Welcome to the Musings of the Modern Belle!

Hello and welcome to the Musings of the Modern Belle!

This blog has been developed as a platform to discuss contemporary romances, surveying various sub-genres.  On this page you will be able to find reviews of books I have read, recommendations for books covering various romantic tropes, and sales and discounts for books through Amazon.  Additionally, I will share with you my favorites: covers, lines, characters, upcoming releases, new releases, authors, etc.  Being an English teacher for 10 years will drive my reviews, discussions, and recommendations, as my tagline states “A literary take on contemporary romance.”

Being an English teacher, I spend my days talking to teenagers about books, teaching them to be critical readers and writers of literature.  I also spend a large portion of my time teaching them to have discussions to show their analysis and understanding of literature.  I became a teacher because I love stories. They have this ability to unite readers together and connect society no matter the age, gender, race, or sexual orientation of the audience.  Stories offer an escape from the world while allowing us to examine the opinions and commentary portrayed through the characters by the author.  

Although I spend my days discussing literature, I spend my nights taking care of my two girls and husband.  Any free moment I have, I pick up a book because I carry my Kindle everywhere.  If I’m not reading or taking care of my family, then I’m discussing books in groups on Facebook or texting my friends about what we are reading.  I often find myself operating on minimal sleep or trying to slip in a five minute discussion in between class changes.  For this reason, I decided to start this blog.

I want my blog to be a place for people to share their love of books with others and learn about new writers and stories. I want it to be one more place for me to share my love of reading and writing about stories.

I look forward to our many interactions and hope that by following this blog you also find a safe haven to talk about and share the authors and books you love.


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