#Review “Sea of Ruin” by Pam Godwin

New from Pam Godwin Sea of Ruin - The Rock Stars of Romance

Sea Of Ruin by Pam Godwin
dark, historical romance
Publication Date: April 28, 2020

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Complete Ruin Crowns

I have just died a thousand deaths while reading this book. This is my first ever historical romance and I am so glad I started here, because damn this book had me all up in my feelings. Pam has crafted such a beautifully written story that is sure to sweep you away on a sea of angst, love, and devastation. 

He was the sea, Rough, Dangerous, Dependable. No matter how far he traveled or how long he stayed away, he always returned to me. 

This book was so much more than I could have wanted, and everything that I didn’t know I needed. Bennett is a fierce heroine her strength is so pure and strong she commands attention whenever and wherever she goes. This woman holds grown men captive with just her words but gains their loyalty with her passion. She belongs to the sea and the sea belongs to her. She feels it in her blood ever present, running through her veins. She’s a woman captain which does not happen often if ever. But there was never question about her ability to run a ship. I absolutely loved this, Pam created this character that shows just how strong and capable we as woman are, you truly can be anything you want if you want it enough! I’m obsessed with this empowerment I got from Bennett in this book. 

We were meaningful together. Intricate. An unlikely bond formed in the dwelling of souls. 

Priest and Ashley are two of the most delectable heroes I’ve read in a long time. They are both completely different yet work together perfectly. I loved this dichotomy between them. Ashley is a gruff brooding commodore with superior breeding and Priest is a rogue pirate with unparalleled charm. They both are equally dangerous in their own ways and watching how the interact with Bennett you can see that difference. Except in the possessive way they claim her, that is the only time they are exactly the same and every time it’s the hottest thing you’ll see. 

I realized, truly comprehended, just how very destructive this man was on my life. He hadn’t just physically captured me. He’d besieged my emotions, my reasoning, and he was on his way to imprisoning my soul. 

I know I don’t have any basis for comparison as this was my first, but Pam has created something spectacular with this book. I was immediately enraptured with the story from the very first page and I furiously blew through the pages dying to know what was going to happen next. This book will take you through Every. Single. Emotion. you have wringing everything from you until there is nothing left. I fell in love with every character and every moment. If you’ve never read historical romance before START HERE! I didn’t think this would be my thing I’m so glad I took the chance; Pam has created a lifelong convert and obsessive fan with this one story.  

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#NewRelease “Thoroughly Whipped” by Tillie Cole

Release Date: 9th June (Platform Wide) 

Genre: Romantic ~Comedy

Cover by: Murphy Rae Designs & Ashley Illustrations

Sarah’s Musings…


THIS BOOK. Let me tell you why this is five stars for me. I’ve been in a rut. Reading has felt like a job, thing to cross off of my to do list. Thoroughly Whipped reminded me why I love reading and that books are an escape.

Henry is the cold, stuck up aristocrat, but he is so much more. The glimpses we see of him when he is with Faith melted my heart. This man owned me because he was vulnerable, making him the perfect mixture of strong and dominant and vulnerable and loving.

Faith was utterly hilarious. I laughed out loud at her antics, her one liners, and her clumsiness. I loved the ideals she lived by. She embodies what I respect in a female character – owns her sexuality, smart and successful in her career, and doesn’t back down.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this novel. I love that Tillie Cole jumps around in tropes, and the sex club and rom com was something new. I didn’t know how she would blend these worlds but she did, and she did it so well.

I will say that if you follow me predictable plots are usually a deduction in my rating, so even though it is pretty clear how it is all going to work out for the most part, it didn’t effect my love of the book. My love for the characters, their relationship, and the final HEA owned my heart. The other stuff didn’t matter and didn’t take away from my love of the book.

This book is hilarious, steamy, and pure entertainment. I couldn’t put it down, and it gave me the much needed escape I desperately needed. I would highly recommend this one. It is sure to be A favorite of 2020.

ARC review

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#CoverReveal “Classified” by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Classified - CR banner

Classified, the highly-anticipated conclusion to the action-packed contemporary MM The Elite Series from USA Today bestselling authors Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine, is coming June 23rd and we have the hot-as-sin cover!

Classified AMAZON

Classified is the final book of the Elite Series and should only be read after book one, Danger Zone, and book two, Need for Speed.

They train to serve their country.

They strive to be the best.

But only a select few can be…

The Elite

* * *



Reckless, arrogant, and bold, Solo is as known in the U.S. Navy for his bad-boy reputation as he is for his skills as a fighter pilot. It’s a surprise to his peers, then, when he’s chosen to train and compete at the most prestigious naval aviation academy in the world.


  1. Kick everyone’s ass.
  2. Do whatever it takes to win.
  3. Do your best to distract the competition.
  4. Especially when that competition is a gorgeous blue-eyed perfectionist who makes your blood run hot.

* * *



Disciplined, smart, and confident, Panther can’t afford not to play by the rules. As the son of a top Navy commander, all eyes are on him, and being anything less than number one is unacceptable.


  1. Keep it safe in the air.
  2. Prove you’re more than Commander Hughes’s son.
  3. No distractions. Stay focused.
  4. Don’t fall for your competition—especially not the rebellious heartbreaker with lips made for sinning.

In the heat of the hot California sun, tempers flare and desires ignite as Solo and Panther try to resist their attraction while fighting to be number one.

With passion this intense, the question remains:

Who’s gonna come out on top?

Pre-order your copy today!

Amazon | Amazon World Wide

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#SoontoDrop Anticipated Reads of the Week

My most anticipated releases of the week are here!  Make sure you check them out, add them to your TBR, and pre-order as soon as possible.  They are the books I am dying to read or the books I am raving about!


Sarah’s Musings…

I am a huge fan of Tillie Cole, and while I love her dark books, I enjoy when she moves into her other tropes. This one sounds beyond fun and amazing and unlike anything I have read in romance world.



I, Faith Parisi, love my life. I have the best job—resident sex-advice diva for Visage magazine—I have the best friends, and I live in the best city in the world. Things are pretty damn fabulous. That is, until Henry “Harry” Sinclair III comes crashing back into my world like a bad case of herpes.

I hate the way Harry’s lip curls in contempt whenever he sees me. I hate his bright blue eyes and those inexplicably offensive dimples. I hate his stuffy English accent and the stick that’s permanently jammed up his aristocratic ass. More than anything, I hate that he’s now my boss.

But my professional prospects start to look up when a chance at writing Visage’s big summer feature falls into my lap. Success won’t be easy. I’ll need to let go of all my inhibitions—not that I have that many of those—and jump, stiletto heels first, into a hedonistic new world. An exclusive, secretive world, filled with leather, latex, and Manhattan’s elite.

Pulling this off will take every ounce of daring I have, and every ounce of focus. I can’t afford to get distracted by anything, least of all my new boss, his arrogant mouth, or the way the ice between us seems to be slowly melting away…

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#NewReleases for the Week of June 7, 2020

Another week is upon us and that means another list of new releases in romance.  Make sure you also check out my #soontodrop post to see which books being released this week I am most excited about sharing with you.

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  • 6/7 – The Girl in the Love Song – Emma Scott
  • 6/8 – Royal Bastard – Avery Flynn
  • 6/8 – Strike a Chord – JB Slasbury
  • 6/9 – ZAAN – Kat Mizera
  • 6/9 – Beyond the Sea – LH Cosway
  • 6/9 – Thoroughly Whipped – Tillie Cole
  • 6/9 – Lucky in Love – Kelly Elliott
  • 6/9 – Last Tang Standing – Lauren Ho
  • 6/9 – The Marriage Game – Sarah Desai
  • 6/9 – 500 Miles from You – Jenny Colgan
  • 6/9 – Taking his Shot – Kendall Ryan
  • 6/9 – The Benefactor – Nana Malone
  • 6/9 – Alpha Knight – Nalini Singh
  • 6/9 – Always the Last to Know – Kristan Higgins
  • 6/9 – Rage and Ruin – Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • 6/11 – Wrong Text, Right Love – Claudia C. Burgoa
  • 6/11 – The Change Up – Meghan Quinn
  • 6/11 – Winning Hollywood’s Goodest Girl – Max Monroe
  • 6/11 – Truly Yours – Carmel Rhodes
  • 6/11 – Loner – Harloe Rae
  • 6/12 – The Jock – J.L. Beck & C.L. Hallman
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#Review “Rebel Desire” by LK Farlow


Release Date: June 4th
Genre: Contemporary romance/rom-com
(Enemies-to-lovers/single dad)

Aundi’s Musings…

4 Agent Purple Crowns

LK Farlow has written a beautifully sweet Rom Com that will leave you with a perpetual smile on your face. Colton and Ashley couldn’t be more opposite, but they are utterly perfect for each other. This is just the story that is needed right now, it will without a doubt leave your heart happy. 

“You’re exhibiting stalker-like tendencies. Have you conisdred talking to a professional?”

Much to my surprise, she laughs. “Oh yes, I see a therapist at least once a month.”

“Then maybe up it to bi-monthly.”

When you first met Colton in previous books he always came across as a huge ass and he’s not any different in this one LOL. When he first meet’s Ashley it’s at his best friend’s wedding and needless to say it’s a rocky introduction. I loved Colton’s brash personality and that he has this wall in place, this made it so much sweeter when Ashley slowly breaks it down one bit at a time. 

My soulmate just told me we aren’t compatible. Just going to file that sickening feeling away in a folder labeled: Things that hurt worse than dropping a bowling ball on your foot.

I loved Ashley she’s this quirky photographer that believes in Soulmates and love at first sight. Yes, she is a little much and is very determined when she puts her mind to something. But it’s all those quirks that have you falling for this girl. She is beyond sweet and has the absolute biggest heart which you see consistently especially when Cruz is in the picture. Her love for that boy outweighs all others and it’s that acceptance of him without a second thought that shows you how good of person she is. 

I pinch my eyes shut and curl my fingers into fists. The need to touch, to taste, to ravage her is overwhelming. 

Cruz just about tore my heart to shreds. What this poor boy had to live through was enough to make this mamas heart bleed out. All I wanted to do was wrap this beautiful soul up and keep him safe and warm. The immediate connection between Cruz and Colton made my heart weep. The situation could have gone any number of ways. But Colton steps up without a thought and does everything that he can for this boy. This makes you fall a little bit more in love with Colton.

But Ashley…she has a fire to her and as much as I keep fighting it, I kind of like the burn.

This book is the perfect lightweight read. Even with Colton’s prickly behavior you can’t help but love him and his journey with Ashley. LK has created Rom Com gold with this one that is sure to leave you just a little bit lighter than when you started. If you love low angst with a grumpy hero and a quirky heroine than this book is for you. 

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy. 

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#Review “Be My Brayshaw” by Meagan Brandy

Image may contain: 3 people, text

Be My Brayshaw,a complete standalone set in the Brayshaw World, is AVAILABLE NOW.

Photographer: Joseph Sinclair | Model: Tobias Reuter | Cover Design: Jay Aheer, Simply Defined Art

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Pink Crowns

Meagan has created such an unmatched Series; these books consume every aspect of you from the moment you open them. Every character, every moment between them pulls you further and further into the world she has created to the point you don’t want to come back out. Her words elicit every emotion you could possibly have and twists you up with every new revelation until you are breathless, aching and desperate for more. This book is so much more than I could have anticipated; Meagan has created PERFECTION with Captain and his Queen.

I fought against her. I caved. I took her mouth like I’d wanted to for months, tasting what became my newfound favorite flavor.

I have to say I did not know going into this book as to how much I was going to love Victoria. But damn I have the absolute biggest girl crush on her. I’ve always placed Raven as my number 1, but Victoria came blazing through and placed herself right next to her. This girl is simply amazing, she is so completely and utterly selfless. Every single thing she does or has done has been for others. Her heart is so big and she loves so fully that you can’t help but fall in love with her. But not only that when she needs to be tough, she’s not afraid to throw down. She will legit punch you without a second thought. And I’m obsessed with that dichotomy of her. With Raven you just knew she was badass and would come at you. With Victoria you didn’t know but damn you find out real quick.

The quiet treatment is hardly a punishment, especially when my Brayshaw speaks so loudly with his eyes, his touch, his calm. 

What is there to say about Captain other than DAMN. This man is All. The. Things. I freaking melted every time he was with Zoey, and watching as he struggles in his knew role as father but doing such an amazing job when he’s never had to be a full time dad before. Talk about swooning all over the place. His quiet speaks volumes and finally getting a peak inside that sexy mind of his was so worth the wait. 

I’m not going to lie it pulled at my heartstrings watching his relationship with Victoria and him trying to come to terms with his new normal and everything that has happened and all the things he has learned. Does he make mistakes absolutely but he’s human I could see how it could happen. Does he make up for the mistakes he made, Hell Yeah he does! 

And don’t get me started on the tension between them. You could feel it between them from the epilogue it’s this tangible thing that is always present. Growing and expanded becoming so hot and so intense that when they finally come together Holy Kindle Fire Batman!!! Did I get blue balls reading it, maybe. Is it worth it, absolutely!

“You can want to kill her and keep her at the same time, you know.” He levels me with a glare. “You saw it with me and Raven in the beginning. Don’t share what’s meant to be yours.”

Meagan is a master at her craft, consistently growing and expanding her writing, making every knew book better than the last. I’m completely obsessed with everything Brayshaw. Meagan has created characters that you want to read and are desperate to know. This world is one that you will never want to leave, but you can also continually go back and revisit. Rereading these books are just as good as when you read them the first time and it’s rare to find Authors that write stories like that. Captain and Victoria hold a special place in my heart, this book tore my soul to shreds but with each passing page Meagan slowly and meticulously put it back together with a piece of Cap and Victoria embedded. Bravo Meagan if I could give you more stars I would because you have created MAGIC!!

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy 

Tricia’s Musings…

4 Family runs deeper than blood CROWNS

The tension between Cap and Victoria at the beginning of Be My Brayshaw was off the scale. There’s passion between them but she’s the girl he doesn’t trust and so he desperately tries to resist his feelings for her. The push and pull between them overall was brilliant and just when I thought I knew where the story was going, Meagan pulled the rug right out out from under me. I’ve loved the complex plot, the twists and turns and the bombshell revelations throughout the series, but although it’s not quite ended yet, I feel like this book answered a lot of outstanding questions and brought things together.

From what I’d seen of Victoria earlier in the series, it was difficult to get a handle on her, but the more I saw her here, and the more I learned about her as her layers were exposed, the more I loved her. Strong and steady in a quiet and unassuming, yet stubborn way, to have gone through what she did in her past and still come out fighting is as shocking as it is amazing. Once her story unfolded, I really admired her. Her love for Zoey is heartwarming and actually so touching that I felt her distress at those times when she was unable to physically connect with her. Zoey was delightful, a little sweetheart, and her innocent remarks had me in fits. A beautiful child, finally surrounded by love, I thought her character was written perfectly.

I was hugely intrigued by Captain in the previous books but I have to admit it took me a minute to connect with him here, mainly because of the way he treated Victoria. Whilst understandable, it did make me quite frustrated with him at times and I could’ve given him a good shake. Give him a reason to trust, however, and you’ll see a different side to him and I was glad that he wasn’t so stubborn that it made him blind to the truth once it came. I absolutely loved him as a father and I felt that at least with Zoey he never had to guard his heart. That was lovely to see.

I loved the interaction with the other members of the Brayshaw family too. The pride these characters have in each other, the respect, and the support they give one another is wonderful. Royce in particular is definitely up to mischief. Although his book will probably mean this series will come to an end, nevertheless I can’t wait to find out what’s going on with him. Bring it on!

ARC review

Sarah’s Musings…


Being back in the Brayshaw world is like coming home all over again!

I am such a huge fan of the Brayshaw world and the characters within it. Meagan Brandy is truly able to deliver a new story that not only stays true to the iconic world she has created but also delivers another must read romance that allows Cap and Victoria to have their own unique voice and romance within the Brayshaw world.

Victoria has so many layers to who she is. I really enjoyed seeing them all peeled back with each page. Her love for Zoey rang as genuine and true, and never once is she a pushover. She knows what she wants and won’t stop until it is hers. There are parts of her I didn’t expect. Parts of her history that shocked me. And I would dare say that while she is very different than Raven, I loved her just as much. She still embodies that take no BS we love to see in a Brandy heroine.

Captain, my silent, observant, intelligent man. I love him. I wanted to strangle him, but I also fell madly in love with him. The man has a plethora of thorny vines around his heart to protect himself, and it is one of the many reasons I was able to forgive him when I also wanted to smack him. And man, oh, man, I never really expected Cap to have such a deliciously dirty side, but I was here for every moment of it. Between the bedroom, his tortured heart, and seeing him as a daddy to Zoey…put a fork in me. I’m done. Captain has my heart.

For lovers of the series, you get plenty of Maddoc and Raven (my heart filled with such happiness to see them revel in their HEA) and numerous moments of shenanigans with Royce (I’m still dying for his book and love him to death). There are even some other side characters who surprised me and made me change my mind about them or made me like them even more.

One who I loved, and it didn’t come as a surprise, is Zoey, she is such a charming little girl, and seeing how she changes the Brayshaw world in the BEST WAY warms my heart even thinking about it now.

This story, as all Meagan’s stories do, are filled with bombs, plot twists that are unexpected and throw you for a loop. Be My Brayshaw has secrets from page one, allowing me once again to be consumed by the Brayshaw world. It is a world that captivates me, and makes me long to never leave. The ideals the boys live by, the family they created, the love they show emanates from the page. And the ending, action packed, insane and utterly romantic, too.

The Brayshaw world continues to be a must read for me. I don’t know that I’ll ever be ready to let them go. It saddens me to think we only have one more book left with this crew I’ve grown to love, but this series will, without a doubt, go down as one of my favorites EVER, one I’ll continue to revisit time and time again.



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#Review “When the Walls Come Down” by M. Mabie & Aly Martinez

Image may contain: 1 person, text

When the Walls Come Down, an all-new neighbors to lovers romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez and M. Mabie is coming June 4th and we have the gorgeous cover!

Tricia’s Musings…

3.5 Tic Tac CROWNS

When the Walls Come Down is a light, sweet and sexy read. I do have mixed feelings about it, however, as although the writing itself was excellent, there were certain moments, mainly due to Shane’s actions in the first few chapters, when I wondered if this book was going to be for me. I think some of that was due to personal preferences when it comes to humor, but I felt his behaviour was very odd and, for me, more embarrassing than endearing. He was a nice guy, successful in his career but not so much with love and I did have trouble connecting with him. I liked him much more when he stopped trying so hard.

Maggie as a character was easier to get on with and I really liked her. Her quick wit and her bantering skills were brilliant and more my style. Her one liners brought a smile to my face. Things moved pretty quickly between her and Shane, both time wise and the way they fell for each other, but I didn’t feel as though the storyline was rushed. It was written well and I’m not sure I would’ve even realised how little time had actually passed if it hadn’t been mentioned. The lack of real conflict makes this a rather gentle, feel-good read, nothing wrong with that, but I tend to prefer my stories with a little more friction, some more push and pull between the main characters.

On balance, I think it’s a case of me not you. Although this one didn’t quite hit the mark for me, I’m sure many readers will thoroughly enjoy this cute, easy, low angst read.

ARC review

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#Review “The First Score” by Amie Knight

There was something about that first score, and not just on the football field.

TFS - BT banner

The First Score, an all-new, best friend’s brother romance from Amie Knight is available now!

Tricia’s Musings…

4 Hollie CROWNS

Like Ollie himself admits, he’s been in love with Hazel since he could remember. Their first encounter when he was 5 years old prancing around in his tighty whities was so sweet, cute and funny but also rather touching, as although Hazel clearly had a sassy side to her, it was apparent even then that there was much more to her story.

I loved the way Ollie and Hazel’s journey was explained by way of chapters from the present and from the past. It really gave me an understanding of their relationship and how it developed and grew over the years. Despite the fact that they were so young when they first met and that Hazel is Ollie’s older sister’s best friend, as time goes on it’s clear to me they were made for each other. For quite some time, there’s nothing really awkward about their relationship, even when thoughts start to turn towards more than friendship, until they don’t remain simply fantasies. Ollie has turned into one hot guy but Hazel has problems with giving into her feelings. I thought those moments and their reactions to certain situations, were understandable and realistic.

My very favorite thing about friends to lovers romances, especially when the main couple meet so young, or if they’ve spent any time apart, is when one of them, in this case Hazel, at some point realises how the other has grown and changed and Ms Knight has nailed this when it comes to Hazel’s transforming feelings for Ollie. We already know he has a great personality, so kind and caring, patient and understanding, but her descriptions of Ollie’s physical changes and the effect they had on her had me chuckling. They have great chemistry and I loved the sexual tension between them too. Their banter was just great and came so easy, as it would with someone you’d known for years. There are some brilliant supporting characters as well, all with their own unique personalities, no more so than the adorable Pops. His love and devotion to Hazel was heartwarming and his shenanigans had me in hysterics on more than one occasion.

The overall feel to the book is lighthearted but there were some emotional moments and underlying drama, which I thought the author dealt with really well and in a sensitive manner. The First Score is a gorgeous, slow burn romance which left me with a big, satisfied smile on my face.

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#Review “Prince of Hearts” by L.A. Cotton

Prince of Hearts by L.A. Cotton

Series: Verona Legacy #1 | Genre: New Adult Romance

Release Date: June 2, 2020

Aundi’s Musings…

4 Romeo and Juliet Crowns

If you love Mafia Romances that are gritty and raw which are also loosely based on the classic Romeo and Juliet, then this book is for you. L.A Cotton has delivered a deliciously angsty romance that will have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. 

But what the fuck did I know about girls like her? Girls so sweet and pure and innocent that when they looked at you, you wanted to drown in their light. 

From their first meeting Nicco and Ari have an instant connection that neither can deny. You can feel it bleed from the pages, and even when Nicco is trying to do the right thing he can’t help but be pulled to Ari. With their stolen kisses and dark revelations their connection continues to grow as the story progresses until they don’t know what to do and are lost to each other.

She was everything I could never have. Everything I’d never wanted. Until now.

I loved Nicco he was broody and dark; with his whole life already planned out since birth, he knew what was expected of him and what he was going to do. Until he met Ari and all that changed. 

Ari on the other hand has been sheltered for years, she was even homeschooled. So, her naivety was trying at times, but it made sense seeing as she was never really allowed to be a kid and to experience all that that entails. I loved watching as both of them grew throughout the story and even though their paths were mapped out, they tried to make their own way and change their course of history. 

I would have gladly followed him into the depths of Hell just to savor the moment. 

I really enjoyed this story; it was a little slow in the beginning but once it picked up, I couldn’t put it down. The characters are wonderfully written and I can’t wait to see where she takes some of the side characters because I really want to know what happens with Enzo. Nicco and Ari are perfect together balancing each other out in the best way. This may have been my first book by L.A Cotton but it definitely won’t be my last. 

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy

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#Review “Fortuity” by Jewel E. Ann

Fortuity by Jewel E. Ann

Fortuity, an all-new not-to-be-missed single dad contemporary romance from Jewel E. Ann is available now!

Tricia’s Musings…

5 Jamie and Elvis forever CROWNS

I first met Nathaniel Hunt in the Transcend duet and loved him then. This more mature, grown up, yet laid back Nate, well he’s a revelation and I loved him even more. I have to admit I was definitely obsessed with his Jamie Frazier-like hair in a way I hadn’t been before. I really wanted to run my hands through those curls! Time has moved on and he’s very different from his Transcend persona. I loved him. Did I say that already?

Little Morgan is the most kind, caring, yet forthright and outspoken child ever. Sometimes too smart for her own good, her curiosity and no holds barred questions certainly made Nathaniel and Gracelyn break out in a cold sweat a time or two. She was hysterical and I couldn’t help but crack up at some of her comments. A confident girl most of the time, I detected a hint of uncertainty behind some of her bravado, which was actually very sweet.

Nate and Gracelyn are fantastic together and I was particularly excited to see that they were both in their 40’s, that their life experiences meant they reacted to certain situations in a way I myself could relate to. Don’t get me wrong, mature in age they may have been, but that didn’t stop them having fun together and throwing caution to the wind on occasion. Their humor and witty banter was priceless, not to mention the hilarious situations they found themselves in.

This may essentially be Nathaniel and Gracelyn’s story, but everyone had a pivotal part to play and no more so than Mr Hans and Gabe, who were both amazing. They had hugely important roles and were so much more than merely supporting characters.

There were, of course, a few serious moments along the way, but despite the circumstances which brought these characters together, the book is touching at times but doesn’t dwell on sadness. This story is about living and loving and is the most wonderful mixture of fun and funny, sweet and sexy, romantic and unexpected love. This book gave me feelings I’m struggling to explain with words. Perfect, that’s one word I’d use, joy is another. There was absolutely nothing I disliked, nothing I’d change, and it was exactly what I needed. I adored it. It’s one of those rare books that I want to read all over again, to experience it for the first time. Simply put, this book made me happy and now my heart is full.

ARC review

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#Review “Catch Me When I Fall” by A.L. Jackson

Image may contain: 1 person, beard and text

Catch Me When I Fall

A Falling Stars stand-alone romance from A.L. Jackson

Coming June 1st

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Soulshine Crowns

A.L Jackson’s prose is unlike any other, her words are beautifully written lyrics that will weave a song that will call to your soul leaving you aching in the best way. Every time I read one of her books, I become instantly lost to her words letting the magic wrap me up in the story and allowing myself to get lost. Royce and Emily’s story is no different weaving an intriguing tale of angst, love and revenge. 

Royce is All. The. Things. I fell in love with his alpha demeanor and possessive side, especially with Emily. He has a dark past and ulterior motives to travel with them. But as the story progresses you realize he would do anything for those he cares about. He comes off as elusive and uninterested when it couldn’t be further from the truth. He is fighting with himself to do the right thing when it comes to Emily, but their connection is just too strong. 

Emily is beautiful inside and out but she is broken and no one knows why. She’s holding this huge secret inside that is slowly crushing her under the pressure of it, to the point that she is having anxiety attacks on stage. I felt for her on so many levels, she thought she was doing the right thing, and she thought she had to do it on her own, until Royce showed her that she didn’t. 

When they first meet Emily doesn’t know who he is, Royce is just the guy who saved her at the bar. But from that moment you could feel their connection and instant attraction. Every time they are anywhere near each other they can feel it, like a second skin. The tension between them is so intense it’s has it’s own presence. You can feel it trying to burst from the pages, slowly filling up every space they are in until there isn’t any room left. These two are beyond explosive and the heat between them was enough to cause your Kindle to burst into flames!!! 

I loved this story the drama and angst were off the charts. And the chemistry between Emily and Royce was next level. I love A.L Jacksons writing style every book feels like coming home and I can’t wait until the next one in this series. This band is fast becoming my favorites of hers. 

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy. 

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#Review “Regrets” by Nicole Dykes

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Regrets, an all-new angsty and forbidden, standalone romance from author Nicole Dykes is available now!

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Angsty Crowns

This was my first book by Nicole and I know it won’t be my last. This book absolutely destroyed me, I stayed up tell the wee hours of the morning, because I just had to know how it was going to end. This book is without a doubt UNPUTDOWNABLE. 

His eyes darken. I hate how he looks at me, as if sees the real Penelope, the one I’ve been trying to bury deep for years.

This book grabs ahold of you from the start and does not let you go until the very end. I was completely and utterly captivated by Linc and Penelope’s journey. These two are intense to say the least, they are pure fire together always a second away from combusting. The intensity between them was so strong you could feel it bleeding from the pages consuming any and everything around them. 

Penelope has always had a fire in her, once that clashes with my own and burns so fucking hot we seem to set our world ablaze when we get too close.

I loved the banter between them, you know that they are hurting and what they are doing to each other is self-destructive but you also know that there isn’t anyone else they can rely on in this way. Their connection is one that is so deep and intrinsic that without even asking they know what the other needs. Even if that need is not in a constructive way. 

My revenge is always quiet, causing chaos when they don’t see it coming. 

Their hurt is so primitive and raw you can feel it, your heart breaking for them and all that they are carrying inside. But you know that this journey is needed, they have to figure out how to live in this new reality that neither were prepared for. Penelope and Linc are broken both in their own ways, but their broken pieces call to each other and soothe the ache that has always been there. 

Such a beautiful fucking prick. 

Nicole has created an emotionally raw and intense read that will have your heart and soul aching for the characters involved. Linc and Penelope are Perfection in their own broken and beautiful way. These two will shred you from the inside out, but as the story progresses Nicole puts you back together one page and one moment at a time. This book is not an easy read, but if you take the chance you will not regret it.  

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy 

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#SoontoDrop Anticipated Reads of the Week

My most anticipated releases of the week are here!  Make sure you check them out, add them to your TBR, and pre-order as soon as possible.  They are the books I am dying to read or the books I am raving about!


A Falling Stars STAND-ALONE NOVEL from NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author, A.L. Jackson . . .

Sometimes trying to catch a star will light your whole world on fire…

Emily’s entire existence was wrapped up in touring with her country-rock band Carolina George.

What she never expected was to spend a passionate night with a gorgeous, tattooed stranger.

Their chemistry was combustible.

Their attraction irresistible.

It was never supposed to follow her into the light of day.

Royce’s night with the lead singer of Carolina George was the worst mistake of his life. He needs the band to sign on to his record label or his family will pay the price.

He knows falling for her will threaten his carefully laid plans.

Royce’s past is littered with mistakes and heartache—will he overcome or will his love for Emily just be one more tragedy…

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#NewReleases for the Week of May 31, 2020

Another week is upon us and that means another list of new releases in romance.  Make sure you also check out my #soontodrop post to see which books being released this week I am most excited about sharing with you.

Don’t forget about the three e-book opportunities that happen every week:

1. Go to my Facebook page for your chance to win an e-book copy of one of the many new releases being published this week!

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3. Join my reader group to enter the third and final new release e-book giveaway.

  • 6/1 – Catch Me When I Fall – A.L. Jackson (LIVE EARLY)
  • 6/1 – Fortuity – Jewel E. Ann (LIVE EARLY)
  • 6/1 – Layover Lover – Jeannine Colette & Lauren Runow
  • 6/2 – The Summer Deal – Jill Shalvis
  • 6/3 – Asher – Carian Cole
  • 6/3 – Be My Brayshaw – Meagan Brandy
  • 6/4 – When the Walls Fall Down – Aly Martinez & M. Mabie
  • 6/4 – Rewritten – J.R. Gray
  • 6/4 – Silver Mayor – L.B. Dunbar
  • 6/4 – Paging Dr. Hookup – Mika Jolie
  • 6/5 – One Click Love – T. Gephart
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#NewRelease “Forbidden Fate” by Mary Catherine Gebhard

FORBIDDEN FATE (Crown Point #3) by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Release Date: May 28th

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Green Ink Crowns

I didn’t think anything could crush me quite like Stolen Soulmate did but leave it to Mary to correct my assumption. This story is like a million tiny papercuts, each page turned is one more cut until you’ve completely bled out and you didn’t even realize it was happening. Her words will siphon everything from you and leave you with a sense that you will never, and I mean never be the same again. 

Then I was alone, only the distant sound of music and laughter my company. The quiet grew the longer I stood, until I felt so insignificant, I couldn’t breathe. 

I don’t want to put much into this review, because it’s imperative that you go in completely blind. But this story takes place immediately after the end of book 1. You are thrust right into the reception between Gray and Lottie, and the aftermath of what had just previously transpired between Story and Gray. 

That glare, those words, that glimpse of the Story that always called me on my shit. It was like a drop of heroin in my blood. 

Gray and Story’s love is all consuming, their journey is not easy to say the least. They must fight and claw to try and get through all the things that come their way. I physically hurt for them on a visceral level, their pain was my pain. From the very first page of this book your heart is going to constrict as if it’s in a vice and as you go through that vice is going to twist and tighten never letting up until you feel as if you can’t fully breathe. 

You’re not supposed to be the villain in your own story,

So many times, throughout this book I had to stop take a breath and step away for a minute to gather myself. Mary writes with this intensity that has you on the edge and your emotions all over the place, you feel lost untethered and drifting, trying desperately to ground yourself.  

Grayson Crown doesn’t just set himself on fire to keep others warm, he bleeds himself dry to keep them alive.

Mary has the ability to render you utterly speechless with her words, this book is angst wrapped in emotional turmoil with a side of intensity. This is NOT an easy read; this book will pull every single emotion out of you leaving you spent. She has taken my heart and crushed it, leaving a hollow cavity where it used to be. But I would not have it any other way. This is without a doubt a TOP READ of 2020. The stories that hurt are the ones you never forget, and this story literally tore me to shreds. These characters and this world will live with me forever, Mary has claimed a piece of me, and I don’t want it back.  

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy 

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#NewRelease “Sweet Spot” by Rebecca Jenshak

Sweet Spot by Rebecca Jenshak is LIVE and FREE in KU!

Sarah’s Musings…

4 Delightful CROWNS

Over the past year, I have absolutely become such a fan of Rebecca’s work. She writes really low drama, sweet and and romantic story lines. I love the athlete aspect, as it is one of my favorite tropes, and I enjoy that her stories do not tend to follow the arrogant jock route.

Lincoln is the coach, a man dedicated to his business of helping athletes. He is beyond sweet. He is portrayed as grumpy in the synopsis, but I found him to be the farthest from that. I think that he was probably grumpy prior to meeting the heroine, but he meets her chapter one and is sweet and endearing from the moment, even when he is being the strict coach. He has some hand ups to get over, but I really loved his character.

Keira is the dedicated golfer with big dreams. I loved her spirit and determination, and I also loved that she wouldn’t allow herself to be mistreated. She definitely has her immature (I’m not even sure that is the right word) moments at time, but she is a kid in college, and I found those made her more lovable as a character.

This story is very low angst and drama. It really is watching two people who love the game of gold fall for each other and find a way to merge their lives. I loved the athlete and coach angle, and I loved seeing the hero cheer and support the heroine, doing everything to help her reach her dreams. The HEA, too, was perfect for them and who they became as a couple.

Rebecca Jenshak has secured her spot as one of my new romcom, NA romance writers. Her stories are just fun and romantic, and they show you the sweeter side of love.

ARC review

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#NewRelease “Jackson” by Siobhan

“Another impressive hit from Davis; nothing short of what I expect and love from her works!”

S.E. Hall, New York Times bestselling author

Jackson - RB banner

Jackson, an all-new standalone dark romance in the fan-favorite Rydeville Elite Series from USA Today bestselling author Siobhan Davis, is available now!

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Angsty Crowns

Wow just Wow, Siobhan has done it again; she has created a deliciously angsty dark read that will leave you breathless. Jackson is not at all what I expected, he was so much more. I couldn’t put this book down once I started, reading well into the night, but all those lost hours of sleep were worth this EPIC ride. Hold on because what you think you know you don’t!

She tastes divine, like liquid temptation and a tangible slice of heaven.

I was wondering what kind of girl was going to be able to wrangle Jackson and Vanessa was not what I was expecting, but exactly what he needed. Vanessa is so much stronger than she gives herself credit for. This girl has been to Hell and back and she doesn’t break. Is she broken yes, but she doesn’t break and there most definitely is a difference. She has the kindest heart and tries so hard; her journey was not an easy one and it literally shattered my heart and soul on multiple occasions. But it just proves how strong she really is. I love this girl she is forever in my heart and one of my favorites.

His touch sets my body on fire. His kiss alters me. And his cock, his cock is life. 

I’ve loved Jackson since book 1 Day 1. This boy is all the things and more. His sense of humor always had my laughing and I wanted so badly for him to find his person that was going to help heal this broken boy. Jackson’s loyalty knows no bounds and it’s that loyalty that is his driving force. I wanted to punch him on multiple occasions for being a complete idiot, but I loved him just the same. Jackson is no where near perfect, but it’s his many imperfections that have made him one of my favorites. 

A goddess sculpted with the finest hand. A temptress plucked straight from my dreams. 

Jackson and Nessa’s path is not an easy one, it’s hard to read at times and will have your emotions all over the place, but it’s theirs. Siobhan pulls no punches with this letting you see all the dark and depraved things until your heart aches for them. The twists and turns as well as all the revelations will have your head spinning in the best way. 

Siobhan has created such an addictive series that once you start you won’t be able to stop. I’ve loved them all since the beginning and I will continue to do so. These characters are perfection each in their own way. Siobhan has Slayed every story in the Series and Jackson is no different. If you love your stories gritty and raw to the point your soul feels like it’s going to shatter, then this book is for you.   

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy 

Sarah’s Musings…


I am such a fan of this world. It is corrupt and depraved, and I have become such a fan of this young adults who have banned together to take them on. The bully romance aspect only adds the allure of this world.

Jackson absolutely owned my heart. Unlike the previous bully hero in the first three books, Jackson started sweet, even if he had ulterior motivations. He was completely charming and hard to resist. Make no mistake that when he flips the switch, he FLIPS the switch and is savage, the epitome of a bully. I honestly loved both sides of him, and I did feel like he was a bit more savage than Kia in the moments that mattered.

Nessa was a different beast as a character as well. I did like her, but I wanted a bit of a stronger heroine. Nessa is strong. Don’t get me wrong. When you get her background, you will understand what I mean, but I, personally, wanted some kind of development in that strength to be a bit outward. I felt like she was always the victim waiting to be rescued.

The story will consume you. Siobhan has a way of pulling you into this world. It is savage and depraved. It requires the reader to let go of norms and embrace some fictional exaggeration, but either way I am here for it all. I really loved seeing Jackson court Nessa, and the way he loved her was all consuming. It was surprising to see this side of Jackson, and made me really love his character. The one thing that I missed was the ELITE element. It was more at the end of the book, but I wanted it woven throughout as the first three books were very much like that. The one thing that I did love is that little sneak into Sawyer’s book. I am so here for it.

This is a such a phenomenal world built around bully romance. I’m fully looking forward to more, to seeing how this group will dismantle and take on the ELITE. I love the characters and the world, and it was a great experience to be back with Jackson and the crew.

ARC review

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#CoverReveal “The Rivals” by Vi Keeland

Image may contain: 1 person, text

The Rivals by Vi Keeland

Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 13, 2020

Cover Design: Sommer Stein, Perfect Pear Creative |Photo: Walter Chin | Model: Tobias Cameroon

Image may contain: 1 person, text

The feud between Weston Lockwood and me started at the altar.
Only neither of us attended the wedding, and the nuptials happened decades before either of us was born.

Our grandfathers had been best friends and business partners, at least up until my grandfather’s wedding day—when his bride-to-be blurted out she couldn’t marry him because she was also in love with Weston‘s grandfather.

The two men spent years fighting over Grace Copeland, who also happened to be their third business partner.  But in the end, neither man could steal half of her heart away from the other.

Eventually, they all went their separate ways.  Our grandfathers married other women, and the two men became one of the biggest business rivals in history.

Our fathers continued the family tradition of feuding.  And then Weston and I did, too.

For the most part, we kept as much distance as possible.

Until the day the woman who started the feud died—and unexpectedly left one of the most valuable hotels in the world to our grandfathers to share.
Now I’m stuck in a hotel with the man I was born to hate, trying to unravel the mess our families inherited.

As usual, it didn’t take long for us to be at each other’s throats.
Weston Lockwood was everything I hated: tall, smart, cocky, and too gorgeous for his own good.  We were fire and ice. 

But that shouldn’t be an issue. Our families were used to being at war. There was just one minor problem, though.   Every time Weston and I fought, we somehow wound up in bed.

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#CoverReveal “The Change Up” by Meghan Quinn

MQTheChangeUpBookCover55x85_BW_300 (1)

The Change Up by Meghan Quinn

Release Date: June 11th | Genre: Contemporary Romance

Photographer: Michelle Lancaster | Cover Design RBA Designs

BREAKING NEWS: The Bad Boy of Baseball, Maddox Paige, is totally and utterly whipped. 

Okay, that might not be the headlines in the newspaper this morning, but it’s the reality of my current situation. 

It all started a month ago when I received a call from my best friend, Kinsley. She got a new job in Chicago and needed a place to stay. I’ve known the girl since I was five, what harm would it be to have her stay at my place for a while?

Ha! Total disaster. 

Now instead of going out every night with my teammates, I’m couch surfing and sketching endless photos of my best friend . . . but that’s the least of my concerns. 

The disaster, you ask? I’m rapidly falling head over cleats in love with my best friend, my roommate, and my number one fan.

And she has no idea . . .


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