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From USA Today bestselling author Meghan March comes a sexy new spin-off duet from The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy. Are you ready to get dirty again?

Dirty Love is the conclusion of the Dirty Girl Duet, and should be read following Dirty Girl .

Greer Karas has been mine since the first day I saw her.

I walked away because she deserved better than I could offer, but I always planned to come back and stake my claim when the time was right.

But true to form, Greer wasn’t willing to wait. She threw down a challenge, and I’m meeting her head-on.

I’m not walking away this time because sometimes you have to fight dirty for love.

My musings…

I’m going to be honest and tell you that I have not read Dirty Girl, which is the first book in this duet, because I do not like cliffhangers if the next book is being released the next week or in two weeks.  Since these two books were released two weeks apart, I decided to wait.  This, however, does not lower my anxiousness to get my hands on this series, and I know I will devour these books back-to-back.

I came to the Meghan March party late; however, once I started reading the Dirty Billionaire series and then Beneath series, I was hooked.  Ms. March has the ability to weave danger and suspense with romance expertly.  The thing that I love most about her stories is her characters.  The heroes are strong, not always from the right side of the tracks but honorable, and treat their women with respect.  The heroines all have this immense strength, and instead of being submissive to the men, they are their equals.  I cannot think of one story where Meghan March does not have the couple coming together as equal partners, and this is something I admire.  As an additional side note, this woman can write a great sex scene that will make you blush.

Release Date: May 31, 2016

Amazon: Dirty Love

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