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It is so hard to believe that the first month of 2017 is over, but what isn’t hard to believe is that, in the reading world, 2017 started out with a BANG!

January brought so many amazing books, and, although I read and reviewed 37 books during this month, I still feel like there are so many more I have added to my TBR.  I swear it has explode this month, pushing my TBR list of 1,000.  February is shaping up to be another phenomenal reading month, and I am excited for what these authors have in store for us!

Without further ado, here is my monthly wrap-up for January.  Below you will find a list of the books with a glimpse of my initial reactions to the book and a link to my full review and other book information.  As always, an MB will indicated my top books of the month, and they re books I would highly recommend being put on your TBR!

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5 Fairytale CROWNS

This whole series of standalones (I’m not really sure it counts as a series, but it centers around the same group of people) has quickly turned me into a huge fan of Kim Karr.  Her stories are fun and entertaining, and the chemistry between her characters absolutely sizzles.

Full Review

hard hitter

5 Hard Hitting CROWNS

Sarina Bowen delivers another hockey romance that will sweep readers right off their feet!  With her beautiful writing, suspense filled plot, and endearing characters, Hard Hitter is guaranteed to be a reader favorite.

Full Review


 5 Super Hero CROWNS

Meghan March just seems unable to write a bad story.  Her heroines are among my top favorites, her heroes are full-on alpha sexy, and her stories are so hot they will melt your eReader, but Meghan March may have broken the mold with Real Good Man.

Full Review

5 Prove Your Existence CROWNS

Meghan Quinn’s talents absolutely shine with Dear Life.  It is poignant and beautiful, exposing the raw and emotional ramifications of life tearing a person down.  But Meghan Quinn also shows the audience that through each tragedy there is something to learn, some way to become stronger and better, and possibly to find love again! This life-altering story is one the should be read world-wide for the themes alone, so her incredibly beautiful words are just icing on the cake.

Full Review


 5 Recipe Worthy CROWNS

Lauren Blakely continues to WOW with this standalone series!  Each and every story has the perfect blend of romance, hilarity, and steam. Every single one brings me such joy, and has made Lauren Blakely a must read author for me.

Full Review

 5 Emotional Crowns

I am emotionally exhausted! CD Reiss has put me through the ringer with Adam and Diana’s story, and it is filled with a plethora of emotions, so much anger, self-loathing, longing, love, self-discovery, and healing.  Watching this couple struggle with their own identities while also trying to manage how they feel for each other and making their relationship work was beautifully heart-wrenching and ultimately rewarding.

Full Review

3.5 40-Love CROWNS

Break Point by Rachel Blaufeld is an angsty and pleasurable read.  The torment the characters endure, the passion that consumes them, the inevitable fallout, and the road back to their HEA will keep readers entertained.

Full Review



Lucian Divine is pure heaven and the quintessential romance, showcasing the power of love and the selfish and selfless acts of those in love. From the moment I opened this book I became captivated by these characters, their story, and Ms. Carlino’s words. Truly, this story will captivate readers’ hearts!

Full Review

4 Sweet CROWNS

I love when authors bring two worlds together, because not only do I get to see characters I love, but I also get to meet new characters as well.  With Safe Bet, Monica Murphy has created a fantastic mashup, and readers will eat up this sweet romance.

Full Review



After, the heart-beaking conclusion of Mr. President, Katy Evans heals the hearts of readers and continues to wow them with the story of President Matt Hamilton and Charlotte. Their love is sweet, pure, and completely sexy, but more than that Katy Evans has created a couple who I wish could actually run America.

Full Review

4.5 Ask Me What I Want CROWNS

There is a fine line between love and hate, and this line is never as blurry as it is when Vicious and Emilia are together. Their passion, their contempt, their love, and their hurt all play an intricate role in the complex and often destructive relationship that will enthrall readers from page one.

Full Review

4 Royal CROWNS

I love a sports romance.  There is just something I love about a sexy athlete taking all his or her dedication, stamina, and drive into a relationship and the bedroom.  I also love a royal romance.  Entering the world of decadence, rules, and expectations gets me every time.  So when I saw that Virna DePaul’s newest book would merge the two worlds, I couldn’t resist reading it, and I wasn’t disappointed!

Full Review


5 If This Book Was Lingerie CROWNS

Alessandra Torre has created a sexy, romantic office romance with a touch of forbidden love.  This mix of tropes leads to a fast paced read that will leave readers breathless and wanting.

Full Review

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00072]

5 Fight for Forever CROWNS

Vi Keeland has completely blown me away with EGOmaniac. I expected sexy. I expected a story that would entertain. I expected a conceited hero I can’t resist. I expected a heroine I would adore. Did Vi Keeland deliver? Yes! Yes, she did, but her story gave me so much more than all of this. It gave me heat and romance, complex characters I loved, and a plot line that kept me smiling, swooning, and fanning myself after witnessing Drew’s dirty mouth and mind and his heart!

Full Review


 5 Vibrating CROWNS

Meghan March has crafted an action packed, sexy as hell, conclusion to The Real Duet. From the opening pages, readers are thrust back into the action of this story, and the suspense, intrigue, romance, and steamy goodness doesn’t ever let up until the final pages of the book, resulting in one heck of an EPIC ride.

Full Review


4 Everyone Needs Some Friction CROWNS

Emily Snow provides a quick and dirty romance with a touch of animosity between the two characters that ultimately drives the chemistry between the hero and the heroine, Jace and Lucy.

Full Review

4 Homerun CROWNS

Heidi McLaughlin has pitched a sweet and endearing sports romance that is guaranteed to make readers fall in love with not only Cooper and Ainsley but also the whole Renegade team.

Full Review


4.5 Pizza Worthy CROWNS

Lily Kate’s debut novel delivers a fun, charming, and entertaining read that will warm readers’ hearts and bring smiles their faces.  With a lovable cast of characters and amusing plot, it is a must read.

Full Review

Offensive Rebound

4 For the Season CROWNS

Alpha hero? Check. Heroine looking to establish her independence? Check.  Sexual tension that crackles? Check.  A romance that will steam up your screen and make you swoon? Check. M.J. Fields delivers in every single area with Offensive Rebound.

Full Review


5 Stay with Me CROWNS

Badd A**!  This title is pure perfection and absolutely matches the hero, the heroine, and the whole delicious Badd family!  I love every minute, every character, and every single word of this story.

Full Review

 5 Dandelion CROWNS

The complexity and layers of this book, of these characters, and of the author’s words make this book so much more than just a romance.  It is beautiful. It is raw. It is poignant.  The complexity and layers of each character and storyline is unparalleled and exactly what I have come to expect from A.L. Jackson’s Bleeding Stars series.

Full Review

Royal Scandal: A Royals in Exile Novel by [Valentine, Marquita]

4 Scandalous CROWNS

Marquita Valentine’s Royal Scandal is such a fun read. The relationship between Della and Colin is enjoyable, and the the deception and secrets of the royal family kept me entertained from the first pages. After that epilogue, I need book 2 stat!

Full Review


4 Second Chance Crowns

With Dirty Talk, Lulu Wright has again created a fun and light romance that will entertain readers with engaging characters and light-hearted plot.

Full Review

Displaying preppy part two.jpg

 5 You Found Me CROWNS

T.M. Frazier has once again created a story that has absolutely ripped me to shreds. My heart ached and my soul was wounded as I saw one of my favorite characters EVER struggle with the atrocities committed against him. In true Preppy fashion though, he handles it in his own crazy and outlandish way, and I love every single minute of his road to recovery.

Full Review


5 Make Lemonade CROWNS

From the opening pages of The Room Mate Kendall Ryan ensnares readers by dropping them into the falling action of the story, and she keeps them engaged with the hot and steamy Dr. Roth.

Full Review

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00027]

4 Cheeky CROWNS

I love Emma Hart’s writing and stories.  They are always guaranteed to be fun, entertaining, and more often than not, filled with lots of good steamy deliciousness.  Casanova is all of these things!

Full Review


4 Edge of Your Seat CROWNS

Dirty Dealers is such a crazy ride that will have readers sitting on the very edge of their seats , holding their breathes, and anxiously awaiting the outcome of this suspense filled romance.

Full Review

5 Stardust CROWNS

I absolutely love everything about Lila Monroe’s Bet Me.  It has this John Hughes 80’s movie romance feel, completely fun, romantic, and pure movie magic in book form.

Full Review

5 Paintbrush CROWNS

Sawyer Bennett has yet again killed it! Finding Kyle is sexy with a touch of suspense, but the real star of the show is the road to redemption that Kyle must take to get his HEA!

Full Review

4 Buttercup CROWNS

Text 2 Lovers by J.D. Hollyfield and K. Webster is just a light, romantic and fun read.  From the text messages to the antics of Andi, Dani’s best friend, readers will be purely entertained from the opening pages.

Full Review

4 Brave CROWNS

My very first venture into the Bomar world exciting and enticing with an edge of danger, which is honestly what drew me to this book.  The damaged hero and heroine who find solace in each other.

Full Review


 5 Cheezus CROWNS

Can Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy write a bad novel? I just don’t think it is possible.  These characters are completely lovable and perfect, and this story made me swoon and laugh hysterically, truly romantic comedy perfection.

Full Review

4 You’re Mine CROWNS

L.J. Shen’s prequel novella, Defy, is everything readers love about her stories, and the continuation of everything that is awesome about the Sinners of Saints series. The hero is deliciously dirty in so many ways, the HotHoles are out in full force, and there is enough heat to melt your eReader.

Full Review

The Someday Girl (The Girl Duet Book 2) by [Johnson, Julie]


This book!!!! This book killed me! Ripped my soul to pieces, and yet, strangely, gave me hope.  Hope that we can survive, hope that we can reinvent ourselves, hope that we can learn to love ourselves and let others love us in return.  At the end I was emotionally catatonic, feeling nothing, because it was just that good!

Full Review

4 Unicorn CROWNS

The debut novel from Piper Rayne is light, quick, and fun, with a dash of steam.  From the characters to the plot, it is enjoyable and will provide readers with entertainment from the first to the last page of the novel.

Full Review

Coming during the month of February…

February is shaping up to be a fantastic reading month, too, and it looks like I’ll be spending the month of love with some great writers and characters, hopefully being inspired by love. I cannot wait to share my thoughts and talk books with you.  So, make sure you check back this month for more reviews, cover reveals, excerpts, giveaways, and more special posts.

Happy reading,



  1. So many good books! I’ve read and loved a handful of these. Some of my favs are Dear Life, Egomaniac and Full Package!
    Some of these I have and not read but also quite a few on my wishlist.

  2. Ahh, so many great reads in January! I loved Egomaniac, Vicious and Dear Life!!

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