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LAKE (Trinity Academy #3) by Michelle Heard
Release Date: September 16th
Genre: New Adult College Romance

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This is the third and final book for the Trinity Academy. I have to say this is the book I’ve been waiting for. Since book 1 Lake has been the nice one, they guy who’s always happy and there with a smile. His sense of humor and unflappable loyalty had me falling for him since then. And this story does not disappoint, it shows how amazing this character is, and how great of a person. I loved Lake before this but now I’m obsessed with him

It feels like I’m watching my hopes and dreams come to life. 

Lake is the comedic relief but at the same time, he is not a push over and he is not weak. He does not hesitate to jump right in when needed, he didn’t think twice about jumping in and helping Layla and he would do that for anyone. Mason and Falcon are super protective of him, because he is the nicest one, his heart is wide open and he loves with his whole soul. But to see the dichotomy of his character was amazing. You could easily see both sides to his soul, the caring full of love side and the possessive protective side that will do what needs to be done to help those he loves. I think that’s why he was my favorite you never had a moment with him where you didn’t like him. He was always this super special character that you just wanted to know and be a part of his life. 

When I hear Lee cry, it feels as if something reaches into my chest and rips my heart out. 

Lee is this super sheltered girl from a different country who was essentially used as a bartering tool for her father’s business dealings. My heart ached for her she didn’t know kindness from her father or love, he just came and took her from her mother. So, when she gets to the US it’s a lot for her to take in. Everything is different, the culture, the food, the clothes. She has to adapt quickly, but I loved watching as all of Lake’s friends come together to help her assimilate to the culture but at the same time being cognizant of her culture and customs. This truly shows how much they all love and deeply care for each other, to help this girl they don’t even know. Lake is absolutely perfect for her with his kind soul and patient nature, it is exactly what she needed to feel more comfortable with her new life. 

“In this life, the next, and thereafter.”

This was an amazing conclusion to this trilogy. I can’t wait to see where Michelle takes us next, and since there was no jaw dropping cliffhanger I can safely wait for the next story without losing my mind. These characters are amazing and these stories have you running through all your emotions. I loved the quick and easiness of them but the depth you could still feel.  

***NOTE: A Fourth book, Julian was release this week. It is another standalone in the series.

His eyes have the power to undo all the hurt caused by my family.

“Don’t let them see you cry.”

After months of refusing I finally agree to move to America, where my fiancé’s waiting for me.

Just like my mother, an arranged marriage lies in my near future.

Just like my mother, I’m probably going to be shoved aside in a couple of years after providing the Cutler family with an heir.

Being a Korean girl from a culture that’s very different from the west, it makes me stand out like a sore thumb. There’s nothing I can do but to accept the fate arranged by my father and his mistress. My marriage to Lake Cutler will be a business deal and nothing else.

My plan is simple. Make him hate me enough to break off the engagement, so I can return to Korea.

But I didn’t account for those caring brown eyes.

What started as a mission to save myself from an unhappy arranged marriage soon turns into a battle to not lose my heart.

I dare him to walk away, but instead, he shows me any bridge can be crossed.

About the Author:
Author preciously published as Michelle Horst

Michelle Heard is a Bestselling Romance Author who loves creating stories her readers can get lost in. She might have a slight obsession with alpha heroes who are not afraid to fight for their women.

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Website: https://michelleheardauthor.wordpress.com
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