#SoontoDrop Most Anticipated Reads of the Week

My most anticipated releases of the week are here!  Make sure you check them out, add them to your TBR, and pre-order as soon as possible.  They are the books I am dying to read or the books I am raving about!

Noble Prince Book Cover


Sarah’s Musings…

I am living for this world. I love the Tin Gypsy series, and Devney Perry is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.



From USA Today Bestselling Author Devney Perry comes a small town, enemies-to-lovers romance.

The night Luke Rosen met Scarlett Marks was the only time he’s regretted becoming chief of police. One horrific night of blood and death, and now she’s living under his roof—all because he swore an oath to serve and protect.

Scarlett is stubborn and infuriating. She has no respect for the order in his structured life, and she never does anything she’s told. Worse, she doesn’t seem to care that the information she has on a motorcycle gang means she might end up dead. But her unwavering strength, her courage and tenacity and beauty, makes it impossible for him to abandon her.

If Luke is going to keep her safe, he’ll have to make the hardest decision of his life. He can either honor his values as a cop, knowing Scarlett is unlikely to survive . . . or he can break all the rules and protect the woman who’s invaded his home and his heart.

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Sarahs Musings…

I absolutely love Aly’s Martinez’s books, and the first STANDALONE in this series was a 5 CROWN read for me so I am excited to be returning for the secondary characters.



Choices. Everyone makes them. From mundane to unimaginable, one choice can change the trajectory of your entire life.

My mother’s choice was to abandon us with our abusive father.
My brother’s choice was to go to prison for killing the boy who assaulted his soulmate.
Camden Cole’s choice was to fall in love with a shattered girl who had absolutely nothing to offer him but heartbreak.

It was one summer beneath the trees, but with Camden, I had a place where I belonged.
A friend who was always waiting for me.
A boy who I caught staring at me more often than not.

He was mine, but when the world closed in and secrets exploded all around us, it was my choice to let him go.

Choices. Everyone makes them.
But mine would ruin us all.

**RECLAIM is a standalone that can be read and enjoyed independently. However, it does contain spoilers for RELEASE**

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Sarah’s Musings…

I enjoy Meghan Quinn’s writing. I think she has a unique writing style that gives her a difference voice in the romantic comedy world. Plus, this one centers arounds teachers, so I am excited to see her write in this new world, one I am familiar with.



“Did you have relations with my brother . . .” 

Good question. 

I’d like to preface this by saying it was never my intention to ever get involved in a workplace romance, let alone get involved with the most surly, agitating, and pompous man I’ve ever met who just so happens to be my new friend’s brother. 

My intentions were to show students how English and reading books could actually be fun and make a new life for myself in the suburbs of Chicago. 

But so far, I’ve managed to be called into the principal’s office. 

Coerced into participating in the teacher’s badminton league. 

And instigated into passionate fights with Arlo Turner over education and decorum while losing my underwear at the same time. 

Known as Mr. Turns Me On, he’s the reason I might get fired from my first ever teaching job. 

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