#Excerpt “Ink” by Elizabeth Hunter

INK, an all new opposites attract, Contemporary Romance by Elizabeth Hunter is coming March 13th!


It’s everything but business as usual.

Emmie Elliot hadn’t expected to come back to Metlin, California. She definitely didn’t expect to stay. She returned to her childhood home with a mission: Sell the building that housed her grandmother’s book store and move on with her life.

But life doesn’t always go according to plan.

To reopen her grandmother’s book shop, Emmie will need a hook. She’ll need a strategy. She’ll need an… Ox?

Miles Oxford doesn’t have much interest in quiet bookstore owners. He’s a tattoo artist without a space to work, and the last thing he wants is to get involved with anyone after his last disaster of a relationship. Work and pleasure don’t mix for Ox, but since he doesn’t have any interest in the cute girl with the bold business proposal, he should be safe from any awkward complications, right?

She sells ink. He tattoos it. Unusual? Yes. But a book shop/tattoo studio might be the ticket for both Emmie and Ox to find success on their own terms. As long as they keep their attention focused on business.

Just on business.

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#NewRelease “Brooklynaire” by Sarina Bowen

Brooklynaire (Brooklyn Bruisers #4)

by Sarina Bowen

Release Date: February 12, 2018


A sexy new standalone from USA Today bestseller Sarina Bowen.

You’d think a billion dollars, a professional hockey team and a six-bedroom mansion on the Promenade would satisfy a guy. You’d be wrong.

For seven years Rebecca has brightened my office with her wit and her smile. She manages both my hockey team and my sanity. I don’t know when I started waking in the night, craving her. All I know is that one whiff of her perfume ruins my concentration. And her laugh makes me hard.

When Rebecca gets hurt, I step in to help. It’s what friends do. But what friends don’t do is rip off each others’ clothes for a single, wild night together.

Now she’s avoiding me. She says we’re too different, and it can never happen again. So why can’t we keep our hands off each other?

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#NewRelease “Doc” by S.M. Lumetta

Doc by S.M. Lumetta

Series: Bodhi Beach

Release Date: February 12, 2018


Nora Bennett doesn’t need a man.

Well, she does on occasion, but casual sex is the only acceptable option. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Right? Relationships are overrated, and her life is lovely as it is.

Nora is confident in all of this (or so she says)—except perhaps when it comes to the sexy stack of Aussie that is her ex-fling Declan “Doc” Wellesley. For some reason, he’s the one she can’t quite shake loose. And when her emotions go unexpectedly haywire after her best friend becomes a mother, her lingering connection with Doc becomes even harder to ignore.

As it happens, Doc has a thorn in his paw when it comes to Nora. She’s the one that got away—and he still can’t properly get a reason why. The sex was hot, their chemistry off the charts, and he’s convinced there were—and are—sparks of something truly real.

But even as Doc convinces a skittish Nora to give dating him another try, she confounds and confuses him—and if she’ll admit it, herself as well—every step of the way. One minute it seems clear that casual is not even close to enough for what they have, but in the next minute, Nora withdraws, angry and upset.

Eventually, she pushes too far. But as Nora tries to shove Doc away once and for all, she tips her hand, revealing a dark secret that haunts every aspect of her life.

Will she finally sort through her feelings and her past to live the life she wants, or will she once again pack everything away? Will the intense need she and Doc feel for each other be enough to bridge the gulf that’s opened between them?

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#NewRelease “Forget Me Not” by Brooke Blaine


Experience the heartbreakingly beautiful journey of Ollie & Reid in…

Forget Me Not, the first all-new contemporary MM Romance

in The Unforgettable Duet, from Brooke Blaine is LIVE

FMN-Ebook-FINAL.jpgForget Me Not:

Three sugars, two creamers.

That’s how you took your coffee every morning at Joe’s Grab ’N Go.

But you don’t remember that.

You don’t remember anything.

Anything, that is, except me…

That day…

And the tragedy that catapulted us together.

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#NewRelease “On Thin Ice” by Piper Rayne


On Thin Ice, an all-new hilarious and romantic addition to the Bedroom Games Series of standalones from bestselling authors Piper Rayne is LIVE!



The Winter Games have begun…

I’m the life of the party. A little loud and some buzz kills might say obnoxious, but if you’re around me I guarantee you’ll have a good time.

Unless your name is Demi Harrison.

If that’s the case, you’d act like I’m the devil incarnate and go out of your way to avoid me. Which makes zero sense because at the last Olympic Games I rocked her world.

Whatever though. I need to concentrate on winning gold anyway. I was at the top of the standings coming into the games, but since arriving in Korea I’ve lost my edge.

I was never one for superstitions, but I can’t deny that there’s only one difference between my previous medal winning games, and these ones—her.

I’ve pulled off amazing feats in the past, but getting Demi to agree to sleep with me throughout the games might require divine intervention.

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#CoverReveal “Craft” by Adriana Locke

Title: Craft
Series: The Gibson Boys #2
Author: Adriana Locke
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Kari March Designs
Release Date: March 7, 2018


They’re not quite enemies. Not really friends. More like frustrated balls of sexual tension and neither will give in.

Lance Gibson drives Mariah Malarkey absolutely crazy. He uses her office like a phone booth, takes cupcakes from the corner of her desk like she baked them just for him. She didn’t. Maybe she knew the history teacher happened to love peanut butter icing, but that was purely a coincidence. All sixteen times.

Mariah has a way of getting under Lance’s skin too. She calls him out on his crap, spoils him even if inadvertently, and seeing the librarian in skirts drives him wild. She won’t give in. It’s for the best, really, considering there’s no way he could lie to a woman like that and he’s not about to tell her the truth about himself. Not in a million years.

These two don’t hate each other. They don’t really like each other. But for this to be a friends-to-lovers story, they have to start somewhere, right?

Note: This can be read as a standalone novel.

Will be available in Kindle Unlimited.

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Check out the newest featured books that are available through Kindle Unlimited or Prime that are either new releases, books that sounds good to me, or books I have read.  Hopefully, you can find some really great books and save some money!  As always, a  will indicate that I have read the book and recommend it.



Well, there are, but they’re not who this story is about.

This story is about me—the coach’s daughter.

When I moved to Iowa to live with my dad, the university’s take-no-prisoners wrestling coach, I thought transferring would be easy as pie—living with my father would be temporary, and he’d make sure his douchebag wrestlers left me alone.

Wrong on both counts.


A bet is placed, and I’m on the table. After one humiliating night and too much alcohol, I find the last nice guy on campus. And when he offers to rent me his spare bedroom, I go all in. It’s time for the nice guy to finish first.

Midnight chats and spilling my problems turn to lingering touches. Lingering touches turn to more.

And the ultimate good guy has the potential do more damage than any douchebags ever could.



True love never dies.

Megan and Cassidy were childhood sweethearts who thought they would be together forever. Fate had other plans. Soon after they were married, Cass’s life was tragically cut short. Still grieving her soul mate five years later, Megan moves to the small town of Seaside, Oregon, hoping to rebuild her life.

Her first night there, she meets the town recluse, Theo. Withdrawn, guarded, and mysteriously silent since a terrible accident left him scarred, Theo takes an instant and inexplicable dislike to Megan. But as their paths cross again and again, Megan becomes convinced there’s more to Theo than meets the eye.

When she discovers the reason for his silence, his nightmares, and especially his pointed dislike, Megan becomes convinced of something far more astonishing.

Is a second chance at a once-in-a-lifetime love possible, or is a broken heart the cruelest kind of liar?

 Kindle Unlimited

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New e-book sales!!! Make sure you check out the list, and take advantage of the discounted prices before the sales end.

The books with a  indicate that I have read and would recommend to other readers.

Perfect Lies (LOS SANTOS Cartel Story #1) by [Jane, Melissa] Synopsis:

I am America’s most wanted.

The number one suspect in my partners brutal murder.
My world as I know it has crumbled, revealing those who lurk in the dark shadows. They wait & watch for their moment to strike, ready to bring me down.

The FBI has turned its back on me, & Los Santos Cartel has placed a bounty on my capture.
I hold the truth & I’m a dead woman for it.

Until one man, both jaded & brutal, offers me protection when I need it most.
All good deeds however, carry a price…

Author Note: This book was formally known as Never Trust a Saint

Price: FREE


Still Life (Forever Still Series Book 1) by [Johnson, A.M.] Synopsis:

Loss… a word Elizabeth Haddington knows only too well. Despite the tragedies she’s endured, she’s been able to rise from the adversity she’s faced and begin her life again. Being a self-assured and strong woman, she knows she doesn’t need anyone to make her whole.
Hate, pain, and twisted memories are all Sawyer Bryant’s ever known. He’d slowly lost who he was and what he should’ve become. His only escape was the military… Eight years later, as an ex-Navy SEAL, he’s forced to confront his father and their disturbed and violent past.
Then one day, his life is turned upside down, when he glimpses a woman singing in her car at a set of traffic lights. Thinking he’d never see her again, amazingly he finds her performing with her band at the local bar. This chance encounter brings these two lost souls together. Once Sawyer gets a taste of her melodic voice, there’s no turning back.

For Elizabeth, when she meets Sawyer… she realizes she’s fallen hard. But is this real-ly love she’s feeling or does love build slowly over time?

What happens when fate turns things around on you, creates flashes you can’t turn from… moments that will shape your life?
They are faced with the choice of darkness surrounding them or to rid themselves of the guilt and pain and move toward the light.

This story is about life’s moments. How they can make you or break you, and one man’s hope that… Love, won’t judge him.
***A warning to the reader, this book contains dark themes such as abuse and PTSD.

Price: FREE


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#MBreview “How the Light Gets In” by L.H. Cosway

We’re celebrating the release of A CRACK IN EVERYTHING by L.H. Cosway!

Title: A Crack In Everything (Cracks Duet)

Age Group: Adult

Release Date: January 30, 2018

 My musings…

4 Begin Again CROWNS

L.H. Cosway is such a magnificent writer. Her stories are unique and beautiful, and her perception of the world is one that inspiring and refreshing. In a time of darkness, the idea that we can begin again is a hopeful message we desperately need.

Dylan as a teen has an anger that summers under death. The wrath stems from where he lives, the school he attends, basically all of the aspects of his life that are out of his control. Like most of her characters, he has a bit of a quirk with his preternatural nose and uncanny wealth of knowledge, but these aspects come into play as he ages. The Dylan we meet in the second book has lost that anger that was always about to bubble over. He has become a successful business man, and he has learned to be more optimistic and to focus more on valuing what he has with the people he loves, particularly Ev.

When we meet Ev, she is the eternal optimist and garden lover. Her passion for plants and even bees can be felt when she speaks about them. Her optimism, however, is squelched by the world, and it changes her. When we see her again, she has chanced. She is a bit more guarded and not as hopeful. She is more aware of the darkness in the world and its ability to change a person. She doesn’t stay this way though, and the second book really focuses on her way back.

This story is about so much more than a romance. It is about hope and desolation, about life changing you and shaping who you are, and about dying to begin again. This idea of second chances, of “dying in a sense to be reborn is the essence of eternal optimism, and it is one of the most beautiful themes I have experiences in the romance world for some time.

L.H. Cosway’s prose blows me away every time. Her writing is moving and her themes are relevant and poignant. I always feel like I walk away from her books with a new perspective and a better understanding of myself and the wold, and for that she will always be a one-click author.

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#SoontoDrop Most Anticipated Reads of the Week

My most anticipated releases of the week are here!  Make sure you check them out, add them to your TBR, and pre-order as soon as possible.  They are must reads!

Check back throughout the week in order to see my reviews and other book news, and make sure you head over to my Facebook page for your chance to win an e-book copy of one of the many new releases being published this week!

Also, don’t forget to comment on any post throughout the week in order to enter to win any ebook from your own TBR ($5.99 Limit).  Each comment is an entry, so make sure to comment multiple times.

Brooklynaire Releasing TOMORROW!

My musings..,

Hockey romance and Sarina Bowen just go together, but what makes me super excited for Brooklynaire is the couple.  I have been waiting for Nate and Becca since the beginning, and they are finally here!!!!

Full review to come on Monday!


A sexy new standalone from USA Today bestseller Sarina Bowen.

You’d think a billion dollars, a professional hockey team and a six-bedroom mansion on the Promenade would satisfy a guy. You’d be wrong.

For seven years Rebecca has brightened my office with her wit and her smile. She manages both my hockey team and my sanity. I don’t know when I started waking in the night, craving her. All I know is that one whiff of her perfume ruins my concentration. And her laugh makes me hard.

When Rebecca gets hurt, I step in to help. It’s what friends do. But what friends don’t do is rip off each others’ clothes for a single, wild night together.

Now she’s avoiding me. She says we’re too different, and it can never happen again. So why can’t we keep our hands off each other?

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#NewReleases for the Week of February 11, 2018

Another awesome reading week is upon us.  The following list indicates the top romance books being released this week. Check out my #soontodrop post to see which books being released this week I am most excited about sharing with you.

Make sure you head over to my Facebook page for your chance to win an e-book copy of one of the many new releases being published this week! Also, don’t forget to comment on any post throughout the week in order to enter to win an ebook from your own TBR ($5.99 Limit). Each comment is an entry, so make sure to comment multiple times.

  • 2/11 – Deeper Water – Lauren Stewart
  • 2/12 – Doc – SM Lumetta
  • 2/12 – Brooklynaire – Sarina Bowen
  • 2/12 – Forget Me Not – Brooke Blaine
  • 2/12 – Indiscreet – Amelie S. Duncan
  • 2/12 – The Wrong Kind of Love – Lexi Ryan
  • 2/12 – Caution on Ice – SR Grey
  • 2/12 – On Thin Ice – Piper Rayne
  • 2/13 – Lake + Manning – Jessica Hawkins
  • 2/13 – Verona Blood – Lili St. Germain
  • 2/13 – The Smallest Part – Amy Harmon
  • 2/13 – Rough Ride – Kristen Ashley
  • 2/13 – The Wonder of You – Harper Kincaid
  • 2/13 – The Lucky Ones – Tiffany Reisz
  • 2/13 – In Harmony – Emma Scott
  • 2/13 – Unraveled – Helen Hardt
  • 2/13 – No Time to Blink – Dina Silver
  • 2/13 – On His Knees – Laure Kaye
  • 2/13 – More than Love You – Shayla Black
  • 2/13 – Surprise Me – Sophie Kinsella
  • 2/13 – Long Shot – Kelly Jamieson
  • 2/13 – Shot on Gold – Jaci Burton
  • 2/13 – Need You Now – J. Kenner
  • 2/13 – Eternal Mourning – Carrie Ann Ryan
  • 2/13 – Cruz – HJ Bellus
  • 2/13 – All My Love – Kelli Jean
  • 2/13 – Grace Between Mercy – S. Ferguson
  • 2/16 – Sordid – Ava Harrison

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#CoverReveal “Spark” by S.L. Scott

Title: SPARK
Author: S.L. Scott
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 22, 2018
Cover Design: RBA Designs


One break is all The Crow Brothers need and we’re about to get it.

Johnny Outlaw, rock legend and lead singer of The Resistance, is here to watch us play. But he’s not the only familiar face in the crowd—killer little body, heart-shaped face, and drop-dead gorgeous.

Hannah Nichols sitting at the bar makes it hard to concentrate, sparks already reigniting. The beauty was never a groupie and tonight she’s not here to catch our show. She came to drop a bomb. “You have a son.”

She underestimated me. I’ll prove to my son, and her, that I can be the dad he needs.

What is it about musicians? Why are they so damn sexy?

My heart was Jet Crow’s the moment he opened his sexy mouth and sang that first song. One stolen night with that man would never be enough, but I’m not here to fall into his bed. Again. I’m here to fight for custody of a son he’s never known.

There’s just one problem. Those sparks between us have become flames. If we’re not careful we’re both going to get burned.

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#NewRelease “Make It to the Altar” by Fiona Cole

Make It to the Altar by Fiona Cole

Release Date: February 8, 2018

My musings…


This is my very first Fiona Cole book (well, novella), and it was everything I want in a more seductive romance. Fiona Cole not only delivers scenes so hot my Kindle melted and my cheeks blushed, but she also gives readers so much emotion, the perfect blend of sex and love.

There isn’t a lot of backstory to the characters, but it is a novella connected to another book, so that is to be expected. What she does provide is enough characterization to see how much these two love each other. She suffuses every touch, every thought, and every line of dialogue with so much love, readers can feel it.

The story is the perfect pacing and snippet for a novella. Readers will love watching them plan and scramble to “Make It to the Altar”. What is most important, though, is the message that it doesn’t matter how the wedding goes, what happens, or who is there, it matters that at the end of the day is that two people who are in love are now together forever, that you have found that one person who gets you completely and accepts you flaws and all.

Fiona Cole has delivered a fantastic little novella, perfect for Valentine’s Day with just enough spice to heat it up and enough love to remember why you are sitting across from the person you love.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review Continue Reading

#Excerpt “Up in Smoke” by T.M. Frazier

Up in Smoke by T.M. Frazier

Release Date: February 19th, 2018

Genre: Contemporary Romance


I’m a man without a conscience.

I deal in murder and mayhem.

I’m the best at what I do.

Frankie Helburn is supposed to be an easy job.

A means to flush her father out of hiding.


Except there isn’t anything simple about Frankie or the secrets she’s keeping.

She’s stubborn as hell and the sexiest god damn thing I have ever seen, sending dark, dirty animalistic desire coursing through my veins.

She’s cocaine with legs. A f*cking addiction that makes me question things I’ve never questioned before. Want things I’ve never wanted before.

I might have her, but she isn’t mine to keep.

If her father doesn’t show his face, she will be mine.


** Other books in the King Series DO NOT have to be read to enjoy Smoke’s book. Up in Smoke can be read as a standalone. **

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#CoverReveal “The Second Chances Duet” by Claire Contreras


Then There Was You

The Second Chances Duet by Claire Contreras

Publication Date: March 1st, 2018



Love and the right timing were two things I didn’t believe in.

Love is about walking to the edge of the cliff and taking the leap together.
Timing was never on our side.
My first mistake was hooking up with my best friend.
My second came years later, when we met again, and I fell for her.
My third was letting her go, because I had to. Because a love like this wasn’t built to withstand the winds coming in our direction.

Love and timing.
I didn’t believe in either.

Then there was you . . .

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 This title will not be available for purchase on iBooks or Nook after February 27th.

Releases on March 1st on Amazon & Free in KU! 

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#CoverReveal “A Twisted Love Story” by Ace Gray

A Twisted Love Story by Ace Gray

Release date: March 1st

Platforms: Kindle & Kindle Unlimited

Cover design by Bex Harper Designs 


Boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl. Boy marries girl. And they both live happily ever after. Right?

Not quite.

I fell for the boy. So slowly I barely noticed then all at once. I loved my best friend with my entire heart, letting him fill up the holes my family had dug. But boys don’t fall for other boys. Just ask him.

So my story turned into boy meets boy. Boy falls for boy. Boy gets rejected. Boy meets girl. Boy meets boy. Boy loses them over and over and over again.

Pretty twisted, right?

My life story was really just a screwed up love story. A search for the one person that understood the darkness inside me. The monster I’d become. But sometimes the holes are too deep and far too bloody, for anyone—boy or girl—to FILL.

*this book contains graphic unconventional sexual situations and violence. It is intended for mature audiences who are unafraid to get their hands a little dirty. It can be read as a stand-alone but is highly recommend as a third book in the Twisted Fairy Tale series.

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#BlogTour “The Coaching Hours” by Sara Ney

The Coaching Hours by Sara Ney

Available NOW!

My musings…

4 Say You’ll Stay CROWNS

Although the men seem to get less and less douchier (is that word?) with each novel, the laughs don’t, and Sara Ney has certainly delivered another rom-com must read.

Elliott and Annabelle are both incredibly logical, sometimes frustratingly so as the novel progresses, and sweet. The development of their friendship into “friends-with-benefits” type of relationship is enjoyable. The bantering and flirting is all incredibly endearing. As the novel progresses, though, I became incredibly agitated by their choices, mainly because of how they feel. Their heads overrule their hearts, and while I got it, I didn’t want to. In the end, though, any type of douchebag-esque behaviors is completely eradicated.

The story didn’t take the path I thought with the addition of a secondary character, and true to his own description, he is like a fungus. I found myself really enjoying his character and all he brought to the story. So much so, that I hope he gets his own story. His acts and choices make him the impetus to most of the plot development in the story, and he provides the much needed comedic relief when times get hard for the characters. Even at the end, as we enjoy the HEA for the main characters, the fun is still going on for all involved.

The Coaching Hours might be the end of the douchebags, but there is more to come from this rom-com author, who I have come to love! I cannot wait to see what happens on Jock Row.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review Continue Reading

#CoverReveal “Elite” by Carrie Aarons

Title: Elite
A Privileged Novel
Author: Carrie Aarons
Genre: New Adult Romance
Cover Design: Sarah Hansen, Okay Creations
Release Date: February 18, 2018


If you’re in, you’ll never have to ask. If you ask, you’ll never be in.

Eloise Mason knows what it’s like to live among the privileged. Seeking a change from the upper crust society of Europe, she flies halfway across the world for a semester abroad in the one place guaranteed to toss responsibility out the window and provide some good, old-fashioned fun; college in The United States.

Except nothing at the picturesque, Ivy-covered university in Vermont appears as it seems. And after a mysterious invitation arrives on her doorstep, curiosity wins over the need to turn her back on games meant for the rich and ruthless.

Secret societies, risky tasks, and an inner circle to rival the royals. But it may just be one American boy who threatens to be the most dangerous endeavor of all.

Colton Reiter defines the word idolized at Jade Mountain University. In fact, he practically rules the roost from the three point line of the basketball court. The college’s star point guard, he is a god and treated as such; professional scouts at every game, teachers looking the other way when it comes to grades, and girls falling into his lap at the snap of a finger. He wants for nothing, or at least that’s what he wants everyone to believe.

But when he meets the sassy girl with the British accent who could care less about his status, her very existence threatens to unveil the skeletons buried deep in the back of his closet.

With stakes this high, and hearts on the line, can they turn their backs on power and popularity before the ivory tower comes crashing down on their heads?

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#CoverReveal “Escort” by Skye Warren

Escort, a sexy new contemporary romance standalone from New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren is coming March 6th!


Escort by Skye Warren

Publishing Date: March 6th, 2018

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Model: Travis S.



There is no shame in pleasure. And no love in business.

I have a blind date tonight, and I know with 100% certainty that I’m getting lucky. There shouldn’t be any surprises, not for one as jaded as me, but when I walk into the penthouse suite of L’Etoile, everything changes.

1) For one thing, Bea is heartstoppingly gorgeous. Pale green eyes and endless freckles. Curves I want to spend all night exploring, as if her body was made for me.

2) Her innocence makes me want to use my entire inventory of bedroom tricks on her and then invent a few more.

3) Except that . . . she’s a virgin.

I can initiate her into the world of desire without letting her get attached, can’t I? A few hours of tutoring, and at the end of the night a small fortune will be deposited into my bank account.

Yes, you read that right. There are many words for what I do. After all, mine is the oldest profession. I’m an escort, which means this date is nothing more than a mutually enjoyable transaction.

But once I realize one night with her won’t be enough, I’m the one who’s screwed.

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#NewRelease “How the Light Gets In” by L.H. Cosway

We’re celebrating the release of A CRACK IN EVERYTHING by L.H. Cosway!

Title: A Crack In Everything (Cracks Duet)

Age Group: Adult

Release Date: January 30, 2018

Image result for how the light gets in lh coswaySynopsis:

He came back to me 16 minutes and 59 seconds into Beethoven’s Symphony no. 7.

We parted amid tragedy, so it seemed poetic. Dylan O’Dea, my childhood sweetheart, had once

meant everything to me. Now we were strangers, and honestly, after eleven years I never thought

I’d see him again.

I lived in the world of the average, of getting paid by the hour and budgeting to make ends meet. But

Dylan, he lived in the world of wealth and success. He’d achieved the great things I always suspected

he would. The dissatisfaction he’d felt as a teenager had obviously been an excellent motivator.

He started a business from scratch, pioneered a brand, and created perfumes adored by women

across the globe. I was just one of the people who’d been there before. Now he was living his best

life in the after.

And me, well, I’d been in a dark place for a while. Slowly but surely, I was letting the light back in, but there was something missing. I was an unfinished sentence with an ellipsis at the end. And maybe, if I was brave enough to take the chance, Dylan could be my happy ending.

How the Light Gets In is Book #2 and the concluding installment in L.H. Cosway’s Cracks duet.

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