringing about an end of era. These are the characters who introduced me to the world of Helena Hunting, and I feel like I have lived with them. I have seen them fall in love, endure hardships, and grow from friends to family. This is one of those books that you are sad to see end, but it is one heck of a conclusion.

Charlene and Darren are not anything what I was expecting, they were more. These two are broken and damaged, and I love the they find a home within on each other. These two exemplify how a family isn’t just blood but a group of people who come together of their choosing to care and support one another. They also show that love isn’t about controlling or suppressing likes and desires but exploring and supporting them. These two are complete and utter perfection. Everything from their banter to their steamy moments to their sweeter interactions made me swoon.

You think you know what Pucked Love is about. You don’t. It is so much more. Yes, Helena Hunting still provides us with the humor that made us fall in love with the Pucked series. We get to revisit all the couples we have grown to love. We get one final visit with the crew that has embedded themselves into our lives and hearts. It was written in such a way that I felt like coming home, and I never ever wanted it to end.

With every amazing series filled with unique and interesting characters, there is a mix of happiness and sadness. Pucked Love is everything I could have wanted for the final book in this series, and yet, there is still that sting of sadness because it is over. I wanted to sit a reminisce with these people about the good times, the hardships, the romance, and the friendship. So, savor this book. Savor each word, each chapter, and each emotion. You will want to keep every single moment you can with this clan that has taught us the meaning of home and family.

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#NewRelease “The Bastard” by Lisa Renee Jones

I’m the bastard child, son to the mistress, my father’s backup heir to the Kingston empire. He sent me to Harvard. I left and became a Navy SEAL, but I’m back now, and I finished school on my own dime. I’m now a few months from being a billionaire myself. I don’t need my father’s company or his love. My “brother” can have it. I will never go back there. I will never be the mistake my father made, the way he was the mistake my mother made.
And then she walks in the door, the princess I’d once wanted more than I’d wanted my father’s love. She wants me to come back. She says my father needs to be saved. I don’t want to save my father but I do want her. Deeply. Passionately. More than I want anything else.
But she’s The Princess and I’m The Bastard. We don’t fit. We don’t belong together and yet she says that she needs me. We’re like sugar and spice, we don’t mix, but I really crave a taste. Just one. What harm can just one taste do?

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#CoverReveal “We Should n’t” by Vi Keeland


We Shouldn’t

Release date January 21, 2019

A Standalone Contemporary Romance

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Vi Keeland


Model: Lucas Bloms ♦ Cover designer: Sommer Stein, Perfect Pear Creative


Bennett Fox walked into my life on one hell of a crappy Monday morning.

I was late for the first day at my new job—a job I’d now have to compete for even though I’d already worked eight years to earn it, because of an unexpected merger.

While I lugged my belongings up to my new office, a meter maid wrote me a parking summons.

She’d ticketed a long line of cars—except for the Audi parked in front of me, which happened to be the same make and model as mine.

Annoyed, I decided to regift my ticket to the car that had evaded a fine. Chances were, the owner would pay it and be none the wiser.

Except, I accidentally broke the windshield wiper while slipping the ticket onto the car’s window.

Seriously, my day couldn’t get any worse.

Things started to perk up when I ran into a gorgeous man in the elevator. We had one of those brief moments that only happened in movies.

You know the deal…your body lights up, fireworks go off, and the air around you crackles with electricity.

His heated stare left me flush when I stepped off the elevator.

Maybe things here wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Or so I thought.

Until I walked into my new boss’s office and met my competition.

The gorgeous man from the elevator was now my nemesis. His heated stare wasn’t because of any mutual attraction. It was because he’d saw me vandalize his car. And now he couldn’t wait to annihilate his rival.

There’s a fine line between love and hate—and we shouldn’t cross it.

We shouldn’t—but straddling that line could be so much fun.


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#CoverReveal “Next In Line” by Amy Daws

Cover Reveal Banner.jpg

Falling for your best friend’s little sister hook, line, and sinker.

Coming December 6!

full blurb.png



What happens when the cute mountain man you made out with in an ice fishing shack turns out to be your brother’s best friend?

A whole lot of awkward, that’s what.

Maggie’s mind is reeling when she discovers the guy she became tangled up with at Marv’s Bait & Tackle isn’t a stranger like she thought.

The big snag: Sam and Maggie’s chemistry is hot enough to melt ice, which makes keeping their secret far more difficult than either expected.

Especially when one of them decides they want this arrangement to be more than just a catch and release.

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#NewRelease “Pucked Love” by Helena Hunting


Pucked Love, the final sexy and emotional standalone in the NYT bestselling Pucked Series from New York Times bestselling author Helena Hunting, is LIVE!

Pucked Love (The Pucked Series Book 7) by [Hunting, Helena]


As an NHL player, relationships haven’t been my thing. Shrouded in secrecy and speculation, they never last very long. But then that’s what happens when you require an NDA before the first date.

Until Charlene. She’s like a firefly. She’s elusive, and if you catch her she’ll burn bright, but keeping her trapped dulls her fire and dims her beauty.

I caught her. And as much as I might want to keep her, I’ll never put the lid on her jar. Not at the risk of losing her. So I’ve let her set the rules in our relationship.

But as long hidden secrets expose us both, I discover exactly how fragile Charlene is, and how much I need her.

We’re all broken. We’re all messed up. Some more than others. Me more than most.

The FINAL standalone novel in The Pucked Series.

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#NewRelease “Possession” by T.M. Frazier

“This trilogy is EPIC! If you loved TM Frazier’s King series, you MUST read the Perversion trilogy!”

– Meghan March, New York Times Bestselling Author

Possession BT.jpg

POSSESSION, part two of the dark and gritty Perversion Trilogy

from USA Today bestselling author T.M. Frazier is LIVE!

Possession cover front.jpg

The story of Grim and Emma Jean continues.

War is on the horizon.

We’ve come so far.

We’ll have to fight for what we have.

Or die trying.





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#NewRelease “Control” by K. Bromberg

“Sometimes love happens unexpectedly…”

From New York Times Bestselling Author K Bromberg, comes CONTROL, a new novella in her Everyday Heroes Series, brought to you by 1,001 Dark Nights! Be sure to grab your copy today!


From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author K. Bromberg comes a new story in her Everyday Heroes series…

Control is something Desi Whitman abhors. Why live life in black and white perfection when you can messily color outside the lines?

But when she comes face to face with SWAT officer Reznor Mayne, he’s about to show her just how good control can feel.


Grab your copy of CONTROL today!

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#Excerpt “Do You Feel It Too?” by Nicola Rendell


Do You Feel It Too? By Nicola Rendell
Release Date: November 20th


A hot summer night is perfect for feeling your way in the dark…

For urban-legend hunter and television host Gabe Powers, it’s business—investigate the most notorious haunted places in Savannah. Then he meets his new sound engineer, a dewy Georgia peach who may just turn this gig into (im)pure pleasure. All it takes is one night for them to conjure floor-rattling, wall-banging moans…but they’re not from the ghosts.

Blame the rippling abs, the cocky swagger, the granite jawline, the whole muscle-bulging package, but Gabe is bringing out good-girl Lily Jameson’s dirty side. Damn her code-of-conduct contract—this isn’t just a molten-hot fling.

There’s just one kink in the relationship they’ve been avoiding: soon they’ll be going their separate ways. Lily’s home is in Savannah, and Gabe is a globe-trotter at heart. For them to be together, they’ll both have to upend their so-very-different worlds and face their fears in the process. And suddenly things don’t feel so Georgia peachy keen at all.


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#NewRelease “All We Want” by J. Daniels


Alabama Summer Series

By J. Daniels

Release Day – Nov 12th

Sarah’s Musings…


The Alabama Summer series was one of my first interconnected standalone series that I ever read. I love the family feeling of the all the books, the ribbing, the support, that drama that comes with a family is what constantly brings me back. I love this crew, and Luke and Tessa are one of my absolute favorite couples from the whole series.

With two words, Luke Evans stole my reader heart. ASK. ME. That is seriously all it took. Two words and I was a swooning mess.  My love for him over the course of this novella has only escalated. His all consuming love for Tessa, his need to protect her, and his desire to see her happy not with words but actions solidifies not only why I love this series but Luke. He could no wrong. I swear.

Tessa, for this novella, really resonated with me. I have been in her shoes. The blame women put on themselves when infertility occurs, the isolation we feel, and the worry about how not being able to conceive will affect the relationship a person is in all weighs heavily on the mind of a woman trying to conceive, and J. Daniels did such an amazing job conveying the tumultuous emotions that plague a woman who yearns for a child in the most desperate way.

The story is pretty clear cut from the synopsis.  J. Daniels takes readers on the journey with them. We see the emotional warfare of trying to conceive, the self doubt, and the pain, but we also get to see a couple who truly loves each other, who is in it for each other and not just the typical picture perfect married couple life. I fell in love all over again with their love and devotion to one another.

The Alabama Summer series will always be one of my favorites. The family and the steamy relationships between each of the couples will always bring me back to this crew. Now, it is time to bring on JAKE.

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#NewRelease “Bulldozer” by P. Dangelico


What happens when a single mother is forced to live with a grumpy, ailing football star? The smolder turns red hot, of course.

Bulldozer, an all-new standalone contemporary romance by P. Dangelico is live.

Bulldozer_Ebook.v2_AmazonFinal Nina.jpeg

Amanda Shaw has pulled it together. It’s taken a couple of years, a boatload of hard work, and a ton of self-discipline, but she finally has her problems in a headlock. Her yoga studio in the city has become so successful she’s opening one near the beach, and her relationship with her ten-year-old son is improving every day. The last thing she needs is a monkey wrench thrown into her smoothly running life.

Grant Hendricks is one big monkey wrench. The four time Defensive Player of the Year, three time NFL sack leader, and all-around football god has officially hit rock bottom. A devastating back injury means he may have to retire and that scares him more than doctors telling him that the next hit could leave him paralyzed. All he needs is a quiet place to think and his teammate’s beach house sounds like just the place. Problem is, the woman already living there.

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#SoontoDrop Most Anticipated Releases of the Week

My most anticipated releases of the week are here!  Make sure you check them out, add them to your TBR, and pre-order as soon as possible.  They are must reads!

Check back throughout the week in order to see my reviews and other book news, and make sure you head over to my Facebook page for your chance to win an e-book copy of one of the many new releases being published this week!

Also, don’t forget to comment on any post throughout the week in order to enter to win any ebook from your own TBR ($5.99 Limit).  Each comment is an entry, so make sure to comment multiple times.


Tricia’s Musings…

I was so ready for more of J. Daniels’s fantastic Bama men, and Luke is a firm favorite. It’s going to be a tear-jerker, but I can’t wait for All We Want.

Sarah’s Musings…

J. Daniels is one of those authors who gets an automatic one-click from me. Her books introduced me to the world of romance, and these Bama boys never it easy on my heart or my ovaries. I couldn’t be more excite to get more.



The New York Times bestselling Alabama Summer series continues in this sixth installment.

Luke and Tessa Evans are solid.

They’re crazy in love and in this forever, and now, they’re anxiously awaiting the next step.


But when month after month ticks by with nothing but disappointing news, and the stress gets too much to take, their relationship will be tested in ways it’s never been tested before.

When all they want is something they might never have, will their love for each other be enough?


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#NewReleases for the Week of November 11, 2018

Another awesome reading week is upon us.  The following list indicates the top romance books being released this week. Check out my #soontodrop post to see which books being released this week I am most excited about sharing with you.

Make sure you head over to my Facebook page for your chance to win an e-book copy of one of the many new releases being published this week! Also, don’t forget to comment on any post throughout the week in order to enter to win an ebook from your own TBR ($5.99 Limit). Each comment is an entry, so make sure to comment multiple times.

  • 11/5 – Bloodstained Beauty – Ella Fields – surprise release last week
  • 11/10 – All We Want – J. Daniels
  • 11/12 – Bulldozer – P. Dangelico
  • 11/12 – Raise Your Game – Cassia Leo
  • 11/12 – This Kiss – Melody Grace
  • 11/13 – Before Girl – Kate Canterbary
  • 11/13 – Tragic – Devney Perry
  • 11/13 – The Princess, The Prick, and the Priest – Ella Frank
  • 11/13 – Fighting the Fire – Laura Kaye
  • 11/13 – Royal Tease – Nana Malone
  • 11/13 – Washington DC – Audrey Carlan
  • 11/13 – Endless – W. Winters
  • 11/13 – Fireworks – Sarina Bowen
  • 11/13 – Pucked Love – Helena Hunting
  • 11/13 – Possession – T.M. Frazier
  • 11/13 – Tequila, Tequila – Emma Hart
  • 11/13 –  Control – K. Bromberg
  • 11/13 – Whiskey Undone – Carrie Ann Ryan
  • 11/13 – Such Violent Delights – PNR anthology
  • 11/13 – Unlocking Darkness – Kennedy Layne
  • 11/14 – Torn – Natasha Knight
  • 11/14 – The Bastard – Lisa Renee Jones
  • 11/14 – Broken Love – Stacey Marie Brown
  • 11/14 – Once Upon a Cowboy – Stina Lindenblatt
  • 11/14 – The Results of Unrequited – Len Webster
  • 11/15 – Sidehustle – Emily Goodwin
  • 11/15 – In Her Space – Amie Knight
  • 11/15 – Bryce – Jeannine Colette & Lauren Runow
  • 11/15 – You’re the One I Don’t Want – Carrie Aarons
  • 11/15 – Being Mrs. Crane – Shanora Williams
  • 11/15 – T-Bone – Vanessa Vale
  • 11/15 – Falling for the Playboy – Kennedy Fox
  • 11/15 – My Quickie Wedding – Christie Ridgway
  • 11/15 – Second Semester – QB Tyler
  • 11/16 – Rock Redemption – Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott
  • 11/16 – All That We Are – Melissa Toppen
  • 11/16 – Let There Be Light – A.M. Johnson

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#BlogTour “Misadventures with a Professor” by Sierra Simone

Book: Misadventures with a Professor

Author: Sierra Simone
Part of the Misadventures Series by Waterhouse Press

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Sarah’s Musings…
4.5 Kinky CROWNS

Sierra Simone always delivers an uber sexy romance, but what always makes me come back as a reader is the examination of sexuality and norms.

Oliver and Zandy seem to be, on the surface, your typical romantic hero and heroine, Oliver being the dominant, experienced older man and Zandy being the inexperienced, naive young woman. As their relationship becomes more than a one night stand, Sierra Simone pulls back their layers and exposes there is so much more, and the insecurities start to surface.

Although the plot and the conflict and subsequent resolution are to be expected based on the characterization of Zandy and Oliver, the examination of sexuality makes the story one that asks for some introspection. Sierra Simone examines the idea of kink, of society’s perception of those who enjoy it, and the effects of those who fee an internal shame because of it. Readers get a look into the dynamics of it all, and realize, along with the characters, that there shouldn’t be shame in enjoyment of the body and love.

Sierra Simone always guarantees that I get a look into a world I normally wouldn’t. She excels at normalizing kink, and making something that is seen as taboo as nothing more than an expression of desire and love. It is one of the many reasons I will always read whatever she writes.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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#BlogTour “Hate Notes” by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

HN cover personal page AVAILABLE NOW.jpg

A standalone romance novel published by Montlake Romance

By: New York Times Bestselling Authors Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

Release Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Photo/Cover Details: Photo Credit: Tijana Vukovic / Model: Dusan Susnjar

Teasers by: Luna Sol

Sarah’s Musings…

5 F*** It List CROWNS

To be honest, Hate Notes took my by surprise. I was expecting, from the cover and title, and an angsts enemies to Lovers type romance (to be fair, I don’t read a synopsis for these two writers because I’m reading whatever they write). It is sweet and prolific with the ideas about love and living a life that matters, making me 100% enamored with this story and couple.

Reed is on the surface the uptight business man, but even then the antagonism with Charlotte has a flirting tone. He is intrigued by her, just as readers are intrigued by his seemingly defiant nature when it comes to letting her in. Readers sense that there has to be more to his story, and there is and I didn’t see it coming. The character development from the revelation is heartbreaking. Understanding his distance and his reluctance to love Charlotte makes readers want these two to find their HEA together.

Charlotte is insane in the best way, touting a effervescent attitude about life that people are unable to deny. Her energy and excitement for life is contagious, leaping from the screen to your own life. I love that she is the one that saves the hero. She brings him to life and even when she is down, she saves herself. Charlotte in no way is a damsel in distress, and she is one of my absolute favorite heroines from these two writers.

What really made me love this story, as with most of my favorite romances, are the themes the writers create from the journey of the characters. They are ideas that resonate with me or open my eyes to a new way of thinking. For Hate Notes, the theme of living each moment you’ve been given, truly embracing life and experiencing all it has to offer is inspirational. I found myself want to write my own bucket list, to make sure I do all the things I want to do in my life. Additionally, over the course of the novel, there are several moments that emphasize the idea of what real love is beyond the wedding dresses and the honeymoons and the falling in love, and there is something truly romantic in the reality of true love.

Hate Notes is another fantastic romance from Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward, which went beyond my expectations, left me feeling inspired to live while also giving me a romance that made me swoon. It is an exquisite depiction of real and true love, the essence of romance.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review Continue Reading

#Review “Five of Cups” by Trisha Wolfe

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Cards of Love Series

Five of Cups by Trisha Wolfe

Tricia’s Musings…

5 Crowns

Trisha Wolfe writes dark, psychological suspense so well. Team that with murder and romance and I’m all in! Once I started reading The Five of Cups I couldn’t put it down. A clever storyline, with so many twists and turns, had me hanging off the edge of my seat. Characters who conspire, together with the fast pace of the storytelling, means that you need to keep your wits about you in order to fully appreciate the complexities of the plot.

I love that the story comes from the male point of view, which gives it such a great impact for me. Dr. West is arrogant but not so much so that his character doesn’t feel realistic. He’s also honest in his analysis of himself and I love his sarcastic humour. The darkness we love from this author is still there but it’s ingenious and skillfully applied. I would describe this whole book as tense, intriguing and exciting. I can imagine the author rubbing her hands together, whilst giving an evil laugh like some cartoon villain when she wrote the ending!

All of this, plus a fantastic, inventive, spin on the use of tarot cards make this a five star read for me. Continue Reading

#CoverReveal “Across the Horizon” by Aly Martinez

Across the Horizon by Aly Martinez

Release Day – DEC 6, 2018


“Sometimes love happens when you least expect it.” That was what my husband’s mistress told me the day I found out about their affair.

I didn’t believe it until five minutes later when mouth-watering celebrity chef Tanner Reese walked up, tossed his arm around my shoulders, and told my cheating husband to take a hike.

Tanner and I couldn’t have been more different. He spent his weekends at clubs, rubbing elbows with fellow A-listers. I spent mine in yoga pants with cheese boards and a glass of wine—or six.

Our relationship shouldn’t have worked, but it did. That is until Tanner proved to me that even though love happens when you least expect it…

So does heartbreak.



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#CoverReveal “Tripping on a Halo” by Alessandra Torre

Tripping on a Halo

by Alessandra Torre

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Cover Designer: Perfect Pear Creative Covers

Release Date: December 7, 2018


It’s really hard to save a guy’s life when he keeps running from you.

You might be asking yourself why I’m waving an inflatable penis in the air and screaming at the top of my lungs. If I took time to explain, Declan Moss would get hit by a bus.

Let me back up. I didn’t ask for this. I was perfectly happy—and perfectly sane—before I was tasked with keeping Declan Moss alive. It was a thankless job until the moment that my panties dropped and his delicious smirk found his way in between my thighs.

Hello, toe-curling ecstasy. Goodbye, professional boundaries. And suddenly, there’s a new danger to avoid: the falling of my heart.


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#NewRelease “Heartbreak Warfare” by Heather M. Orgeron and Kate Stewart

We are celebrating the release of HEARTBREAK WARFARE by Heather M. Orgeron & Kate Stewart!

Don’t forget to one-click this heart-stopping, emotional story today!

Contemporary Romance ♦ Stand Alone ♦ Designed by: Letitia Hasser RBA designs

Tricia’s Musings…
I’d give it more than 5 CROWNS if I could
With this book, these authors took my heart, tore it from my chest, squeezed the living daylights out of it and then shoved it back in.

I don’t think I can string enough words together in the right order to adequately describe this book but I’ll try. It’s brutal, it’s tragic and heartbreakingly intense. It’s stunning. Although this is a collaboration, the writing is seamless and the pairing of these two authors is genius. Their writing styles complement each other so beautifully, you wouldn’t know one from the other. Their creative writing is so vivid, it ensures that you feel everything with these characters and at times you live their nightmare alongside them. They are so real, and their personalities leap from the pages.

In the aftermath of certain events, I could see why Katy made the decisions she did and whether I agreed with them or not, I felt such empathy for her. Be aware, nothing here is glossed over, or sugar coated, and neither should it be.  Her confusion and her guilt are palpable. When I think about Katy, the saying, “before you judge, walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” immediately springs to mind. When I wasn’t metaphorically standing behind her cheering her on, willing her to stay strong and believe in herself, I was trying to swallow the big lump in my throat and hold back the tears. I wanted to comfort all these characters on more than one occasion.

There was humour here too, which was fun and silly and irreverent. That in itself was a welcome relief from the heavy subject matter and established them as characters who are more than two dimensional.

As the story progressed, the anticipation, the need to know what was going to happen, almost drove me mad. I will admit, the urge to skip ahead was strong. I’m so glad I resisted, as this story needed to unfold in its own time. I would’ve deprived myself of the journey, the experience of feeling everything, the heart stopping emotions and edge of your seat moments you get when you become completely invested in the characters.

Exceptional writing and a powerful storyline secures this book as one I don’t think I’ll ever forget. One which I shall be recommending for years to come.

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#NewRelease “Reckless” Anthology

Title: Reckless: An Anthology
Authors: Mika Jolie, Kylie Stewart,
P.M. Carson & Sharla Lovelace
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 8, 2018


You’ve done what’s expected.
You’ve stayed in the “good girl” lane.
How’s that working for you?

If you have a chance at falling in love . . .
Will you take matters into your hands?
Kiss a stranger with wild abandon?
Throw caution to the wind along with your clothes?

Don’t think about the consequences.
Dive into the forbidden, the off-limits.
Be fearless.
Be wild.
Be unpredictable.
Be reckless.

***Each novella in the Reckless anthology is a never before published,
swoon-worthy, standalone story by Mika Jolie, Kylie Stewart, P M Carson, and
Sharla Lovelace.


PURCHASE LINKS – $2.99 for a limited time

US ♦ UK ♦ CA ♦ AU

Free in Kindle Unlimited

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#CoverReveal “Only Love” by Melanie Harlow

Heartfelt, beautiful and sexy! There’s a reason Melanie Harlow is one of my absolute favorite romance authors, and Only Love is the latest example of why she holds that spot. Ryan and Stella’s love touched my heart!” Lauren Blakely, #1 New York Times bestselling author


Only Love, an all-new sexy standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author Melanie Harlow is coming November 26th!

Cover Designer: Hang Lee • Photographer


A gorgeous former Marine with a tortured soul.

The beautiful, compassionate therapist living next door.

A meddlesome grandma determined to get them together.

I was expecting a proposal on my birthday, and I got dumped instead.

How could I have been so clueless?

Grams knew exactly how to distract me.

The “cute boy next door” who’s been helping her with yard work clearly needs a little therapy. Who better to call than her newly single therapist granddaughter?

She even fakes dementia to get me to visit, and now that I’m here she’s doing everything in her power to throw us together.

Not that I’m complaining. Ryan is the sexiest man I’ve ever met–I mean the full package, from the chiseled jaw to the massive shoulders to the rippling abs. (And yes, his package is full, and he knows exactly how to deliver it.) He makes me want to get out of my head and follow my heart. He makes me want to take chances I never thought I’d take.

He also makes me want to take my clothes off. A lot.

But he’s moody and challenging–one minute he’s an open book, and the next he’s completely closed off. He holds me like he’ll never let go, but insists he wants to be alone.

Some wounds are so deep, only love can heal them.

How can I convince him to let me try?

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