#MCM Dash Wallace from “Hardball” by CD Reiss


Why is he worthy of this honor?

Dash Wallace earns the honor of the fictional #MCM because he breaks the stereotypical athlete trope used often in the romantic genre.  Although he comes across like a typical athlete, it has nothing to do with having an ego, having a good time, or using women.  His quirks become endearing and make the reader love him more.

Why do I love him?

There are so many reasons that I fell in love with the character of Dash Wallace, but, first and foremost, his intelligence is the top reason.  Athletes are generally stereotyped as being stupid or their intellectual level is not addressed at all.  CD Reiss completely develops his character in a way that exhibits his intelligence.  Second, he is deeply affected emotionally by people who matter to him.  He may seem stolid to many by his odd behavior, but underneath this emotionless persona lies a man who feels more than most.  Finally, his revelation about what really matters in his life makes him the best book boyfriend.  He finally realizes that all the superstitions and the game itself isn’t as important as the people he loves.

What are my favorite memories of Dash?

1. The man quotes Shakespeare, and this speaks to my English heart.

2. His emotional reaction to Daria’s pin is heartbreaking.  You think it is about a glove, but it is so hardball teasermuch more.

3. Their first real interaction at the car show and the banter that ensues between them is electric.  This really shows they’re intellectually matched.

4. He reads literature, and Dash is able to answer literature questions correctly.  Is there anything hotter than a man who can reference specific authors, stories, and quotes from books. No, no there is not!

5. Dash can dirty talk like it is nobody’s business.  There are several text messages exchanged and conversations had that I was sure would melt my Kindle.

6. He is loyal to his older friend who may become a free agent.  There is nothing better than loyalty in the hero of a story.

7. Dash is able to compromise to get what he wants.  He may relinquish the expiration date, but he is adamant about no promises.

8. He sends fruit to her school to help her students. A man who invests in students and helps to feed them is just the best in my book.

9. He is offended when he finds out her old boyfriend never performed oral sex, and he promises to rectify this situation as soon as possible.

10. Camera kisses because he just doesn’t care.

Dash Wallace breaks the mold for male athletes.  He is unique, flawed, and complex, but these irregularities only enhance his hero-like qualities as he has so much to overcome to get his girl and the life he has always wanted.  If you haven’t had the chance to meet Dash, then check out the link below.  You won’t be disappointed!

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