Modern Belle’s Rating System

Each book posted will receive a rating in the form of crowns.  Below you can find what the each rating means, and I hope this helps decipher the system used for books featured and reviewed on this blog.

5+ crowns – This books would be among my top favorite books of the year.  I love everything about it, and the story affected me emotionally.

5 crowns – The story is fantastic!  The development of the characters and plot, the writing style of the author, and the relevant themes of the story are excellent.  This is a #MBtopRec, and a definite reread for me.

4 crowns – The story is good.  The characters are relateable, the plot is good, and the writing style is appropriate for the genre.  I enjoyed reading this book and would read another book by this author or the next book in the series.  Books earning this rating would still be considered for a #MBtopRec.

3 crowns – The story is okay  Just like a 4 crown review, the writing is satisfactory, but something about the book just doesn’t “speak” to me.  Others might really enjoy it, but, for some reason, the characters and/or story do not connect with me.  This book would be recommended for a specific audience.

2 crowns – The story is okay; however, the book has character and/or plot issues that ruined the story.  This is not a book that would be recommended to other readers.

1 crown – The book is underwhelming.  There are significant character and plot issues within the story, and there are many errors and inconsistencies within the book.  This book would not be recommended to other readers.

Happy reading,