#MCM Reese Carroll from “Sweet Addiction” and “Sweet Possession” by J. Daniels

sweetaddiction2The very first fictional #MCM goes to Reese Carroll from the Sweet Addiction series.

Why is he worthy of this honor?

Reading Sweet Addiction by J. Daniels started my love of reading again and led to my love of all things romance, so, really, my husband has J. Daniels and Reese Carroll to thank for the endless amounts of money I spend every month on books.

Why do I love him?

He is absolutely one of my top heroes.  Reese is the male character whom I use to measure all other heroes against.  He is sweet, caring, and protective in his dealings with the people he loves, but an alpha when wanted or needed as well.  His intelligence is incredibly hot as well.  The way this man can compute numbers is unbelievably attractive!

Not only does his personality make him an attractive hero, but his actions during the series are just another reason that he is a fantastic character. His pursuit of Dylan is unique, and their relationship is passionate.   Reese protects Dylan at all costs, and he will go to any lengths to make her happy. Although he likes to take charge in the bedroom, he respects the wishes of Dylan and complies with the restrictions she creates for their relationship.  His compliance with these restrictions leads to some obstacles for the couple, but this only shows the reader how sensitive he is, as he is utterly destroyed by the demise of their relationship.  When he claims her, he does not let anything or anyone come between them, which is hot in its own right.  Reese is the perfect gentleman with a dash of dirty talking alpha, exactly what a man should be!

What are my favorite memories of Reese? IMG_1308

  1. Sending gifts, especially flour
  2. Icing on the table in the bakery and ice cubes in the apartment
  3. Drunk apologies
  4. Being locked outside and watching Dylan
  5. Text messages
  6. The night of their bachelor and bachelorette parties
  7. Vows
  8. Office Visits
  9. Bathroom hookups
  10. Songs and Tattoos

If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing Reese Carroll, then you need to pick of the Sweet Addiction series.  The journey that Reese and Dylan take together is epic, and I loved every minute of it.

3 book series – Amazon US

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