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Of the many books being published this week these two books are the ones that I am most excited to read or to share my reviews with you.  Make sure to check back throughout the week in order to see my reviews and other book news. Don’t forget to comment on any post throughout the week in order to enter to win any eBook from your own TBR ($5.99 Limit). Each comment is an entry, so make sure to comment multiple times.

Complex Kisses (Here & Now Book 1) by [Bailey, Kim] Releasing Thursday, December 29, 2016

My musings…

What drew me to this story is how the two characters are different and yet the same.  Jamie is a single mom, and Eric is living day to day, and yet they are both trying to survive life, to endure.

This is Kim Bailey’s debut novel, so I am very excited to see what she has in store for us!

Full review to be posted on December 29, 2016


When lost and living in the moment …
… can you be found with just a kiss?

Jamie Hartley ran away, leaving grief and heartache behind. Lost on her own. Raising a child. Her plan is simple. Make it through. Find her path. Survive.

Eric Anderson walked away, abandoning plans and expectations. Living day to day. Waiting for miracles. His goal is complicated. Make it through. Find a way. Endure.

In stolen moments of passion and pleasure, Jamie and Eric find reprieve from their complex lives. Together, they ease the burdens. Together, they soothe the pain.

But can they recognize the future when it finds them?
Here and now.

Disclaimer: This book contains mature content not suitable for those under the age of 18. It involves strong language and sexual situations.

Pre-order your copy of Complex Kisses today for .99¢!

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Franco (Bright Side Book 3) by [Holden, Kim] Releasing Thursday, December 29, 2016

My musings…

Kim Holden. I stumbled upon Kim Holden when my Kindle screen timed out, and an advertisement for the Bright Side appeared.  I was intrigued and clicked on it, and I proceeded to devour it the minute I could.  This is what I will say about her writing.  She is one of the few authors that has ever brought me to tears with her words (I may have cried 3 times ever while reading a book).  The emotions were so raw, so real that I felt like I was going through the event with the characters.  Kim Holden is one of those authors that has flawless writing, and I cannot wait to get my hands on Franco when it releases.


Franco Genovese is the drummer for world renowned American rock band, Rook. He’s got it all. A killer smile. Tattoos. Talent. Razor sharp wit and humor. And a heart as big, and generous, as they come.
Life is good. Steady. Uncomplicated. Just the way he likes things.
Until one night at an unassuming L.A. bar changes everything.
Enter Gemma Hendricks.
She’s a successful young architect from Northern England with an adorable smile, sarcasm for days, and an unparalleled trusting heart.
The attraction is instant.
So is their friendship.
It’s also temporary because they’ll both be heading home, thousands of miles apart from each other, in a few days.
Or is it?
There’s something Gemma wants more than anything else.
And when Franco propositions her to provide what she’s looking for, everything changes.
Will it transform friendship into love, or will it be their ruin?
Note from the author: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is recommended for mature audiences.

Pre-order your copy of Franco today!


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  1. I haven’t heard of either of these before, but they both sound good, especially Franco

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