November is over, and it brought about a plethora of changes, particularly the birth of my new daughter.  I, however, was able to squeeze in some amazing reads, and I cannot wait to dive into my December TBR

Before we start talking about what is coming in December, though, let’s recap all the great books read during the month of November.  Make sure you check them out and enter the giveaway posted in my reader group, Belle’s Book Talk.

Without further ado, here is my monthly wrap-up for November.  Below you will find a list of the books with a glimpse of my initial reactions to the book and a link to my full review and other book information.  As always, an MB will indicated my top books of the month, and they are books I would highly recommend putting on your TBR!

4 Lil’ Red CROWNS

I’m a sucker for a fairytale retelling, and A.L. Jackson’s Hunt Me Down is the perfect rendition of Little Red Riding Hood with a side of romance and heat.

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Image result for van sawyer bennett


I’ve been a huge fan of the Cold Fury Hockey series by Sawyer Bennett for many reasons. First, I’m a sucker for a sports romance, particular hockey. Second, it is the series that introduced me to Sawyer Bennett. And third, this series is always filled with angst and steam, which is my preferred romance combination. Van, however, more than the last couple books in the series is more reminiscent of the original books for its brash heroe and angst filled plot.

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4 Waggle CROWNS

Bad at Love  Karina Halle has written a best-friends-to-lovers romance that will have readers loving the characters and rooting for Marina and Laz to break down their walls and see what they could be together.

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bodyguard front.jpg

4.5 Size of My Fist CROWNS

With the many different elements of sexual chemistry, romance, and suspense, Bodyguard by CD Reiss had me not only enamored with Carter and Emily but flipping the pages in anticipation of how their story would end.

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 5 Written in the Stars CROWNS

M. Robinson is another author that gets it when it comes to anti-heroes, consistently making me fall in love with bad men and violent criminals. Plus, I always enjoy the emotional angst and drama that her story-lines provide, and El Santo is just another example of each of the aforementioned attributes.

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3.5 Unexpected CROWNS

There were so many times during the course of this book that I was just shocked by the development in the story, and not because it was out of the norm or unexpected in the romance world.  Just based on the synopsis of the book, I wasn’t prepared for the plot revelations and certain character attributes of the hero , which ultimately affected my perception of the novel.

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4 Addicted CROWNS
Bad Habit has been my first foray into the world of Charleigh Rose. I found it to be angsty and sexy and filled with characters who are broken and more complex than what appears on the surface.

Full Review

4 Forever CROWNS

Quick. Sweet. Romantic. The Bed Mate is the perfect friends to lovers romance, leaving all the drama and angst at the door and giving readers a pure relationship to desire.

Full Review

 5 All Hail the Queen CROWNS

Defiant Queen is the continuation of everything I love about Ruthless King: sexy and dangerous characters, plot lines that keep readers on the edge of their seat, and a cliff-hanger that leaves them begging for more. With Defiant Queen, though, readers also get the growth and development of Lachlan and Keira and their relationship, making readers even more enamored with this couple.

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4 Broken Heart CROWNS

Spider has been one of my most anticipated books from Ilsa Madden-Mills.  From the moment we met him in previous books and then got more of him in a short story she wrote, I needed more of this charismatic character who seemed to draw me in with his persona alone.  And while I would have liked a little more depth to the story in general, Spider, as a character, and his heroine did not disappoint in any way.

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4.5 Where I Belong CROWNS

Adriana Locke has started another amazing series with Crank.  The Gibson boys have absolutely stolen my heart, and like the Landry family, she has effectively made me love the whole family, every single rough-around-the-edges Gibson man.

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The Outliers cover

4 Crazily. Possessively. Fiercely. Crowns

With the conclusion to The Outskirts Duet, T.M. Frazier gives readers everything they will expect and want from the story of Sawyer and Finn with The Outliers.

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4 Royal CROWNS

CD Reiss always brings super hot and unique storylines to romance. This particular hacker world is one that has intrigued me immensely, and her novella offers readers another glimpse at intelligent and sexy heroes and heroines who can’t seem to resist falling for the charms of their counterparts.

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3.5 Break Me CROWNS

Rose Devereux is a new author to me, and this synopsis is one I could not pass up.  The danger, the sexual deviance, the forbidden yet inevitable romance is something I couldn’t resist.

Full Review

 5 Anarchy CROWNS

I have been dying to get my hands on Hooking Upever since the short story appeared in the Halloween anthology, Eye Candy, and Helena Hunting didn’t disappoint.  She has given readers a story that is sweet, romantic, and hilarious, so really everything readers have come to expect and adore from this wonderful writer.

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 5 You’re My Forever CROWNS

This series of standalones from Meghan Quinn is without a doubt my favorite of hers, and Smalls (Aaron) has taken the top spot as my favorite hero of hers. The pure romance that is the direct result of his desire and love of Amelia is nothing short of perfection.

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 5 Horngry CROWNS

The writing duo of Lyra Parish and Brooke Cumberland have the ticket to my love of insta-love, super sexy romances. They always give me the right amount of fun, romance, steam, and drama, and I always enjoy reading them.

Full Review

4 Unique CROWNS

The Fortunate Ones is another great read from R.S. Grey! With an incredibly down-to-earth and relatable characters, readers will get caught up in the romance between Brooke and James as well as fall in love with a heroine who refuses to give up on her dreams.

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Coming during the month of December…

December is another fantastic reading month, too, and it looks like I’ll be spending my Christmas season with some great romances.  I cannot wait to share my thoughts and talk books with you.  So, make sure you check back this month for more reviews, cover reveals, excerpts, giveaways, and more special posts.

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  1. So many great books on here that I’ve not read yet! I seriously gotta start making time for myself to read

  2. I always enjoy reading your reviews, especially when I’m trying to decide what to read next. Thanks!!

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