#WCW Harper Connelly from “The Strongest Steel” by Scarlett Cole


The newest heroine to be exalted for her strength is Harper Connelly from The Strongest Steel by Scarlett Cole.

Why is she worthy of this honor?

Harper overcomes one of the most horrific experiences I have ever read about.  She fights to deal with the emotional trauma, as well as address the physical damage that has been done to her body.  She is the ultimate warrior and stops at nothing to take her life back from the man who stole it from her.

Why do I love her?

Harper has no semblance of a real life when this book begins, and yet that doesn’t stop her from trying to make a life for herself, free from the person that haunts her.  Her first steps to achieve this is to get a tattoo, which is where she meets the hero.  This process of tattooing her back helps her to heal. She begins to trust others again, to become okay with physical contact, and to fight for her life, figuratively and literally, when needed.  Her strength to overcome not only her past but also fight for her future, even in the face of danger, makes her a heroine to admire.

What are my favorite memories of Harper?thestrongeststeel

1. Harper exposing her scars to Trent for the first time

2. Her nowledge of literature and looking at Trent’s Dante inspired tattoos

3. The strongest steel is forged in the hottest fire tattoo

4. Her emotional healing through her tattoo sessions with Trent

5. Harper taking self-defense classes

6. She saves Anton

7. Her moment of realizing she is in love again

8. Fighting for her life

9. Laying her claim to her man, very alpha-like

10. Tiny bikinis

Harper’s strength to endure in the face of severe adversities, and her dedication to taking back her life, living it fully makes her one of the best heroines I have ever read.  If you haven’t experienced her journey, you need to make an appointment with Second Circle Tattoo family.

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