#Review “The Guy on the Left” by Kate Stewart

The Guy on the Left by Kate Stewart is LIVE! This is a standalone contemporary romance packed with all the feels! One-click yours NOW!

Tricia’s Musings…

5 The Legit Life CROWNS

I love the way this series is turning out to be nothing like I expected, each one is different, with characters who are so much more than I anticipated. The Guy on the Left is another wonderful story in this series and it knocked my socks off.

Troy and Clarissa’s relationship is so far from straightforward. It’s messy, it’s emotional, it’s raw and intense and yet so real. Troy is such a beautiful soul and he stole my heart. He’s caring and hardworking and I couldn’t help but admire his dedication and determination as he put his all into everything he did. Is he perfect? Of course not. Is he young and makes mistakes? Absolutely! However, he is not at all what you may think from the outside. He is hugely motivated, with his heart in the right place, which for me more than made up for any slight errors of judgement on his part. It certainly didn’t stop me from loving the bones of him. The friendship, for that’s what it was, between him and his son was fantastic. Hysterical at times, heartwarming at others, it couldn’t have been more perfect. To say he stepped up would be an understatement. I challenge you not to fall in love with him yourself.

Clarissa had a harder time winning me over. She did what she believed was right at the time and I guess no one can fault her for that. She’s not a terrible person, but she is not blameless either. At some point her decisions became unreasonable and I could’ve shook her. However, thanks to Ms Stewart’s wonderful writing, we were able to get into Clarissa’s mind and I understood her more and where she was coming from. After all, no one wants to put themselves or their child in a situation where they could get hurt. She certainly does not have it easy and life is a struggle for her too. She’s a great mom and I really loved her relationship with little Dante, who is an absolute darling. He’s funny and forward and precocious, in a hugely endearing way. We also got a glimpse of his vulnerabilities, which made me want to grab him and hug him tight.

The courtship between Troy and Clarissa is a slow burn, but not painstakingly so. Their physical attraction is undeniable but because of the way they initially met, it made sense that they actually needed to take their time to get to know one another. Besides, they’re both witty and it’s great fun witnessing their teasing and flirty banter.

However, the course of true love never did run smooth, as they say. There’s a lot of push and pull between this couple and Clarissa had some soul searching to do when it came to her motives. Nevertheless, I was rooting for them and I really hoped she’d come to her senses before it was too late.

The Guy on the Left is hugely enjoyable, the perfect combination of sweet and sexy, funny and emotional. It’ll pull on your heartstrings and steam up your kindle and I personally couldn’t have wished for anything more.

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#NewRelease “The Younger Man” by Karina Halle

A reckless, obsessive soccer star. A forbidden affair that could ruin her career.

The locker room has never been this steamy.

TYM - AN FB.jpg

The Younger Man, an epic standalone forbidden age-gap sports romance, by New York Times bestselling author Karina Halle, is LIVE!



Starting over was her only option.

Forty-years old and still reeling from a public and painful divorce, Thalia Blackwood is looking for a fresh start, somewhere far away from her upside down life. When she’s offered a new job as the sports therapist for a football (soccer) team, she jumps at the chance. This is just what she needs to leave the heartbreak and shame of Manchester behind, trading it in for the warmth and hopeful vibrancy of Madrid.

He was her only desire.

Twenty-three year old Alejo Albarado is rising up the ranks in his career. As the charming forward for the Real Madrid team, Alejo’s life revolves around women, parties, and being a tabloid darling, that is until the new sports therapist joins the team.

Their passion could not be ignored.

What starts out as a strictly professional relationship between Thalia and the young Spanish player, slowly evolves into something more. Much more.

Their relationship was forbidden.

But their combustible chemistry and simmering sexual tension can only go so far—should Thalia give into Alejo’s advances, she’s at risk of not only losing her job, but succumbing to a much younger man will drag her through the spotlight again.

Alejo might be worth that risk.

Unless he breaks her heart in the process.

The Younger Man is a full-length standalone romance. Characters from Love, in English make a cameo in this book, however The Younger Man is intended to be read as a STANDALONE.

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#CoverReveal “Release” by Aly Martinez

“Aly Martinez is one of the best in the business. You have to read her books.”

–Meghan March, New York Times Bestselling author

Release - CR banner

Release, an all-new emotional, second chance romance standalone from USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez is coming January 5th and we have the incredible cover!

Cover Designed by: Hang Le ♦ Photographer: Wander Aguiar Photography ♦ Model: Zack Salaun

Release AMAZON


Growing up, Ramsey Stewart branded my soul in ways time could never heal.

At twelve, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

At thirteen, he gave me my first kiss.

By sixteen, we’d fallen in love, planned a future together, and had our eyes set on the horizon.

Love never fails, right?

But for Ramsey, it did.

Love failed him.

I failed him.

The entire world failed him.

At seventeen, Ramsey was convicted of killing the boy who assaulted me.

Move on,he wrote in his first and only letter from prison.

Start a new life, he urged.

I don’t love you anymore, he lied.

There was no such thing as giving up on Ramsey. Love may have been our curse, but he was mine—then, now, and forever.

So here I am, twelve long years later, waiting for a man I don’t even know to emerge from between the chain link gates.

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#Review “Gilded Lily” by Staci Hart

The wait is over! Gilded Lily, the second standalone in

Staci Hart’s Bennet Brothers Series, is LIVE!

Sarah’s Musings…


Book two, Gilded Lily, in the standalone Bennet Brothers series is another must read from Staci Hart. I absolutely adored this couple, their romance, and them as individuals. As always, Staci Hart’s writing is beautifully written, adding an extra level of charm to this already amazing story.

Kash, with his subtle and calm nature, will captivate your heart. He is accepting and kind, and I loved all of the silent support and encouragement he gave to the heroine. What was refreshing about his character was the insecurity he possessed. I would venture to say that his feeling of not being enough, of being the forever rebound, is one that we often see in woman, and yet, Hart was still able to portray as masculine and swoon-worthy. It allowed readers to empathize with him and fall in love with this contemplative gardener.

Lily has a tough exterior, one built to protect her very fragile heart. I found her to be very relatable, as a woman who felt she couldn’t show her emotions on the outside and often reserved her sadness for her times of isolation. I enjoyed her evolution most, and found that many themes could be taken away from the lessons she learned – being passionate about life, being less focused on perfection, finding someone to share the quiet moments of life with. I loved who she was a person and who she became with Kash.

This story truly had it all: the sweet intimate moments between a couple in love, the steamy moments that heat up e-readers, the hilarious scenes with the secondary characters, and story line that keeps readers engaged. While the characterization and exposition and rising action will have the reader predicting the conflict, the manifestation of the conflict and how the climax came to be was fantastic and a bit unexpected. The ending. My God, the ending was everything romantically perfect. And the sneak peek for book three! I am here for it. All of it.

This standalone series is shaping up to rival the RLC series (my absolute favorite from Hart), maybe for different reasons, but they are both equally brilliantly written with captivating stories and characters, wholly romantic in the emotional and physical aspects, and profound in the themes that are developed through each book. I am absolutely in love.

ARC review
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#Review “The Punk and the Plaything” by B.B. Reid

FB & IG AN.jpg

The Punk and The Plaything, the third romantic standalone in the When Rivals Play series by B.B. Reid, is LIVE!

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Must Read CROWNS

B.B without a doubt SLAYED this story. I loved Every. Single. Thing about Jaime and Bee, I could not get enough. From start to finish B.B pulls you into their world and wraps you up in the sexiness that is Jaime and doesn’t let you go until the last page!! I have loved every story that she has created and this one is no exception. This is an EPIC ride of first loves and second chances. So, buckle up, have spare panties on hand and enjoy the ride that is Jaime Fucking Buchanan!!!

“All’s fair in love and war, Barbette.” The moment my bedroom door slammed shut, I sank to the floor, feeling boneless. He’s taken all my strength and common sense with him. 

I’ve been dying for Jaime and Bee story since The Peer and The Puppet. I needed to know what happened and what was really going on between them. B.B did an amazing job of dropping little pieces here and there to elicit your interest in them, but ultimately not letting anything significant through. This story takes you all the way back to when they first met and all the things that happened. 

“He had his hands full, and now he’s tied up.” 

“Aren’t those the same thing?” Elliot snapped

“I can’t answer that without feeling sorry for your wife, Mr. Montgomery.”

Gahhhhh Jaime is too freaking much. His sense of humor and filthy mouth are the perfect combination. Every single thing that comes out of his mouth is dripping with either sarcasm or sensuality. I knew from the start that I was going to fall under his spell, hell I already had from The Peer and The Puppet. But this story just cemented the absolute amazingness that is Jaime. Every facet of this man is designed to make you fall for him. So, prepare to lose not only your hearts to this man but also your panties. 

When the clock strikes twelve, you’re mine, Cinderella. Don’t bother wearing panties. 

I loved Bee, I wasn’t sure what I would feel for her, since at least to me we never really got a feel for who she was. She was there but even in the other books it was as if she was just this shell of a person. I should never have doubted that she would have me falling for her, I am completely enamored with Bee. She is pure strength, this girl went through so much and in the end, she still didn’t lose her whole self, that strength was always there it was just buried. Many would have lost themselves completely, they wouldn’t have been able to withstand. But she did. This was one of the reasons I loved her so much. She’s overall just a superb character and you get to see why she became who she is. You get to see the things that happened which slowly chipped away at the girl she was always meant to be. She is Queen!!!!

“Jaime,” I whimpered. “It’s too much.” Any moment now, Id’ burn, and when he was done with me, there’d be nothing left. 

I don’t want to give too much away because this story is just to freaking good and everyone needs to read it. B.B has created such a phenomenal cast of characters that you can’t help but fall in love with each one, I am utterly obsessed with Blackwood Keep and everyone there. She has such a delicious way with words, that she draws you completely into her stories and you can’t help but get lost to them, I devoured Jaime and Bee’s story in one sitting without moving or coming up for air. So, if you love dirty talking Alpha males and the women who bring them to their knees then you will love this read!!!

ARC review

Sarah’s Musings…


JAMIE AND Bee own my heart!!! Gah, I couldn’t get enough of them or their love. And BB has upped her steam level. You aren’t ready. Jamie brings it all.

Jamie, the consummate playboy, troublemaker, the lovable thorn in the side of almost every character, was more than I ever could have bargained for. I loved the depth BB brought to him, and his many layers made me fall deeper in love with this broken and battered man.

Bee, though, she took the cake for me. I LOVED HER.  And the evolution! God, the evolution of BEE. I have a girl crush on her for real. I’m in love with all facets of her. The strength she had to endure, to play a part, is phenomenal , and the flashbacks that Reid used to show how she came to be the QUEEN of town from the independent and fierce little girl broke my heart for this heroine. I truly loved seeing her take her life back and the love she once had for Jameson.

This second chance romance was angsty, slow burning, and the steamiest B.B. Reid has written. The switching between the past and the present with flashbacks, allows so much depth to their romance. It allows readers to feel their pain in their fall, just as much as we see the beauty in their younger love. The switching between point of views also brought a much needed depth to two of the most misunderstood characters, the two whose public mask doesn’t necessarily match what is in their heart. And their HEA!!!! ONE OF MY FAVORITES B.B. has written.

Could I love this crew more? I didn’t think so, but I do. Wren and Lou, Vaughn and Tyra, Jamie’s mom. I LOVE THEM ALL. This is one of my very favorite series ever, and I am dying for the final book.

BETA review

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#SoontoDrop Most Anticipated Reads of the Week

My most anticipated releases of the week are here!  Make sure you check them out, add them to your TBR, and pre-order as soon as possible.  They are must reads!

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Sarah’s Musings…
All love Kate Stewart’s writing. I don’t care if it is dramatic, romantic comedy, or the varying tropes she writes in. I just know that I need it. Her writing is always superb, and I always enjoy every single page. This one will be no different.
Blurb:It started with a lie. A night of blurred lines between a teacher and a student.

I wasn’t her student, yet it was the single most defining night of my life.

I’ve never been the man she thinks I am.

Most people have no idea about the life I’ve lived or the words that ring true when it comes to me—still waters run deep.

But you’d be hard-pressed to find a coed on the TGU campus who knows otherwise…because I’ve never corrected them.

The clock is ticking down, it’s Fourth and Inches with the ball inside the one-yard line and the focus is on me, The Guy on the Left. I’ve never felt like a football god, inside I’m…just Troy.

It’s time to set the record straight.

For my son, I‘ll find the strength.

In her eyes, I’m determined to gain redemption.

I will have them both, even if I have to take my eye off the ball.

*The Guy on the Left is a stand alone novel in the Underdog Series. This is Troy’s story.

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#NewReleases for the Week of December 8, 2019

Another awesome reading week is upon us.  The following list indicates the top romance books being released this week. Check out my #soontodrop post to see which books being released this week I am most excited about sharing with you.

Make sure you head over to my Facebook page for your chance to win an e-book copy of one of the many new releases being published this week! Also, don’t forget to comment on any post throughout the week in order to enter to win an ebook from your own TBR ($5.99 Limit). Each comment is an entry, so make sure to comment multiple times.

  • 12/8 – The Guy on the Left – Kate Stewart – LIVE EARLY
  • 12/9 – The Punk and the Plaything – B.B. Reid – LIVE EARLY
  • 12/9 – Audition – Skye Warren & Amelia Wilde
  • 12/10 – Meet Me on Love Lane – Nina Bocci
  • 12/10 – Never Enough – Kelly Elliott
  • 12/10 – House of Scarlett – Meghan March
  • 12/10 – Regretting You – Colleen Hoover
  • 12/10 – Best Man – Katy Evans
  • 12/10 – InstaCrush – Kate Meader
  • 12/10 – The Boyfriend Blog – K.L. Grayson
  • 12/11 – The Younger Man – Karina Halle
  • 12/12 – Bad for You – Shanora Williams
  • 12/12 – Sleeper – Kayley Loring
  • 12/12 – Across Time – Elizabeth O’Roark
  • 12/13 – Boyfriend 101 – Riley Hart

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#NewRelease “Interpreter” by Kristy Marie

This standalone Contemporary Romance is packed with so many feels and hilarious moments that it can only be topped by one crazy, tension-fueled couple! See what readers are anticipating as her best book yet! 

Image may contain: 2 people, shoes and text

Cover designer: Letitia Hasser of RBA Designs

Cover Photo: Eric Battershell Photography

Cover Model: Johnny Kane

Release Date: December 6

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Completely Obsessed Stars

I have been utterly captivated with this series that Kristy has created since the beginning. Each story and each character makes me fall more and more in love with them and Tim is no different. I’ve been waiting for his story since that scene in Gorgeous by the bonfire (you know which one I’m talking about) and if you don’t read it and you will know exactly what I mean. And Kristy does not disappoint with where she takes us. Tim owned my heart and soul from the very first page and it only progressed from there. 

I’m trapped inside my head with nothing to distract me but a life imprisoned in silence.

With every new story that Kristy writes I feel like that character is the one that owns my soul. But then she’ll write another and it will be that one. Well, I’m here to say that Tim actually does own me heart and soul. This man it All The Things! He’s so special and amazing that you can’t but fall for him. Tim is so broken and oh so beautiful, he crashes through your walls and takes up residence in your heart. What this man must deal with is more than most, and the fact that he’s not completely shattered is a testament to how strong he is. That’s part of what makes him so appealing, his quit strength and Alpha tendencies are enough to make any women lose her mind. 

Gibberish and faces of ecstasy should be the only things coming out of her mouth. 

Milah is perfection. She is this super feisty woman that doesn’t take crap from anyone. She doesn’t let Tim’s brooding behavior deter her from figuring out the man behind the surly attitude. I loved the banter between them you could feel the chemistry jump off the pages every time the were together. They are both incredibly stubborn which makes for EPIC fights, that will burn up your Kindle. Every time they fought it was like deliciously sexy foreplay, that will have your temperature rising. 

Oh mercy. He used that voice again. You know the one I told you about? The one when he uses my name and it tickles my ovaries? Yeah, that one. 

These two are perfect together, their dynamic is completely mesmerizing. The push and pull between them couldn’t be any better, to the point you can feel the connection burst through the pages and douse you in sexual tension. She is exactly what he needs to help him through his issues and show him what he would be missing. 

“No matter what, I will always hear you here.” He pulls my hand to his heart before letting go and signing again. “Promise me. Promise me you’ll be back.”

Kristy without a doubt nailed this story. She takes you on a journey that will pull at every single one of your heart strings, leaving you completely and emotionally wrung out in the best way possible. This story hit me straight in the heart and the ovaries simultaneously shattering my perspective, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Kristy had me falling in love all over again with all these amazing character’s that she has created. Each one owns a piece of me but only Tim owns all of me!! 

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#Review “Beard Necessities” by Penny Reid

Billy Winston’s family is going to see him happy and in love if it’s the last thing they do.


Beard Necessities, the final standalone in the bestselling romantic comedy Winston Brothers series from New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Penny Reid, is available now!

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Bearded CROWNS

This is the story I have been waiting for since reading Truth or Beard, I read these out of order at first. I fell in love with Duane but something always pulled me toward Billy. I’ve been slowly dying reading all the siblings’ stories knowing that this one would be the one to break me, and I was not wrong! Penny has crafted such a wonderful world you won’t want to leave once you immerse yourself. I’ve come to find that reading this is bittersweet for me, I wanted it so bad but now that’s it’s here, it feels like saying goodbye to your best friend. It’s overwhelmingly sad and heartbreaking to let go of this family. 

“Honey,” I rough-whispered so I wouldn’t shout, my arms falling so I could get closer to her, “if I thought you would ever actually give yourself to me, if I could have you, really and truly have you, I’d take you. Right now. Right here.”

Billy is the rock of this family, he self-sacrifices all the time, since the very beginning. He put’s everyone’s needs and happiness before his own. My heart ached for these two, really truly ached for them. Billy and Claire lost years of time together, so many missed opportunities and memories because of stubbornness and missed placed martyrdom. 

They both thought they were doing the right thing, when in reality they made decisions for the other without trusting them. They had assumed so many things over the years and their assumptions are what cost them those years that they won’t get back. And Ben he cost them time too, I really don’t like that guy at all. He was shady as hell and I can’t stand him anymore. 

“I didn’t need to see or touch or taste paradise to know how deeply and irrevocably I am in love with you. That hasn’t changed. That is as constant as my soul, which has been, and will always be, forever yours.”

When Billy wants to put on his charming pants watch out ladies he could make even the most cynical of woman swoon. Billy will catch you off guard with his sweet words and open soul. Seriously he’s good, I caught myself multiple times just basking in the feelings he produced and I was lost at times within his words. Just wrapped up in a warm Billy Bubble! This man is All. The. Things!!! To have someone love you so much that they would put themselves in danger and not think twice, that’s the kind of love we are all looking for. That’s the kind of love Billy holds within his heart. How could you not fall irrevocably in love with this man? 

Scarlet is the color of my soul. But now that we were finally together, she also painted my days and nights in the exquisite spectrum and uncontainable brilliance of her spirit. 

These two finally having their moment after all these years, and all the heartache they had to endure to get there. Has to be the most satisfying thing I’ve read all year. Seriously these two own me heart and soul. But not only them, their entire family owns me. Having all the Winston’s in one book and getting the chance to see each of them one more time and feel their love for each other and the power that comes from such a close knit family will warm you to your core. 

I’m not going to lie I cried multiple times while reading this. I honestly don’t want to leave this world that Penny has created. It’s warm and fuzzy and gives you all the feels in every possible way. But I realize it’s time to say goodbye to this amazing family that will forever hold a place deep in my heart and has ultimately become a part of my soul. Thank You Penny for the Winston’s and this journey that has taken a piece of me that I will never get back. 

ARC review

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#NewRelease “The Lineup” by Meghan Quinn

THE LINEUP (Brentwood Baseball #3) by Meghan Quinn
Release Date: December 5th

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Home Run Crowns

Meghan has done it again with this delightfully funny romance that will leave you breathless. And when I say funny, I mean it, DO NOT read this at work as you will laugh out loud and then you must explain yourself to those around you. I caught myself on multiple occasions laughing to myself while reading this, completely lost in the world she has created. 

The pen falls out of my mouth, clattering to the desk, as my breast unapologetically heave, sending out Morse code to my ginger, Click. Click. Click GODDAMNIT! The tits have spoken.

I am completely infatuated with these characters, Jason and Dottie are amazing together and I could not get enough. I absolutely adored their banter and connection from the moment they meet, and he’s escorted out of her building. 

Like I don’t want to stick my penis in her cleavage? Because I do, I want to dipstick her tits so bad it’s all my mind can think about—dip, dip, dip, DIP—

Dottie is the epitome of a strong independent woman. She’s had some bad relationships in the past that have left her jaded and guarded to the extreme. She feels she always needs to be the best and does all she can to never let anyone down. She has this thick layer of no nonsense that she always keeps up. Dottie is the polar opposite of Jason in nearly every way. But I think that’s what makes it work, Jason helps her relax and let her hair down instead of being ON all the time…..

“God created blow jobs for one reason: so men can dispense of the moronic sperm.”

Jason is freaking fantastic I absolutely could not get enough of the dichotomy of his personality. He’s equal sides Alpha dominance and sweet quirky hilarity. The things that come out of this man’s mouth will leave you gasping for breath. I think what I like most was that he was unapologetic about his sensitive side. It’s a part of who he is, and he does not make excuses for it. He embraces all sides to himself and I love that strength of character. And I think that’s what makes it 10X sexier when his dominate side comes out. Jason is literally the whole package!!! 

He takes another step back and as if my heart is attached to a string being dragged by his foot, it follows along.

Meghan hit this story Out Of The Park with her quick wit and quirky humor. I loved every part of this book, it’s equal parts funny and romantic with just the right amount of angst. You can’t help but fall in love with Jason’s quirks and Dottie’s strength making for explosive chemistry that will melt your Kindle. This book checked off every one of my boxes and was an overall amazing read!

ARC review

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#NewRelease “Gilded Lily” by Staci Hart

The wait is over! Gilded Lily, the second standalone in

Staci Hart’s Bennet Brothers Series, is LIVE!


They say there’s no such thing as perfect.
But I’ve built my life to perfection—the perfect boyfriend, the perfect apartment, the perfect career planning celebrity weddings. My job—my only job—is to make sure every event is absolutely and completely perfect.
What’s not perfect? Kash Bennet.
And I wish I didn’t find that so appealing.
I could have told you every perfectly imperfect thing about the gardener at Longbourne. Like his hair, lush and black and far too long. Or his nose, the flat bridge of a Greek god, bent a little like it’s been broken. Or his size. Beastly. Roped and corded with muscles, gleaming with sweat and peppered with dirt.
There’s no escaping him, not if I’m going to use his family’s flower shop for my events.
But nothing is what it seems. And in the span of a heartbeat, my perfect life is turned inside out.
They say the best way to get over somebody is to get under somebody new. When Kash offers his services to the cause, it sounds like the perfect plan.
What’s not part of the plan? Falling in love with the gardener.
But they were right—there’s no such thing as perfect.
And I’m the fool who finds out the hard way.

Grab your copy today on Amazon, or snag this beauty for FREE in Kindle Unlimited today!

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#Review “Enemies” by Tijan

Stone Reeves was my neighbor, and I’ve hated him since sixth grade.Enemies - AN

Enemies, an all-new enemies to lovers stand-alone from New York Times bestselling author Tijan, is available now!

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Forgiveness CROWNS

Tijan has done it again, she has completely slayed this enemies to lover’s romance. This book is seriously Unputdownable! You are immediately drawn into this story from the first line of the first page and you will be completely enraptured until the last. The angst level in this story is at an all-time high, I got anxiety from the opening page, but it’s Oh So Worth It….

The hole inside me was there. His words, my words, had punched a fucking fist through it and I felt as if the roof was caving in.

Dusty is this amazingly strong women who’s dealt with more things than anyone person should. My heart literally shattered for her on multiple occasions. I just wanted to reach into this story and give her a hug and let her know that it was going to be okay. But even though she goes through so much, she is still so strong. She is a warrior and I loved everything about her. The banter between her and Stone is off the charts, their chemistry could be felt through the Kindle. I loved watching the evolution of them as they come to terms with their past and try to navigate what’s happening between them now. 

“What do you want?He was almost shaking me from the force of his own need. Savage. 

Holy Alpha Hotness Batman!! Stone is my new favorite Alpha he’s tied with Mason which I never thought would happen. He’s all growly and possessive. He’s literally growly, he growls all the time and that makes me tingle. This man from the start just bulldozes in and takes control. He doesn’t put up with Dusty and her attempts at pushing him away. He’s 100% all Alpha all the time and I could not get enough. This man makes you feel all the things in all the places.

A sensual look moved into his gaze, but there was more. A predatory look, too. And I so felt like his prey, but I stayed. I waited.

I love Tijan I have been obsessed with her books since her Fallen Crest Series. And time and time again she comes back and shows me why I’m obsessed with her. This story is phenomenal it checks all the boxes and will have you going through Every. Single. One of your emotions. Tijan is a master at her craft and she absolutely nailed this angsty college romance. Dusty and Stone are one of my new favorites of hers and I know this will be a story that I will read again and again. 

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#NewRelease “Landon & Shay” by Brittainy C. Cherry

Get your binge on with this must-read enemies to lovers, second chance romance!

L&S pt 2 - RB banner.jpg

Landon & Shay: Part Two, the not to be missed conclusion of the Landon and Shay duet by Brittainy C. Cherry, is available now!

Landon & Shay AMAZON (1).jpg

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a boy.
A beautiful, broken boy who had his own world of struggles.

People warned me against our love, but I didn’t listen.
We looked weak.
Young, foolish.
Dangerously in love.
We didn’t care.

In order to keep our hearts protected from the opinions of others, we became each other’s secret.
We shared stolen moments. Tender touches. Secretive embraces.

It was our twisted love story, and it worked for us up until our lives changed forever.
The boy I loved became Hollywood’s newest golden boy.
His career blossomed as mine stalled.
He found massive success as I discovered multiple failures.
He made something of himself, while my dreams never came true.
We moved into different realms where our pieces no longer fit together.

In the fairy tales, love conquered all.
In reality, love was the main reason empires began to fall.
I always knew Landon belonged in my story.
He was my beginning, middle, and end.
The only problem? I wasn’t certain I still belonged in his.

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#CoverReveal “Hot Shot” by Robin Bielman

He believes in fate…

Hot Shot - CR banner.jpg

Hotshot, an all-new second-chance standalone from USA Today bestselling author Robin Bielman, is coming January 30th and we have the steamy cover!



Here’s my plan: Crash through the ceiling of my family’s business to become the best hotelier on the West Coast. Nothing rattles me when it comes to a challenge and hard work, but when I spot my almost one-night-stand in my lobby, I’m thrown totally off my game. Alejandra is my dream girl. The one I can’t forget who got away—literally. Which might explain why I blurt out to my meddlesome, matchmaking grandmother that Alejandra is my date for her fast approaching and highly choreographed eightieth birthday party.

She’s been on pause…

Some decisions are harder than others, but agreeing to a date with Drew isn’t one of them. He’s a charming and gorgeous curveball I didn’t see coming, but the more time we spend together, the harder it is to remember to play it safe. I’ve made a promise, and even though I’m now torn, I have to honor it in order to move on from the past.

Drew feels like my future, but I’m about to put everything I want in jeopardy.

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#NewRelease “Kiss Me with Lies” by S.M. Soto

KMWL - AN.jpg

Two sisters. One unsolved murder. A sickening plot for revenge.

Kiss Me With Lies, an all-new must-read romantic suspense from S.M. Soto, is available now!

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Vengeful Stars

S.M Soto has completely and utterly SLAYED this revenge driven romance. From start to finish she has you on the edge of your seat waiting with bated breath as to what’s going to happen next. I was mesmerized from the first sentence of the first page and she held me in her grasp until the very last word. I could not get enough of this emotionally captivating and intensely wild ride. Seriously, I had to have highlighted at least 90% of this book!!!

To love. The hard kind. The dangerous kind. The two souls catching fire and incinerating kind. The kind that promises to destroy you, and you still enter in willingly.

At the start it’s pretty straight forward as to what kind of story this is. But S.M Soto pulls zero punches when executing this complicated tale of revenge. As soon as you think you know what’s going on, she throws a wrench in that thought process and your left with your mouth gaping. I wanted to throw my Kindle on multiple occasions, and I wanted to scream at that end. But I would not change a thing about this story. 

She smells fucking divine. Like trouble and mine all wrapped in a sexy little package.

Mackenzie is this character that is so much stronger than she realizes. She has been through a lot and so many people in her life have let her down. She was verbally abused regularly to the point that she has no idea who she even is. She never had the chance to live outside her twin’s shadow and due to this she’s become a shell of herself. The person she see’s in the mirror does not represent the person she is, but it’s as if she doesn’t know how to break free. Even though she’s lost I absolutely love her. I can see her strength and her beauty from within that she tried so hard to change. What she went through and had to survive endeared her to me on a physical level, my heart ached for her.

“Open that pretty mouth for me.” When I do, he slips the material inside and watches me with heat in his eyes. “So, fucking sexy.”

Baz is a dirty talking Alpha male wrapped in bad decisions and orgasms. This man is a mystery to me. He keeps a huge part of himself hidden throughout this story. But on the surface what you find is seriously a man that is dripping with orgasms. I can’t say this enough because it’s true. I absolutely loved his Alpha possessive side when it comes to Mackenzie. It is the sexiest thing to see a man claim what’ his. And every time they are in the same room you can feel the sexual tension engulfing the entire space, they are in. Their chemistry burned through the pages of my Kindle nearly incinerating the device, it’s Pure Freaking Fire!!!!

If a look had a color, this one would be muted shade of redwoods in the forest. An affair of golden honey and midnight green. 

I did not want this book to end, I became obsessed with this story and all the character’s involved. S.M Soto takes you on a wild ride, full of twist and turns with the most EPIC cliff hanger of the year, that will leave you reeling and wishing the second book was out already. If I could I would give this more than 5 stars because it deserves them ALL. Read this story today and buckle up for an intense read that will leave you wanting more, S.M Soto nailed utterly nailed this story!!!

ARC review

Sarah’s Musings…

5 Holy f*^\^.!<¥\£.£|!ing CRAP CROWNS

OMG! What did I just read? How did it end like that? Why would SM Soto do this to me? My mind is reeling from the EPIC cliffhanger. I don’t even know what to do with myself right now. Kiss Me With Lies is my FAVORITE suspense romance from SM Soto. I have no freaking words, but I’m going to try.

Baz. Her best her to date. My god! I wanted to crawl into the pages of this book and let him own me. He is just the right blend of heart and dominance. I love every single chapter from his point of view. I fell under his spell, and so I soared high when he was happy and in love and crashed hard when he broke. All I have the say is that she better bring Baz back, not this Sebastian, the Savage.

Mackenzie, my poor Mackenzie. My heart hurt for this girl and everything that was stolen for her. I cheered for her as she sought out her answers and vengeance, and I understand her dilemma as she lost her heart. Again, SM Soto better fix it. She better give this girl that HEA she deserves after so much loss.

This plot line is every single thing I love in suspense romance. I love the vengeance, the secrets, the inability not fall in love with someone who is bad for you or messes with your plans. And SM Soto’s delivers a page turner I could not put down. The chemistry is explosive, the secrets of the Savages and the night in question keep me enthralled, and the romance the blossoms against all odds. Put a fork in me, I’m done. DONE. This book slated me.

Kiss Me With Lies is your next MUST READ SUSPENSE ROMANCE. I’m dying for book two. Completely dying. I need to know how this is all going to end.

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#Review “Disarm” by Karina Halle

Karina Halle, the New York Times bestselling author of Discretion, lifts the veil off a privileged family dynasty to reveal a wealth of secrets and dangerous obsessions.

Image result for disarm karina halle

Title: Disarm
Author: Karina Halle
Release Date: November 19, 2019
Publisher: Montlake

Sarah’s Musings…
4.5 Suspenseful CROWNS

I am absolutely loving this world, the rivalry between the sides of the Dumont family and the suspense that stems from it. I’m absolutely captivated by it all.

Blaise and Serpahine might not be everyone’s cup of tea, because they are cousins, but not by blood. Seraphine was adopted into the Dumont family, so she has zero blood relation to them, but this still might be a hard pass for some as they call themselves cousins throughout the book. It didn’t, however bother me. I enjoyed seeing them develop through the years. And while Blaise is from the bad side of the Dumonts, he wants to be good. He tries to protect her and do what is right in a family of wrong. Serpahine is responsible for the suspense of the story and the evolving mystery from book one.

I absolutely loved the pacing of this book and the overarching plot line. There are times where the romance takes a back seat to the romance, but I dint mind that overall. And if you love audibles, definitely check this one out.

Karina Halle has crafted one of my favorite worlds from her. I am enjoying every single page.


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#Review “Hate Crush” by A. Zavarelli

HATE CRUSH by A. Zavarelli

Release Date: November 21st

Aundi’s Musings…

3.5 I Can Keep a Secret Crowns

I’m in love with A. Zavarelli’s mafia romances so I was highly intrigued when she stepped away from her norm and went with a Bully Romance. And since bully romances are a serious weakness for me, I was excited to read this. There are multiple aspects of this story that I loved and just a few that kept this from being a 5-star read for me.

She is a curious dichotomy of fire and fragility if ever I saw one.

I enjoyed the forbidden aspects of this story. You could feel his dominance pour from the pages in a delicious wave. Sebastian screams Alpha all the way. He’s strong and doesn’t take crap from anyone. He’s completely closed himself off due his past. And ultimately doing a job he hates because of a tragedy. Which in turn makes him super bitter and angry all the time. He’s a broody delicious Alphahole to the extreme. 

I want to taste him. I want to melt him in a spoon and inject him into my veins. 

Stella has the potential to be so strong. This girl has been through a lot and has many issues because of it. One of those main issues is abandonment. Everyone in her life has left her for one reason or another. And she’s stuck at this new school trying to cope with her new life. She doesn’t have a lot of friends and or family. And she ultimately doesn’t know what she wants or who she wants to be. Stella is on a path her mother has placed her on and she doesn’t want to be. She’s struggling with lots of issues and her own dark desires. “I knew you were poison the first time I saw you, but I wanted to drink you anyway.”

Okay so this is where it gets tricky for me. I felt that due to her abandonment issues she lets Sebastian do anything. She just sit’s there and takes it. She’s constantly just trying to gain his approval. I wanted her to stand up and make him work for her. Also, I didn’t feel the connection between them, I didn’t feel them fall in love. I was waiting for the ultimate connection to pull through and it just lacked that for me. 

“Cruelty is just pains gatekeeper.” 

Don’t get me wrong I love this author and will read all the things she writes. This one just didn’t quite do it for me. I completely devoured it from the moment I started, and I would recommend it, but for me it just needed a little more depth and Stella’s apathetic nature just kind of killed it for me. Continue Reading

#SoontoDrop Most Anticipated Releases

My most anticipated releases of the week are here!  Make sure you check them out, add them to your TBR, and pre-order as soon as possible.  They are must reads!

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Sarah’s Musings…

This plot line is every single thing I love in suspense romance. I love the vengeance, the secrets, the inability not fall in love with someone who is bad for you or messes with your plans. And SM Soto’s delivers a page turner I could not put down. The chemistry is explosive, the secrets of the Savages and the night in question keep me enthralled, and the romance the blossoms against all odds. Put a fork in me, I’m done. DONE. This book slated me.

Full review on Goodreads now


When Mackenzie Wright attends her first real high school party, held somewhere deep in the woods of her small California town, no one expects to wake up the next morning to news of a gruesome murder. Especially not her own sister’s.

No suspects.

No motive.

No convictions.

Just one unsolved murder and whatever’s left of the now deserted town.

Mackenzie has spent years with her sister’s death weighing heavily on her shoulders, but it isn’t until she stumbles across a photograph that changes everything for her. The memories, everything from that night, come flashing back in high-speed technicolor and Mackenzie soon finds herself obsessed with the truth.

Determined to find out what really happened to her sister, Mackenzie relies on that one photograph to give her the answers she needs by embedding herself into the lives of five of the wealthiest men in Los Angeles. Consumed by her need for revenge, Mackenzie infiltrates the world of the rich and elite, only to come face-to-face with an alluring complication in the form an elusive playboy.

When enemy lines are drawn, Mackenzie has to choose between her loyalty to her sister and the man who has stolen her heart.

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New Releases for the Week of December 1, 2019

Another awesome reading week is upon us.  The following list indicates the top romance books being released this week. Check out my #soontodrop post to see which books being released this week I am most excited about sharing with you.

Make sure you head over to my Facebook page for your chance to win an e-book copy of one of the many new releases being published this week! Also, don’t forget to comment on any post throughout the week in order to enter to win an ebook from your own TBR ($5.99 Limit). Each comment is an entry, so make sure to comment multiple times.

  • 12/2 – Enemies – Tijan
  • 12/2 – A Fairbanks Affair – Katy Regenry
  • 12/3 – Reckless with You – Carrie Ann Ryan
  • 12/3 – Kiss Me with Lies – S.M. Soto
  • 12/3 – Heidi’s Guide to Four Letter Words – Tara Sivec
  • 12/3 – Wonder with Me (1001 Dark Nights) – Kristen Proby
  • 12/3 – Blitzed – Alexa Martin
  • 12/3 – A Madness of Sunshine – Nalini Singh
  • 12/4 – Landon & Shay Part 2: Brittainy C. Cherry
  • 12/4 – Primitivo – Rose Croft
  • 12/5 – Chase the Butterflies – Monica James
  • 12/5 – The Right Way – Katie Ashley
  • 12/5 – Gilded Lily – Staci Hart
  • 12/5 – The Lineup – Meghan Quinn
  • 12/5 – Late Night Kisses – Whitney G.
  • 12/6 – Interpreter – Kristy Marie

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#Review “Mancuffed” by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby

MANCUFFED by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby


Sarah’s Musings…

4 Hot Cop CROWNS

I truly enjoy the romcoms from Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby. They are little on the absurd humor side, but this is part of their charm for me.

I genuinely like the hero of this story, Mac. I found him to be charming and fun, and while he is closed off for a good portion of the book, his motivation for being that way explains his need to protect himself.

Meg is a bit outlandish. There are times that her humor was a bit much for me, she definitely has her laugh out loud moments.

Overall, I liked the two of them together as a couple. They have fun together, their progression from friends to more is paced well, and I did enjoy their chemistry.

The audiobook narrators, particularly the female, was not my favorite for this series. I do not know if I would have noticed, but I have loved every single audible version of these books, so this one was a bit of a let down for me in that department.

Overall, Mancuffed was an enjoyable read. Humorous, light, romantic, Mancuffed will provide a much needed slice of entertainment.

ARC review

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