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Billy Winston’s family is going to see him happy and in love if it’s the last thing they do.


Beard Necessities, the final standalone in the bestselling romantic comedy Winston Brothers series from New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Penny Reid, is available now!

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5 Bearded CROWNS

This is the story I have been waiting for since reading Truth or Beard, I read these out of order at first. I fell in love with Duane but something always pulled me toward Billy. I’ve been slowly dying reading all the siblings’ stories knowing that this one would be the one to break me, and I was not wrong! Penny has crafted such a wonderful world you won’t want to leave once you immerse yourself. I’ve come to find that reading this is bittersweet for me, I wanted it so bad but now that’s it’s here, it feels like saying goodbye to your best friend. It’s overwhelmingly sad and heartbreaking to let go of this family. 

“Honey,” I rough-whispered so I wouldn’t shout, my arms falling so I could get closer to her, “if I thought you would ever actually give yourself to me, if I could have you, really and truly have you, I’d take you. Right now. Right here.”

Billy is the rock of this family, he self-sacrifices all the time, since the very beginning. He put’s everyone’s needs and happiness before his own. My heart ached for these two, really truly ached for them. Billy and Claire lost years of time together, so many missed opportunities and memories because of stubbornness and missed placed martyrdom. 

They both thought they were doing the right thing, when in reality they made decisions for the other without trusting them. They had assumed so many things over the years and their assumptions are what cost them those years that they won’t get back. And Ben he cost them time too, I really don’t like that guy at all. He was shady as hell and I can’t stand him anymore. 

“I didn’t need to see or touch or taste paradise to know how deeply and irrevocably I am in love with you. That hasn’t changed. That is as constant as my soul, which has been, and will always be, forever yours.”

When Billy wants to put on his charming pants watch out ladies he could make even the most cynical of woman swoon. Billy will catch you off guard with his sweet words and open soul. Seriously he’s good, I caught myself multiple times just basking in the feelings he produced and I was lost at times within his words. Just wrapped up in a warm Billy Bubble! This man is All. The. Things!!! To have someone love you so much that they would put themselves in danger and not think twice, that’s the kind of love we are all looking for. That’s the kind of love Billy holds within his heart. How could you not fall irrevocably in love with this man? 

Scarlet is the color of my soul. But now that we were finally together, she also painted my days and nights in the exquisite spectrum and uncontainable brilliance of her spirit. 

These two finally having their moment after all these years, and all the heartache they had to endure to get there. Has to be the most satisfying thing I’ve read all year. Seriously these two own me heart and soul. But not only them, their entire family owns me. Having all the Winston’s in one book and getting the chance to see each of them one more time and feel their love for each other and the power that comes from such a close knit family will warm you to your core. 

I’m not going to lie I cried multiple times while reading this. I honestly don’t want to leave this world that Penny has created. It’s warm and fuzzy and gives you all the feels in every possible way. But I realize it’s time to say goodbye to this amazing family that will forever hold a place deep in my heart and has ultimately become a part of my soul. Thank You Penny for the Winston’s and this journey that has taken a piece of me that I will never get back. 

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No one deserves a happily-ever-after quite as much as the second oldest Winston brother and his lady love, Claire McClure (aka Scarlet St. Claire). Cruelty and circumstance tore them apart almost twenty years ago. Secrecy and bitterness kept them separated.

But you know who’s tired of their separation and stubbornness? Everyone. Especially Billy Winston’s family. And now they’re going to do something about it.

Well-meaning interference means the star-crossed lovers can’t stop tripping over each other in the hills of Tuscany, the catacombs of Rome, and the waterways of Venice. Billy and Claire find themselves thrown together and at the mercy of the Winston siblings’ shenanigans.

But will their forced proximity bring them together? Or push them even further apart?

This second-chance romance brings back the entire Winston gang, playing cupid in one last story of love, hi-jinks, and family collusion.

BEARD NECESSITIES is a full-length contemporary romantic comedy, and can be read as a stand-alone, but it’s probably best read after books 0.5, 2, 3, 5, and 6 of the Winston Brothers series.

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Penny Reid is the New York TimesWall Street Journal and USA Today Best Selling Author of the Winston Brothers, Knitting in the City, Rugby, and Hypothesis series. She used to spend her days writing federal grant proposals as a biomedical researcher, but now she just writes books. She’s also a full time mom to three diminutive adults, wife, daughter, knitter, crocheter, sewer, general crafter, and thought ninja.

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