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February has been a crazy release for books, and I read so many amazing ones.  Reading 36 books over the 28 days of the month has left me exhausted, but I just cannot pass up a good book.  Even with all the good books I got to read, there are so many I added

Without further ado, here is my monthly wrap-up for February.  Below you will find a list of the books with a glimpse of my initial reactions to the book and a link to my full review and other book information.  As always, an MB will indicated my top books of the month, and they re books I would highly recommend being put on your TBR!

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The debut novel from Piper Rayne is light, quick, and fun, with a dash of steam.  From the characters to the plot, it is enjoyable and will provide readers with entertainment from the first to the last page of the novel.

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Is there anything better than an R.S. Grey novel?  They are always sweet, romantic, and so much fun to read.  I have loved every single book this author has written, and Anything You Can Do is just another shining example of the excellence that is R.S. Grey.

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4 Faking It CROWNS

Ilsa Madden-Mills is one of my go-to authors.  Her stories are always entertaining, the heroes are always so swoonworthy, and her heroines are always fiercely independent.  The three things I love most in books, so it is not surprise that I found Fake Fiancee to be another wonderful addition to the list of books I already love from Ms. Madden-Mills

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 5 Middle Fingers in the Air CROWNS

I love this series.  I adored Licked and enjoyed Hooker, but I am absolutely enamored with P.i.t.a! Brooke Blaine has created pure romantic comedy gold, and I reveled in every amazing moment of this book.

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4 King Douchebag CROWNS

I shoudn’t love a douchebag.  I know this.  Heck, every girl knows this, and yet, we are drawn to them.  The damage they will cause is inevitable, the mistreatment expected, and yet we can’t help but love them.  There is not better example of this than Zeke Daniels!

4 Hot and Dirty Smoking CROWNS

I literally have no words for this novella.  Anything I say about it will be completely x-rated.  So here is going to be my attempt to tell you why you should read this dirty, dirty book.

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5 You’re Real CROWNS

Aly Martinez’s Singe is AMAZING. There is no better word for it.  It is a story of love, of hope, of healing, and I loved every minute of Jude an Rhion’s story.

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Art! A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart is pure art.  Each word, each line from the story is a stroke on the canvas, depicting a tale so filled with sadness and hurt that readers’ hearts will break, but also hope and strength that will heal their souls. Making this story so much more than just about a love between two people, but about a love for life.

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4.5 Park Avenue CROWNS

Louise Bay always delivers a steamy read with interesting and engaging characters, and in Park Avenue Prince Sam Shaw has completely stolen the show and my heart.

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Riveted - cover

5 You Absolutely Need Church CROWNS

This is hands down my favorite Jay Crownover novel.  It has absolutely everything that I love about her books.  It is has romance, steam, suspense, and a heroine and hero I absolutely love.

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Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell have created, yet again, another set of characters and plot line that does so much more than tell a romance.  It tells of complex characters who are struggling with many different facets of their life, addresses some difficult topics or issues that plague any type of relationship.  So not only do these stories give readers an enjoyable romance, it sheds light on social issues, making it so much more valuable to the romance community.

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4 Second Chance CROWNS

Penelope Ward’s second chance romance follows the story of Frankie and Mack, as he pursues the only woman he has ever loved in order to reclaim his own happiness and fulfillment in life.

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4 Show Me CROWNS

Love Beyond Words is my first book by Dani René, and I was captivated by the story-line, the characters, and the idea of holding on tightly when you find the one.

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4.5 Beautifully Unique CROWNS

A.M. Johnson is so incredibly talented as a writer.  Each story she creates is emotional and beautifully written, and Possession is no different.  What is different, though about the first book in her Avenues Ink series is the religious as well as psychological tones of this particular romance, leaving readers with a story that is heartbreaking yet beautiful.

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I am not sure what I was expecting with a BDSM fairytale romance, but Nazarea Andrews far surpassed my expectations, which says a lot since BDSM is not my favorite romance genre.  Even though it isn’t, I found myself loving these characters, the plot line, and her inclusion of fairy-tale details into her story in a unique and interesting way.  I really just devoured this story.

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5+ Oscar Worthy CROWNS

I cannot explain how much I love this novel! Seriously, my words will not be enough. It was light, fun, and so romantic.  I laughed, I swooned, and my heart swelled with joy.  It is simply FABULOUS!

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I am a huge fan of Karina Halle.  I have read several of her novels, and they are always written, so superbly. Black Hearts, however, was new venture for me in the world of Ms. Halle, as it is a darker romance, and I absolutely am enamored with this world she has created.

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Rebecca Yarros has ripped my heart to shreds with Nova.  The pain, the tragedy, and t
he heartbreak felt by Rachel and Landon absolutely gutted me, and I loved every single torturous minute of their second chance romance.

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Adriana Locke has seriously hit the jackpot with the creation of these Landry men.  Each one of them is simply delectable, and I want to lay claim to them all. Not only do I love them, but I love the whole Landry family. Graham and his story, though, are my favorite by far.

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Max Monroe continues to dole out romantic comedy gold with Sex Says!  It is funny, romantic, and steamy, and this novel provides readers with endless entertainment while also shedding some serious light on the idea of embracing who you are, non-conformity, and living life to the fullest.

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4 Family CROWNS

Sawyer Bennett’s Cold Fury Hockey series has a special place in my heart.  These boys were my first introduction to the fantastic writing of Ms. Bennett, and I have devoured everything since.  Each one is filled with a sexy and often broody hockey player, a fiercely independent and intelligent heroine, and story that is either heartwarming or riddled with suspense.  Either way, each book in this series is entirely entertaining, and Roman is not any different.

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5 Henry Effect CROWNS

It is so hard to write a review for a novel that you love. You never feel like your words could ever do justice to the book or amazing words of the author, or that I could never truly articulate how amazing this book is well enough to make you buy it. So I’m going to give it my best, and know that if my review doesn’t convey it, you absolutely need to read this book!! Borrow it, buy it, rent it, just do something!

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4 Submissive CROWNS

I honestly didn’t know how I was going to love Beast’s story, simply because I have never read about a submissive male.  I generally like my heroes to be dominate alphas, and so I was concerned about my connection to the hero of Wicked Beast.  This concern was completely unfounded.  I loved Beast, Beauty, and their story.

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Lost In Between (Finding Me Duet Book 1) by [Kreig, KL]


This is my first KL Kreig book, and I am now a fan, a HUGE FAN. This book is everything! There is chemistry so electric, so combustible I can feel it in my own limbs, there are plot bombs and intrigue, and that ending, GOD that ending killed me!  Is it May? Can it be May?

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OMG!!! Pucked Off is completely and totally AMAZING! Helena Hunting has outdone herself with the newest edition to the Pucked series. It is heartbreaking yet still contains a message of healing and hope, angsty yet still contains the humor readers love from the series, and romantic yet sexy. It is the complete and total package, and, to be honest, I expected nothing less from Lance Romero and Helena Hunting!

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I am generally not a huge fan of small town romances.  I like my love stories to have a little more angst, a touch more darkness, sometimes a lot a more steam, but Melody Grace’s books just connect with me. I love everything about these little communities she creates and the people she fills it with.

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4 Suspenseful CROWNS

Lisa Renee Jones has delivered another novel filled with twists and turns that will leave the reader questioning who will win control of the Brandon empire.

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Holy freaking heck people!! What did I just read? It is hot.  It is riddled with drama. It is EPIC. AMAZING. UNREAL. It left me emotionally destroyed on the floor in 5 chapters.  I mean this is truly a gift, and I have been left salivating for Dirty Filthy Rich Men, so touche Ms. Paige, touche.

Full Review

4.5 I Don’t Want to be Right CROWNS

My first novel by Nicole Williams is a doozy.  There is so much drama, so much angst, so much back and forth, and I am enthralled by all of it.

Full Review

THE HOT ONE - cover


Lauren Blakely has another hit on her hands! Her sexy, romantic, and light-hearted standalone romances are a little slice of heaven right here in earth.  Every single one is entertaining and filled with ridiculously hot heroes and lovable heroines. I just cannot get enough!

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unnamed (4)


This is another book that I am truly struggling with how to articulate how much I love it, and I do! Every single, tiny, little nuance and facet of this book is simply delectable.

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The final installment of the Wicked Ever After series is here, and I am truly sad to see the series end (although Mal is getting a book, so yeah!).  This world and characters created by Nazarea Andrews is captivating and intriguing, and I truly enjoyed Charming, Beast, and Wolf’s journey not only over their own books but also the whole series.

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TWB Amazon


I am in love with the whole WRIGHT family. I love seeing them together, I love the drama, and I love that even though they all seem to be a little broken, particularly the brothers, they are there for each other. Even more than the sibilings, I became enraptured the drama that befell Jensen and Emery’s relationship, and I couldn’t put it down.

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After reading several Melanie Harlow books, okay all of them, I have come to realize that Melanie Harlow does a broken man really well. Her heroes are strong yet there are cracks in the armor, little aspects of their past that have hindered or stalled their growth, making them vulnerable. This aspect of her books is what I think makes them unique and gives a fresh look on the standard romance, and If You Were Mine is just another exemplification of this fresh and original voice.

Full Review


4 Tell Me CROWNS

K. Bromberg’s Sweet Rivalry delivers a short, sweet, and sexy second chance romance that is sure to entertain readers with banter, sexual tension, and characters to adore.

Full Review



Flow, the prequel to Grip, completely captured my heart and soul.  Each word is so beautiful, each character is so deep and complex, and each plot line makes it so much more than a typical romance. It all makes Flow a must read. Like right now, drop everything you are doing, and ignore any responsibilities you may have because Grip and Bristol are waiting.

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Coming during the month of February…

March is shaping up to be a fantastic reading month, too, and it looks like I’ll be spending my birthday month with some great writers and characters. I cannot wait to share my thoughts and talk books with you.  So, make sure you check back this month for more reviews, cover reveals, excerpts, giveaways, and more special posts.

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  1. Oh my goodness! 36 books in 28 days? Wow! Is that a record?😉
    Happy birthday month! Looks like you’re going to be just as busy!!

  2. Wow! They’re some heavy hitters on this list! Some of these are waiting impatiently for me on my Kindle Paperwhite!

  3. Love Fake Fiancee and Mack Daddy! Got a few of those other but haven’t read them yet. 😂

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