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March has been a fantastic release for books, and I read so many amazing ones.  Reading 34  books over the 31 days of the month has left me exhausted, but I just cannot pass up a good book.  Even with all the good books I got to read, there are so many I added to my TBR.  It is becoming the never ending list, but I know you all understand that.

Without further ado, here is my monthly wrap-up for March.  Below you will find a list of the books with a glimpse of my initial reactions to the book and a link to my full review and other book information.  As always, an MB will indicated my top books of the month, and they are books I would highly recommend being put on your TBR!

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I am in complete awe of another modern fairytale from Katy Regnery.  Her unique take on each tale, The Little Mermaid, in particular astounds me.  She takes these little pieces of the story and transform them into something new while still holding on to the themes and integrity of the original story, and Don’t Speak is among my favorites in the series.

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I enjoyed the first book in the Modern Love series, The Bartender.  It was funny, charming, romantic, with a dash of heat, and Piper Rayne delivers all of that and more with The Boxer.

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3 Mafia CROWNS

Cole by Tijan was my first read by this author, and I enjoyed the overall experience.  The story was suspenseful and mysterious and the writing was good, and I imagine that many people will enjoy it.

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Dark Protector is my first darker romance from Celia Aaron, and, boy, does she pack in the action from the opening pages.  The endless amount of danger Charlie and Con get into is enough to keep the reader entertained, yet there is the budding relationship amid the chaos that makes it just as entertaining.

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The Preload series is going to kill me.  Each of these men are so damaged and seemingly incapable of love, yet every single one of them is so deserving of it.  Their traumas have shaped them, and it seems that love will be the only way to heal them.

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4 Frog Prince CROWNS
Carrie Aarons is one of my favorite writers, partially because she writes such a wide variety of romances.  Since I started reading her, she has published suspense romance, sports romance, angsty romance, and comedic romance, and she excels in all of them.  All the Frogs in Manhattan by Carrie Aarons is just another great addition to the variety of books she already has under her belt.

Ginger Scott writes with such emotion.  I feel everything these characters feel, every facet of their pain and joy. On top of all of this, Ms. Scott always portrays an accurate representation of human interaction, and her YA novels, in particular, are authentic representation of not only societal issues but also issues that plague teens.  Her voice is truly one that should be heard in the YA world.



The Fusion series by Kristen Proby is such a fun series, particularly because of the friendship of the five women.  Seeing them together, finding love, and being independent business women is always a good time.  It doesn’t hurt that the men are pretty fantastic, too.


4 Suspenseful CROWNS

Throne of Truth picks up exactly where Crown of Lies left off, and Pepper Winters throws readers right back into the action, never relenting until the final pages.


5 Tequila Kissed CROWNS

I have never hid my love of J. Daniels. I’ve devoured everything she has written, and I consume everything she publishes. She is drop everything and read author for me because she never disappoints. Her characters are among my favorites, heroes and heroines alike, her stories are always entertaining and sexy, and I enjoy her writing style. She hits every romantic point for me, and What I Need is the epitome of what I adore about this series!

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 5+ Give It All the CROWNS

Grip by Kennedy Ryan, hands down, deserves all the crowns, every single one available. Bristol and Grip’s story is raw, heartbreaking, and beautiful. But it is more than a romance that will get affect your soul, it is story that reflects the social issues that plague society today, making this book exponentially more powerful and relevant than the average romance novel.

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4 Second Chance CROWNS

I love collaborations between Penny Reid and L.H. Cosway! The writing is smart, witty, and unique, and The Cad and the Co-Ed is another great addition to this series of standalones.

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4 Hilarious CROWNS

Catching Carly is another hilarious stand-alone addition to Being Brooke. It has everything I love about a romantic comedies: swoon worthy heroes, hilarious non-filtered heroines, and a dash of steam.

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 5+ Royal CROWNS

Brilliant!  Completely and utterly brilliant! I love every single part of this book from the opening pages. I felt everything, heart break, anger, sadness, betrayal! I felt it all, and it is an amazing journey that I don’t want to end EVER!

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Unwritten: A Novel (The Woodlands Book 5) by [Frederick, Jen]


Unwritten is fun rock-star romance with likable characters and engaging plot.  Readers will certainly enjoy watching Adam and Landry fall in love, the family dynamics of FMK, and their journey to stardom.

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I love this book so much. I wasn’t sure what to expect with a title and a synopsis indicating the leading man, Lucas Thorne, is in fact a cheater. On top of being a cheater, he embraces it and defends his choices, but Rachel Van Dyken did an amazing job making him redeemable, resulting in my love of this book.

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The Play Mate by far is my favorite Kendall Ryan novel. It is fun and sexy, and I adore Smith and Evie. They are my favorite Kendall Ryan couple and characters.

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I have been waiting for Black Sheep since I closed the final page of Beautiful Liar (although it was called I, Porn Star when I read it).  The darkness, the complex plots, the intricate characters make this book everything I love in a dark romance, and the wait was completely and totally worth it.

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My mind has been blown away by Ruth Clampett’s first MM novel.  It was a beautiful and tragic romance between two best friends who finally realize there is more for them with each other

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The Hitchhiker is a fantastic debut for the newest secret author duo, Charlie Lee.  There is enough suspense and plot revelations to keep readers engrossed in the story, and enough steam and romance to appease romance lovers.

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4 Hope Filled CROWNS

There are attributes of an LK Collin’s novel that I expect, such as steamy and sexy scenes between her heroine and hero, suspense and drama, and an engaging plot.  And while One Final Breath is engaging and has the hot scenes between the main characters, it differs in the tone and type of romance it is, and readers will enjoy the change of pace.

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Endurance by Amy Daws marks another new-to-me author, and I was absolutely entertained from the opening pages, falling for not only the characters, main and secondary alike, but also the crazy love of Tanner and Belle.

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brave line ebook


My introduction to Kate Stewart was with Anything but Minor, and I absolutely fell in love with her humor and writing. My love was solidified with Major Love, and now, now my love has been amplified with The Brave Line! It is so incredibly different then the other books, rightfully so since they are connected per se, but is still beautifully written with angsty, sexy times, and humor.

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4 You’re My Salvation CROWNS

Remember when I said that Karina Halle was going to bring all the guns, violence, and depravity with Dirty Souls.  Well, she delivered.  From the opening pages this high action romance will enthrall readers with the darkness and the devotion of these characters.

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5 Perfect Romance CROWNS

Unprofessional is exactly what I was looking for.  It is romantic, sexy, and wholly entertaining.  From the very first page, I was invested in these characters and their story, and I loved the journey J.D. Hawkins took me on.

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 5 Always and Forever CROWNS

Take Me Back is not what I was expecting, it is so much more. It has the romance, the steamy scenes, and the suspense readers have come to love from Meghan March, but Take Me Back is on another level entirely, the epitome of everything readers love about her books.

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5 One and Only CROWNS

Is it possible to fall even more in love with Dylan and Ace? Yes! WedLocked only solidifies how truly amazing this couple is. Readers will truly fall for this couple, their relationship and the resolution to this journey they have been on. It is true and complete romance perfection, encapsulating what is pure and good about love.

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Wow!! Just Wow! I have a new favorite Laurelin Paige book. Dirty Filthy Rich Men is just everything I could have hoped for with its incredibly complex and broken characters, treatment of difficult topics, and the resistance to love makes this story compelling and captivating.

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 5 Sturdy Bosom CROWNS

OMG!! I am so in love with Co-Wrecker. I feel like I say this all the time about her books, but this might be my favorite one that I’ve read. The humor, the romance, the characters, the story-line, gosh, just all of it is pure perfection.

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SayYours Amazon


What an angsty and emotional ride Corinne Michaels takes readers on with the final Hennington brother.  There is so much pain and heartbreak, but she always tempers it with love, leaving her readers with warm hearts overflowing with happiness.

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5 Paradise CROWNS

Sarina Bowen has completely knocked it out of the park with her newest MM romance.  These boys are absolutely lovable, their story is heartbreaking and hopeful, and the writing, as always, is impeccable.

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5 Yes to Everything Crowns

The Opposite of You is pure magic. The words, the characters, and the story captivated me from the very first page.

Full Review

The Hard Truth About Sunshine AMAZON


The Hard Truth is like nothing I have ever read by Sawyer Bennett. Its reflection on life, on its hardships, on seeing our way through the darkness to enter the light hits deep in your soul, and leaves readers with a new respect and point-of-view on life.

Full Review


4 The Right Man Crowns

I’ve always enjoyed Barbie Bohrman’s books (seriously, if you haven’t picked up Promise Me or Playing It Safe, do that now). They have strong heroines, sexy as heck alpha males, and the stories are always entertaining. The Best Man is more of the same.

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Coming during the month of April…

April is shaping up to be a fantastic reading month, too, and it looks like I’ll be spending my Spring with some great writers and characters. I cannot wait to share my thoughts and talk books with you.  So, make sure you check back this month for more reviews, cover reveals, excerpts, giveaways, and more special posts.

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