#CoverReveal “Drive Me Wild” by Melanie Harlow

Sometimes, love is just an accident waiting to happen.

Drive Me Wild, an all-new sexy, opposites-attract romance about finding love when you least expect it by USA Today bestselling author Melanie Harlow is releasing August 24th, and we have the smoking hot cover!

Cover Designer: Hang Le | Model: Chad Hurstt | Photographer: Michelle Lancaster

DriveMeWild AMAZON (1)

When Blair Beaufort literally crashes into Bellamy Creek wearing a ball gown and a tiara, I should have towed her car, said goodnight, and sent her packing.

I’m a mechanic, not a hotel manager. I’ve got enough on my plate trying to keep my shop from going under, my overbearing mother off my back, and my baseball team in contention for the league championship. I don’t have time for a former debutante with zero street smarts and a cash flow problem, even if she is crazy beautiful.

Problem is, she’s stranded in my small town, and I’m hiding a protective streak underneath my broody exterior that runs deep. So I offer her a place to stay and keep my hands to myself.

For exactly one night.

If only she weren’t so gorgeous. So funny. So eager to please. She’s a disaster behind the wheel, but she drives me wild without even trying–at work, at home, in the back of my truck . . . I can’t get enough of the way she makes me feel.

But I know better than to think it can last. She wants a fairy tale, and I’m no prince.

So when it comes time for her to leave, there’s nothing I can do but let her go.

No matter how much it hurts to say goodbye.

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#CoverReveal “Flirting with 40” by K. Bromberg

K. Bromberg has revealed the cover for Flirting with 40!

Releasing: September 15, 2020

An all new flirty, lighthearted, standalone romance by New York Times bestselling author K. Bromberg guaranteed to make you swoon. 

Blakely Foxx is having one of those years. 

Her divorce may have been finalized a few months ago, but her ex is already engaged to someone half her age. Her younger boss is determined to sabotage her chance at getting the promotion she rightly deserves. And to make matters worse, she’s closing in on the big 4-0. There isn’t enough wine or ice cream in the world to convince her things will turn around.

When Blakely meets Slade Henderson, she’s left wondering why an early-thirties, hotter than hell, cardiothoracic surgeon would take an interest in her. 

She’s been warned that he’ll break her heart, but she’s willing to take the chance. Not only is he helping her get that promotion, but in the process, he’s encouraging her to find the parts of herself she’s lost over the past few years. 

Slade shows her that good guys really do exist, but who knew the hardest part about turning forty would be realizing the man you thought was a rebound, is actually your happily ever after?

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#CoverReveal “When You Come Back to Me” by Emma Scott

Emma Scott has revealed the cover for When You Come Back To Me!

Releasing: September 6, 2020

At Santa Cruz Central High School, they called them the misfits, the outcasts, the weirdos. But most of us knew them as the Lost Boys…

Holden Parish survived his parents’ horrific attempts to make him “the perfect son.” After a year’s stint in a Swiss sanitarium to recover, he has vowed to never let anything–or anyone–trap him again. Brilliant but broken, he seeks refuge behind alcohol, meaningless sex, and uses his wicked sense of humor to keep people away. He only has to ride out one year in the coastal town of Santa Cruz with his aunt and uncle before he inherits his billions and can make his escape. Disappear.

Falling in love is not in the plans.

River Whitmore. Star quarterback of the Central High football team, Prom King, Mr. Popular, ladies’ man. He leads the perfect life…except it’s all a lie. His father has River’s future in the NFL all planned out, while River’s dream is to run the family business in the town that he loves. But his mother’s illness is tearing the family apart and River is becoming the glue that holds them together. How can he break his father’s heart when it’s already shattering?

River’s carefully-crafted façade explodes when he meets Holden Parish. A guy who dresses in coats and scarves year-round, drinks expensive vodka, and spends his free time breaking into houses for the fun of it. They’re complete opposites. River seeks a quiet life, away from the spotlight. Holden would rather have dental surgery than settle down.

Holden’s demons and River’s responsibilities threaten to keep them apart, while their undeniable attraction crashes them together again and again, growing into something deep and real no matter how they resist.

Until one terrible night changes everything.

Lost Boys is a new series of interconnected, coming-of-age standalones from USA Today bestselling author Emma Scott, coming in 2020

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#SoontoDrop Most Anticipated Release of the Week

My most anticipated releases of the week are here!  Make sure you check them out, add them to your TBR, and pre-order as soon as possible.  They are the books I am dying to read or the books I am raving about!

Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting

Sarah’s Musings…

This was really cute, low angst, and fun read. I really enjoyed their romance. Romcom lovers will devour this book.



Blaire Calloway has planned every Instagram-worthy moment of her cupcake and cocktails shop launch down to the tiniest detail. What she didn’t plan on? Ronan Knight and his old-school sports bar next door opening on the very same day. He may be super swoony, but Blaire hasn’t spent years obsessing over buttercream and bourbon to have him ruin her chance at success.

From axe throwing (his place) to frosting contests (hers), Blaire and Ronan are constantly trying to one-up each other in a battle to win new customers. But with every clash, there’s also an undeniable chemistry. When an even bigger threat to their business comes to town, they’re forced to call a temporary time-out on their own war and work together. And the more time Blaire spends getting to know the real Ronan, the more she wonders if it’s possible to have her cupcake and eat it too.

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#NewReleases for the Week of August 9, 2020

Another week is upon us and that means another list of new releases in romance.  Make sure you also check out my #soontodrop post to see which books being released this week I am most excited about sharing with you.

Don’t forget about the three e-book opportunities that happen every week:

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3. Join my reader group to enter the third and final new release e-book giveaway.

  • 8/9 – Drowning in the Stars – Debra Anastasia (LIVE EARLY)
  • 8/9 – Trust Me – Grahame Claire
  • 8/10 – The Alien’s Savior – Ella Maven
  • 8/11 – The Pool Boy – Nikki Sloane
  • 8/11 – The Jackal – J.R. Ward
  • 8/11 – No Offense – Meg Cabbot
  • 8/11 – Kiss My Cupcake – Helena Hunting
  • 8/11 – Any Day Now – Lani Lynn Vale
  • 8/11 – Vixen – Rebecca Zanetti
  • 8/11 – Leo – Jay McLean
  • 8/11 – King of Souls – LA Cotton
  • 8/12 – Love Unexpected – QB Tyler
  • 8/13 – A Moment Like You – Claudia Burgoa
  • 8/13 – Troublemaker – Kayley Loring
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#Review “Restraint” by Adriana Locke

RESTRAINT by Adriana Locke

Release Date: August 3rd

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Savannah Crowns

I’ve been dying for Blairs story ever since I first picked up Crank and got lost to the world that Adriana created. I needed to know all about this powerhouse of a woman and what makes her tick. I always knew there was more underneath her need to take care of her rowdy and tumultuous brothers and I was not wrong. Blair and Holt will tug at your heartstrings and show you that even the most closed off person can open up when the right opportunity presents itself. 

Blair is so much more than I anticipated, she’s still this strong independent woman who is a little cold at times and closed off. But underneath that façade is a woman who just wants someone to stay, she needs someone to show her that it’s okay to break down and trust another with your heart. My heart broke for her when she finally opens up to Holt and lets him see the real her. The one that was crushed when she was younger so she developed that cold persona so that she would never be hurt again. The girl needed someone and she didn’t get it, this Blair had Holt there to lean on and let her know that she was not alone. 

I loved Holt. Gahhhh this man is Alpha personified and the tone of voice he uses when he wants Blair to submit, holy lord my Kindle almost burst into flames. He falls hard and fast for Blair because he could tell from the moment they meet that she is unlike any woman he has ever met. He is so used to woman falling at his feet having someone push back and make him work for it was exactly what he needed. She wasn’t with him for what she could get from him, she just wanted him. 

These two are absolutely perfect for each other. They are both closed off and laser focused not leaving much time for anything else, so it was oh so satisfying watching as each of them slowly started to open up and become vulnerable to the other making my heart physically ache. I legit cried while reading this because of all the emotions that Adriana pulls from you. 

I was beyond excited to delve back into this world that she so deftly and meticulously crafted and seeing some of the Landry’s and Gibson’s again made me smile. I missed Walker something awful. This story is beyond anything I could have asked for and I can’t wait to see where Adriana takes us next. 

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy 

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#Review “Desk Banger” by K.S. Rochell

Title: Desk Banger
Author: K.S. Rochell
Genre: Contemporary Office Romance
Release Date: July 29, 2020

Aundi’s Musings…

3 Office Romance Crowns

This is an admirable debut novel by K.S Rochell. She had me intrigued by the blurb and I could not wait to see what she had in store for us. Amber is a super sweet, funny character who was a bit naïve at times but incredibly smart and hard working. Nicholas was overall an ill-tempered boss who expects excellence at all times. This was a super quick office romance with steamy scenes and funny side characters, I thoroughly enjoyed Sybil and the wit that she brought to the book.  

The plot had a lot of potential, but overall I had issues with the rough way the story was written and the under established characters. The story jumped around a bit and lost a little traction, everything kind of had a rushed feel to it instead of an easy flow that would pull you in. And I would have liked a little more back story and development to really show the connection between Amber and Nicholas. I am all about insta-love but I still need to be able to feel the tie that brings those particular characters together and I just wasn’t feeling that. 

Overall, I think with a little more time and growth K.S Rochell is going to bring some amazing stories to the romance world. 

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy 

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#Review “Exodus” by Kate Stewart

EXODUS, book two, is the explosive conclusion in The Ravenhood Duet from best-selling author, Kate Stewart, is LIVE!

Get ready for a sinfully 𝐇𝐎𝐓, 𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐒𝐓𝐘, 𝐔𝐍𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍𝐀𝐋, and 𝐓𝗪𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐃 love storyfilled with suspense, a little action, and 𝐀𝐋𝐋.𝐎𝐅.𝐓𝐇𝐄.𝐅𝐄𝐄𝐋𝐒!

Tricia’s Musings…

5 can you keep a secret CROWNS

Having read this author’s work before and knowing how wonderfully versatile she is when I comes to her writing, I wasn’t at all phased by the vague blurb for this duet. On the contrary, I was hugely intrigued and couldn’t wait to read what she had in store for us. Having read Flock, I realised that the first part of the story was just the tip of the iceberg and we really knew nothing of what was to come next. Exodus has everything and to say I’m blown away is an understatement. Mind blown, more like, wrecked even, by this clever, multilayered, well thought out and brilliantly executed plot that kept me guessing from the start.

The first half of the book was sheer psychological perfection. It’s mind bending, full of twists and turns which gave me a hugely frustrating feeling of being out of control. I still couldn’t decide if Cecelia was being manipulated and managed for reasons other than pure entertainment and if she was, why and for what purpose.

The second half of the story was sheer raw emotion, that’s the only way I can describe it. I loved the intensity, the anguish and the drama. I loved Cecelia’s stubbornness, her drive, the way she grew in strength and resilience. Through all the heartache, she developed a real sense of self and made peace with what she saw as her place and purpose in the world. Even though I wished more for her, I nevertheless admired her for it.

I love how unusual and complex this whole story is. It’s unpredictable, unexpected and passionate, in more ways than one. As the tale began to unfold and secrets were revealed, I still had no idea how it all would end, if anyone would in fact get their happy ever after. They do say the best things in life don’t come easy and if there’s one thing I realised about these characters, however, is that they certainly don’t give up easily and most definitely play to win!

ARC review

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#Review “Inked in Lies” by Giana Darling

iil bt banner

Inked in Lies, an all consuming friends to lovers romance from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Giana Darling, is available now!

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Nova’s Flower Child Crowns

Inked in Lies is without a doubt my absolute favorite book by Giana to date. Her lyrical prose wrenches you immediately into the story consuming your mind, body and soul until the very last page. I love MC romances they are one of my favorite genera’s because they are about more than just romance, they are about unyielding loyalty and brotherhood the runs deeper and stronger than blood. And with the Fallen MC you get that in spades, each book, each character is steadfast in their allegiance to each other and the club, but the passion and possession they feel towards their women is unmatched. I died for this book.

Lila was amazing this girl just stole my heart and ran away with it. She has the biggest, kindest heart and soul of anyone. She’s been through some awful things in her life that could have changed her, made her hard and bitter but they didn’t. Her bright beautiful light still shines and brings happiness to those around her. You can’t help but become drawn into this girls orbit because she exudes such warmth and love. Her loyalty is unquestionable, she may not have an old man or brother holding her to the Fallen but she is family none-the-less. And this girl goes to battle for her family without a question, without a doubt, she would die for them.

Nova stunningly beautiful and broken Nova. This man just sliced right through my heart and tore it straight from my chest. Nova is more complex and layered than I could have ever imagined. I always just thought of him as the man whore who was always quick with a joke and a smile. But I was so very wrong, the depth’s with which he lives are vast and endless. As you go through the pages of this book and you start slowly peeling back those layers you get to see the broken man inside. His past kept me on the edge of my seat burning through the pages to find out more about him, and every knew thing I found broke my heart a little more for this man.

This book is so much more than I could have hoped for. Lila and Nova are pure heartbreaking perfection! The passion and chemistry between them feels like a physical entity that grows and expands as the book progresses until you feel suffocated with the sheer intensity of it. Giana has Slayed this story on so many levels. I live and breathe for the Fallen and can’t wait to see what happens next.

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy

Tricia’s Musings…

4 Casanova and his Flower Child CROWNS

Lila had loved Nova, given him her heart, from the instant she set eyes on him, back when he was still Jonathon, the gangly teenager on the cusp of adulthood, before he earned the nickname Casanova. However, this was no shallow insta love for Lila. No this was an overwhelming, enduring love, a love sprung from one soul meeting another and in that moment feeling that they would never give their heart to another. If only life were that easy. 

“It’s like loving someone because you were born loving them, like your parents or siblings, but more

Their age gap and years of experience allowed Nova the time to move on with his life, without giving full rein to thoughts of a romantic future with Lila. She was definitely the more emotionally mature out of the both of them. However, my personal thoughts are that I don’t think Nova was a bad man when it came to Lila. Even though some of his actions seemed cruel, and I didn’t agree with them, he was just trying to be realistic, albeit heavy handed, but he stayed true to himself. I also didn’t see Lila as weak for loving him without getting anything but friendship in return. The heart wants what the heart wants sometimes and there’s no denying it. 

You’ve been my hero since the day we met and you’ve only proved it again and again over the years

For a long time I questioned whether their relationship should be anything but platonic. I was invested in them as friends and I really enjoyed Nova’s devotion and the intensity of that friendship. I did, however, particularly love the way this author put words in Nova’s mouth and thoughts in his head, so that when this rough and ready biker spoke to us about Lila, his feelings for her, they flowed so beautifully like poetry. Perhaps he felt more than he was willing to openly reveal and I began to realise that Lila was not alone in wanting more.

Of course this wouldn’t be The Fallen without the ever present threat of danger, that undercurrent of pending violence, that has you on the edge of your seat wondering when the axe is going to drop. The loyalty and camaraderie between these bikers, this family, continues to blow me away. 

I will just mention that the copy I read did have editing, continuity/timeline issues, but these did not affect my enjoyment of the story.

ARC review

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#CoverReveal “Falling Into You” by A.L. Jackson



SERIES: A Falling Stars stand-alone novel 


Richard Ramsey is the guitarist for the world’s hottest new band.
Gifted. Charismatic. Hot as sin.
Lend your ear, and he’ll steal your heart.
Nah, you can’t have his considering he left it in his hometown years ago.

He knows better than going back. But it’s his younger sister’s wedding, and there’s no way he can say no to that.

He should have known she would be there, invading his senses and making him thirst and hunger for what he wants most.

Violet Marin hates him for what he’s done. He left her emptyhanded with their wreckage strewn all around. She’s picked up the pieces and is living her life the best way that she can.

But their connection is fierce.

Their attraction unending.

It only takes one glance for their worlds to collide.

One touch to set them on fire.

But she doesn’t know the dark secrets he keeps. If he had understood the true price of fame, he would have known he’d sold his soul and this debt is something he cannot repay.

Letting her go is impossible, but will loving her cost it all?

A sensuous, captivating contemporary stand-alone romance in the Falling Stars series from NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author, A.L. Jackson . . .

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#Review “Nightfall” by Penelope Douglas

NIGHTFALL is LIVE and FREE on KindleUnlimited!

Sarah’s Musings…


I am emotional. I never ever want to leave this world and these characters. I feel like I learned and loved so much with them, that Devil’s Night Crew will always stay with me.

This book. It was perfect for the series. It has the friendship I’ve loved between the Horseman, it has a slew of new characters, it is steamy, it has complex characters, it wrapped up the plot running through all the books, and it kept the theme that was established in book one, each story having it’s own version of living the life they want without regard for what society says is normal or the traditional HEA.

There is a lot of back and forth with Emory and Will, but they are damaged people, lots of insecurities and brutalizations to wade through to get to their ending together. The flashbacks bring a lot of pain but it also serves to establish the intimacy between the two of them. The flashbacks also serve to juxtapose the sweetness of young Will with the more hard hearted Will we meet as an adult (both are equally charming). And while some might not like the steps they go through to get to their own HEA, I felt Penelope stayed true not only to the characters but the series as well.

Will owns my heart. He has had my sympathy from day one and always broke my heart throughout each book. He always seemed so lost, searching for love, for a place in the world as more than a side kick, and I love that he found it here in Nightfall.

Emory has so much growth and so much development with her character. Seeing her evolve and seeing her strength and worth for not just herself but Will was rewarding. She grew to be just as strong as Rika, Banks, Winter and Alex, and I love that Penelope created such strong and powerful partners who match their men. These are the women we should put out into the world, ones who fight for who they love, who are strong and intelligent, and who don’t operate under the norms society attempts to place on women.

This series is everything. The horsemen and their friendship with their unfailing loyalty and love speaks of true family. The way they love their women, seeing and treating them as equals, as forces to be reckoned with in the world. But most of all, I loved the idea that ran through all of the books. This idea that normal means nothing. YOU MAKE YOUR OWN NORMAL. We need to own who we are without apology, and not just own it but revel in it. We need to believe in ourselves, pushing doubters away. We leaned there is beauty in everything, the darkest souls and the darkest loves. We saw the value in wanting what we want without apology. Ultimately this series, the idea of living if we a life you love without considering the norm of society. Because are people really living if it isn’t in a way that makes us happy? The idea that we are the storm, we can control how we react and the fear we have. We are powerful, we can control our destinies, we define our own happiness. This series taught me all do that and so much more, and I lived not just for the men or the women of this series, but the driving themes behind it all.

This series, like the characters in it, didn’t really follow the romance rules some readers live and die by, but why would it? It is a series based on living for you and what you love, of busting down the doors of normal and doing what makes you happy, and for that it will be one of my FOREVER FAVORITES.

***I will note the the jump from we hate to we love as adults was fast, like hyper speed, but I was okay with it because the relationship was established in youth and in their internal dialogue.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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Aundi’s Musings…

5 Blackchurch Crowns

Now that my friends is how you end a series!!! This book completely blew my mind and left me an emotional wreck. I knew the end was here but having to actually go through it is another thing all together. This is one of those series that buries itself deep inside you and lives there becoming a part of your very soul. You’ll never forget these characters or the journeys that they took. 

I feel that this book really was the pinnacle of the series. Tracing together all the prior books and showing us all the things that we have seen but through knew eyes. It wrapped up all the loose ends that have been threaded throughout the series and even brought in some knew characters, with Penelope’s signature level of steam and passion.  

The horseman are their own species, they live their lives how they want and not how society deems is appropriate. Watching as their loyalty and strength as a unit only grows as time goes on was exciting to see. But not only them, the woman that they have in their lives show their own level of strength and loyalty. Each one of these relationships was hard fought seeped in blood and angst. But that just makes their individual HEA’s that much more fulfilling. 

Will was an entirely different person than we’ve come to know in this book, and I LOVED every second of the man that he’s become. The flashbacks help to really show how much he’s grown and changed from the boy who broke your heart with how lost he seemed to be to the more brooding man with determination and goals. But I loved both parts of him equally. He needed to grow, he needed to change, he recognized that in himself and took the steps necessary to accomplish that. 

I’m going to be honest I wasn’t sure I was going to like Emory. I loved Will something fierce and I just didn’t think she was right for him. But I should have known that Penelope would have me changing my mind. This woman can have you falling in love with any character. I mean she redeemed Damon for me to the point that he’s actually my favorite. Ssssh don’t tell Will. 

But, having the inner dialogue and flashbacks helped me to see her in a different light. There is so much battered and broken between not only her but Will also. That they wouldn’t have worked as kids they just couldn’t. They weren’t in the right head space for the kind of love that they could have. Was it hard to watch at times, yes. Did I want to punch Emory on occasion, maybe. But was it necessary, absolutely. I truly believe that they both had to grow to be prepared to give themselves wholly to each other. Is everyone going to agree with the journey that they took probably not, but I honestly believe that Penelope stayed true to the characters and the path that they had to take. Is it an easy path unequivocally no, but it’s theirs and theirs alone. 

This series is different in how love is depicted, it’s not the conventional kind that you may be used to. Penelope takes that mold and throws it out the window, giving us something darker and more debased than what you might be comfortable with. The HEA’s are messy and broken and at times infuriating but its not meant to be neat and clean. Penelope shows you what its like to live for you and no one else, that in itself is chaos. Not all love stories are hearts and rainbows some are dirty and raw with so many conflicting emotions you don’t know what to do. But at the end of these kinds of love stories you have no doubts that these characters are exactly where they were meant to be. 

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#Review “Restrictions” by Nicole Dykes

𝙏𝙞𝙩𝙡𝙚: Restrictions
𝘼𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙧: Nicole Dykes
𝘾𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧: Veronique Poirier
𝙍𝙚𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙚 𝘿𝙖𝙩𝙚: July 23rd

Aundi’s Reviews…

5 Grief Stricken Crowns

Restrictions is an emotionally penetrating romance that will shred your heart to pieces. If you thought reading about Lincoln from book 1 in this series was hard, just wait, because Asher is going to annihilate your body and soul. Nicole has created such an emotionally draining and powerful series that you are sure to be utterly depleted by the end with a hole where your heart used to reside. 

Asher is so exquisitely broken, this man is going through so many emotionally consuming feelings that he doesn’t have any idea who he even is. He’s spent his life trying not to be like his older brother Linc the perpetual mess up or his brother Colt whom everyone considered to be pretty close to perfect. So because he’s spend so much time waffling between these two he never really took the time to figure out who he truly is. And then after tragedy struck he tried to fill a roll that he could never really live up to. Watching as Asher tries to deal with his feelings especially towards Viv is like a vise around your heart. And as the pages go on and the story progresses the vise gets tighter and tighter until you feel like you can’t breathe and that at any moment you’re going to completely self-destruct with no way out. 

I felt so many things for Viv, this girl was so much like Colt. Trying so hard to be the perfect child her parent’s wanted her to be. Without them ever really trying to see who she is. She felt like she was drowning on land with no one to help and in one moment of complete abandon she makes a decision that will change so many lives around her. I loved watching as she was slowly starting to come into her own. Finding out who she is on the inside without the suffocating veil of her parent’s disapproval. 

Asher and Viv are these incredibly complex and layered characters that are both damaged in their own ways. Watching as they come together and try to figure out what they could be is both exhilaratingly hot with a fire that burns hotter than the sun between them, and devastatingly painful because you can feel in your heart that they just aren’t ready. Nicole will straight pull every single thread of emotion from you until you are completely unraveled and don’t know what to do. So, if angst is your thing than this book is definitely a must read!

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy 

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#Review “Worth the Risk” by J.L. Leslie

Worth the Risk by J.L. Leslie, a standalone in the Royal Bastards MC world, is available now!

Tricia’s Musings…

5 Royal Bastard CROWNS

Worth the risk is another excellent MC romance from this author. The story covers several different tropes, forbidden, brother’s best friend and second chance, all which blend well together along with plenty of intrigue, danger and violence, not to mention those signature sexy times Ms Leslie writes so well. I did think the story took a minute to settle in and Skylar was more naive about the world and about basic information to do with an MC than I would’ve expected her to be, but once it found it’s groove, I couldn’t put it down.

After the death of her father, Skylar is whisked away by her brother and finds herself living in a clubhouse surrounded by a bunch of smelly bikers with questionable morals. One of those men is her brother’s best friend Jake, who ran out on her some years earlier. I loved the push and pull between Jake and Skylar. In their time apart, Skylar’s grown up to be a strong woman, feisty and one who knows her worth. She doesn’t let Jake get away with any nonsense and often goes toe to toe with him. I wanted to shake Jake in the beginning for the decisions he made and actions he took, but he eventually redeemed himself once I discovered more about him and his past. Because of Club rules, it was impossible for Jake and Skylar to openly declare their feelings for each other. Whilst it was hugely frustrating for them to have to hide the fact that given half the chance, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, it did lead to lots of risk taking and several hot and steamy clandestine hookups whenever and wherever they could. Their chemistry is scorching but they soon realise their attraction is more than just physical and I wasn’t sure how they were going to find a way round this “no fraternising” problem.

I loved the loyalty and camaraderie between these club members and despite their gruffness and alpha posturing, you can tell there are genuine friendships amongst them. They’re not soft by any means and they may often step onto the wrong side of the law but they’re a team and stick together no matter what. The need to support one another and have each other’s backs soon becomes a necessity when a situation involving Skylar’s deceased father finds its way to their door and the story takes a more ominous turn.

An excellent first book for the Birmingham chapter of The Royal Bastards MC. I hope we get many more books in the series, especially as there are several very interesting supporting characters here too and I really want to see more of them in the future.

ARC review

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#Review “Richer than God” by Amelia Wilde

Richer Than God by Amelia Wilde
Genre: dark, contemporary romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: July 28, 2020

Aundi’s Musings…

4 Olympus Crowns

So, I was not aware that this is actually connected to a series (Can be read as a standalone however) but I felt like I missed a lot of the backstory. Not so much that I couldn’t enjoy the book, but enough to where I really want to know what lead up to this book. So I would suggest starting at King of Shadows so you’re not left wondering like I was. Having said that Amelia has crafted a deliciously dark and devious romance that will have you salivating for the anti-hero in every way.

Zeus is not a good guy in fact he is legit the complete opposite of that. He is rude, sadistic and cruel. He takes what he wants no questions asked. And when he meets Brigit she’s who he wants. From the moment he sees her he is captivated by the façade she portrays and the underlying innocence he can sense. So Zeus does what he usually does and takes her for himself.

Brigit is running and hiding from her father for reasons that will make your stomach turn. She only had so many options available to her that would help protect her so she chose Olympus. And in her naiveté was not aware of what exactly that would entail. Well, Zeus is there to teach her.

The chemistry between Zeus and Brigit was palpable, the things that he does to her are enough to make your blood pressure skyrocket and melt your Kindle into nothing. I actually had to put my Kindle down multiple times and get myself under control that’s how hot some of these scenes were.

I enjoyed this story but I really do wish I had read the books prior to this beforehand. I think it would have made some parts make more sense and really give you more of a backbone to fall on so you knew what was going on behind the scenes and what exactly had transpired between Zeus and his brother Hades. Overall, if dark romance with anti-hero’s and super steamy scenes are your jam than this book is for you!!

Voluntarily Reviewed and Advanced Complimentary Copy

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#Review “The Jezebel” by Dylan Allen

His love was a secret her heart couldn’t keep…

The Jezebel, a steamy forbidden, second chance romance by USA Today bestselling author, Dylan Allen is available now!

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Captain Obvious Crowns

Dylan has captured such an exquisitely written soul searing tale of first love, redemption and survival. Stone and Regan will shred your heart to pieces with Dylan’s words slowly piecing it back together with a part of them embedded, living with you forever. This was so much more than just a book, Regan shows how strong and triumphant we as woman are. Her journey of self-discovery is one that will stay with me long after I’ve finished. 

Regan is pure strength and fire. She has gone through something so tragic and life altering it could have completely derailed her life. But, she persevered and fortified her strength with steal. I loved that you got to see this beautifully strong woman at different stages in her life, but underneath all that she is, you can still catch glimpses of the girl from the bakery who just wanted more and helped a little boy with a broken heart. 

Stone is a freaking god amongst men. This man has the power to bring anyone to their knees, his brooding demeanor and possessive inclinations are enough to set anyone’s Kindle a flame. And he does just that regularly throughout this book. The way that he was with Regan will melt your heart into a puddle on the floor, he takes great care and shows unyielding determination when he sets his sights on the one girl he’s always wanted. Watching them together was magic and had me falling in love with them separately as the strong people they are but also with them as this couple that was meant to cross destinies. 

This book is without a doubt a MUST READ of 2020. Dylan has crafted a multi-layered engrossing romance that will have you desperately turning the pages dying to know what’s going to happen. Stone and Regan have a love not only of a lifetime but of the star. 

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy 

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#Review “Violence” by Lily White

Title: Violence

Series: Antihero Inferno #3

Author: Lily White

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Sarah’s Musings…


My love for this world and the characters is the reason this book got this rating.

I love the Inferno Boys. LOVE. THEM. I want them allllll to be mine.

Emily was a harder sell for me. I had pre-hate from the previous books.

What really made me rate this book lower than the other two was the lack of resolution on all fronts. Previously, the couple gets a resolution as the over-arching plot line continues, but this didn’t happen here. I am frustrated the resolution likely won’t come for many books. It just made the book seem pointless to me at this point in the series.

The writing also still continues to be repetitive in terms of words and phrasing. Maybe because I binged the books back to back, I noticed it more.

I would still highly recommend the series. The details revealed for the large plot and the next book have kept me intrigued.

ARC review

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#NewRelease “Restraint” by Adriana Locke

RESTRAINT by Adriana Locke

Release Date: August 3rd


Blaire Gibson knows better than to have one-night stands.

She prides herself on her decision-making skills. It’s the one asset that has never let her down. But even the best thinkers have weaknesses. Hers is a delicious business mogul with a quick tongue. Unfortunately for her, that tongue is good for more than just talking.

Holt Mason doesn’t need to justify anything to anyone.

He wants Blaire. He pursues Blaire. And he gets Blaire because that’s how his life works.

Until it doesn’t.

What begins as a single night in a hotel room spirals into an unusual agreement. As late nights provide the space to trade secrets and walls come tumbling down, more is shared than just pillow talk.

They both should’ve known better. They should’ve shown restraint. Because when guards are dropped, hearts get hurt.

*RESTRAINT is a brand-new standalone romance from USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke.

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#SoontoDrop Most Anticipated Reads of the Week

My most anticipated releases of the week are here!  Make sure you check them out, add them to your TBR, and pre-order as soon as possible.  They are the books I am dying to read or the books I am raving about!


Sarah’s Musings…

This duet is consuming. My mind racing to figure out what is going on and filled with charismatic heroes. I couldn’t put book one down, and the cliff hanger had me dying for Exodus.



Can you live a lie?

It’s a ghost town, this place that haunts me, the one that made me.

It’s clear to me that I’ll never outgrow Triple Falls or outlive the time I spent here.

I can still feel them all, my boys of summer.

Even when I’d sensed the danger, I gave in.

I didn’t heed a single warning. I let my sickness, my love, both rule and ruin me. I played my part, eyes wide open, tempting fate until it delivered.

There was never going to be an escape.

All of us are to blame for what happened. All of us serving our own sentences. We were careless and reckless, thinking our youth made us indestructible, exempt from our sins, and it cost us all.

I’m done pretending I didn’t leave the largest part of me between these hills and valleys, between the sea of trees that hold my secrets.

It’s the reason I’m back. To make peace with my fate.

And if I can’t grieve enough to cure myself in my time here, I’ll remain sick. That will be my curse.

But it’s time to confess, to myself more so than any other, that I’d hindered my chances because of the way I was built, and because of the men who built me.

At this point, I just want to make peace with who I am, no matter what ending I get.

Because I can no longer live a lie.

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#NewReleases for the Week of August 2, 2020

Another week is upon us and that means another list of new releases in romance.  Make sure you also check out my #soontodrop post to see which books being released this week I am most excited about sharing with you.

Don’t forget about the three e-book opportunities that happen every week:

1. Go to my Facebook page for your chance to win an e-book copy of one of the many new releases being published this week!

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3. Join my reader group to enter the third and final new release e-book giveaway.

  • 8/1 – Exodus – Kate Stewart – LIVE EARLY
  • 8/3 – Restraint – Adriana Locke – LIVE EARLY
  • 8/4 – Midnight Sun – Stephanie Meyer
  • 8/4 – You Had Me at Hola – Alexis Daria
  • 8/4 – Want You to Want Me – Lorelei James
  • 8/4 – Wicked Billionaire – Sawyer Bennett
  • 8/4 – Until Talon – Aurora Rose Reynolds
  • 8/4 – Dare to Tempt – Carly Phillips
  • 8/6 – Trouble with Quarterbacks – R.S. Grey
  • 8/6 – That Swoony Feeling – Meghan Quinn
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#Review “Ritual” by Kandi Steiner

“If Gossip Girl and Riverdale had a love child, it would be PSU.” — #1NYT Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken

Ritual by bestselling author Kandi Steiner is now live! 

Aundi’s Musings…

5 We’re Back Crowns

I absolutely love this world that Kandi has created. This series is so incredibly addictive, with its layered story lines and unending drama and romance. It’s something you would have never known you needed unless you took the chance to read it. 

I had no idea what I had signed up for when I started reading the PSU series, but I have been completely consumed since book 1. I’ve never read anything that had so many intersecting stories before with an abundance of characters. To be honest I wasn’t sure I would like it once I figured it out, but I was so wrong. I am utterly invested in each of these characters and what happens to them. This series reads like a plot line to a soap opera in the best way. You jump around from character to character in different acts of the book. Seeing their College experience through their eyes. 

I applaud Kandi and her ability to write so many different characters at one time and not missing a beat. Each one is completely different and going through their own experiences it would be so easy to get lost. But you never do, Kandi has crafted it with such precision and ease that you flow from one chapter to the next smoothly and uninterrupted. 

This unique and incredible journey that these characters take you on is one that you won’t soon forget. These people feel like your friends and all you want is the best for them. You want to see each of them get that HEA that they so richly deserve. But leave it to Kandi to leave us with an ending that will leave your mouth agape wondering WTF just happened, and just like the Season Final of your favorite drama you have to wait tell next year to get it! 

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy 

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