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Everyone loves a hot, broody jock, right? The kind who’s stare sets your body on fire and all common sense flies out the window?

Well, not this girl.

Sure, Keith Montgomery has the looks, but in his case, beauty is only skin deep. He’s egotistical, obnoxious and the most shallow person I’ve ever met.

And I’m his new roommate.

Turns out we were both desperate.

But that’s where our commonalities end. He’s indecisive where I’m sensible, chaotic where I’m organized. So why do I ache for those minutes alone with him?

I’m not the type of girl who likes to get burned, but suddenly the idea of playing with Fire is getting harder to resist.

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Being late on the first day would have made a lousy first impression, one that would have gotten me fired had it been for dear old dad. I catch my reflection in the window as I exit my truck and realize I’m not wearing my work T.

Crap, please don’t tell me I left it at home. Rummaging around the backseat, I find the light blue shirt crumpled up in a heap on the floorboard. Quickly stripping off my jacket and black v-neck, I catch the eyes of a couple of chicks holding bright pink gym duffels while staring wide-eyed at my bare chest. I give them a wink, tensing my shoulders and arms just for fun as they continue to eye-stalk me, but then a familiar Honda Civic pulls up a few spaces away from where I’m parked. Bright pink hair comes into view when Lexi steps out clad in dark purple leggings and a puffy winter coat.

That’s when the pieces finally click into place. She told me she was a yoga instructor. Since I ran into her here when she bit my head off the other day, that must mean she works at the gym. With me. Which also means that she is bound to run into me when our shifts overlap.

Brown eyes meet my green ones when she passes by and I offer her a quick wave, which she returns with a bright smile, but then her eyes trail down. Down to my bare chest as I’m still not wearing a shirt.

Go ahead, gawk away at my hard chest and six-pack, Pixie. I don’t mind being your eye candy. Not one bit.

Screwing with Lexi has made the list of one of my favorite newly discovered activities, one that gets me riled up everywhere. I cock an eyebrow and lick my lips suggestively. Taking it a step further, I swivel my hips, rotating them a few times with a Magic Mike move—don’t ask me how I know that movie. Her eyes go wide and her already flushed cheeks redden further from my antics. Her reaction is my show, and I love every minute.

I can’t contain the laughter bubbling beneath within my chest when she scurries off toward the entrance and I watch her curvy ass flex in those leggings through my rearview mirror.

Anyone even remotely familiar with me knows I have a type. Tall girls with tight waistlines and an even tighter ass and a pair of bodacious tits are always a nice bonus. But Lexi is pint-sized and all curves, like a pink haired modern version of Betty Boop come to life. But it’s her mouth that does me in. Full, bee-stung lips that turn downward, making it seem like she’s always lost in some sort of intrinsic thought. And the smart and snarky things that come out of said mouth? That gets me harder than any exaggerated porn star moan ever can.

And by the way her dark eyes turned molten when she caught me fresh out of the shower the other day, I know she’s feeling me and would have ripped the towel away in a flash had she allowed herself.

But she didn’t and sheer curiosity has me wondering why. Is she the type to save herself for marriage? Or maybe she’s been burned by someone in the past? Or, what if there’s still a someone in her life? Whatever the case, I want to know and I fully intend to find out.

Because why not turn this detriment into an opportunity, right?


NA Contemporary Romance/Sports Romance
Stand Alone
Designed by: Melissa Panio-Petersen

About the Author:

Author Desiree Adele grew up with a passion for all things literature.

Upon discovering the world of indie romance, Desiree found her tribe and started her journey as a blogger and booktuber, eventually turning her attention to her lifelong aspiration of becoming an author.

Aside from losing herself in a good book, she enjoys listening to progressive metal, working out, and cooking.

Desiree currently resides in Connecticut with her husband and young son, who serve as her biggest inspirations in her writing journey.

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