#WCW Doe/Pup from “King” and “Tyrant” by T.M. Frazier

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The heroine of the week is Doe, or, as King calls her, Pup, from King and Tyrant by T.M. Frazier.

Why is she worthy of this honor?

Doe fights back from incredible odds to make a family with King.  She awakens after being the victim of a crime with no memory of who she is.  This story chronicles her fight to remember who she is and create a new life for herself with the people she loves.

Why do I love her?

Although incredibly young, Doe is wise beyond her years, and the amount of turmoil and violence she endures without breaking is phenomenal.  One thing that I love most about this character is that she doesn’t apologize or back down to appease others.  Even when she thinks she has lost everything, she completes tiny acts to prove to her father or her son’s father that they do not control her or own her.  Also, the violence that she endures throughout the book is extreme, but she never lets it dissuade her from the life she wants and who she wants that life with.  It doesn’t cause her to cower in the corner, but it makes her stronger and more determined to live the life that she wants with the people she loves.  She doesn’t give a damn about what other people think, and the lack of insecurities and dedication to what she wants makes her a fantastic heroine.

What are my favorite memories of her?IMG_1978

  1. Walking in on King tattooing a customer at the beginning of the book
  2. All her interactions with Preppy
  3. Her first date with King
  4. The pillar scene
  5. Her bravery with Isaac
  6. Going to look for Bear and King at the MC club
  7. Showing everyone her tattoo
  8. Trying to adopt Max
  9. Seeing them as a family at the end of the book
  10. Making a decision to return to King and telling Tanner

Doe’s dedication to her newly found family no matter what makes her admirable.  Her ability to embrace King’s life because she loves him makes her open-minded.  Her capacity to resist breaking down after violent acts occur make her strong.  And, all of these attributes make her one of my favorite heroines.

If you haven’t experienced the crazy world of King, Doe, Bear, and Preppy, then you need to check out this 5 crown read!

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