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Author: R. Holmes
Release Date: May 22, 2020
 Adult Contemporary Romance

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R. Holmes delivers a poignant tale of lost love and second chances. This book is so much more than just a romance it takes you on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance that is sure to pull so many emotions from you. Ambrey and Grey come from different sides of the track and are trying to navigate through all the animosity that them being together has caused, it’s not an easy journey for them, but it’s theirs. 

And when I did leave, I burned it down and didn’t look back to see the flames and the destruction I left in my wake. 

 I loved the star-crossed aspect to this story. Grey is on the poorer side being sent from foster home to foster home. But he has such a sweet side. He could have been hardened from the life that he had to live but he wasn’t. From the outside looking in that’s the front that he puts on, he has shielded his true nature with tattoos and a brooding appearance. But once Ambrey breaks through he is so much softer, and you could feel his love for Ambrey in everything that he does. Nothing could have stopped them from falling in love, they just had a soul deep connection that could not be broken. 

Their sins might not be my sins to carry… but they are mine to repent for.

Grey is amazing, this man has been dealt one crappy hand after another but none of that has broken him. He works hard and has limitless determination that has helped him turn his life around. He has found an outlet to for his emotions in painting and has built a company from the ground up with his friend so that he can provide for himself and his daughter. His love for his daughter is the sweetest thing, you could feel it bleed from the pages. Every time they are together my heart would explode with the emotions it caused. This little girl has every guy wrapped around her adorable little finger and I can’t say I blame them, she is precious. 

My lips find his and he takes them in the same way he usually does, like they’re his. 

Ambrey hasn’t been dealt the best hands either. Even though she grew up with money and didn’t have to struggle that way. Her parents were utterly neglectful and treated her like a prop and not their child. Her father is disgusting and everything that he does and says makes me want to punch him. But when Ambrey had the chance to escape her parents and not look back she did. She took power away from them by making her own choices and carving her own path. Ambrey is full of determination and more strength than she gives herself credit for. 

I felt her slip away with every exhale that left my body, and I knew in that moment she was taking the only good pieces of me with her. 

R. Holmes has created a wonderful Second Chance Romance. Grey and Ambrey are amazing characters, you can feel the connection between them jump from the pages, every time they were together. But the one thing that I could not wrap my head around was the reasons why she didn’t trust Grey in the beginning. I could feel the connection, so it didn’t make sense to me how she handled the situation with him in high school which caused their separation. But, other than that the story is very well written and will definitely have you falling in love with Grey. 

Cover for THE BEGINNING OF THE END, a stand-alone adult contemporary romance, by R. Holmes


My last name was royalty in New Orleans, at least, I guess to those who mattered. But to me…my last name was a curse. High society. Expectations. Old money. Politics. Everything I despised. If only they could see what happened behind those high-society closed doors. The same doors my daddy paid a lot of money to keep closed.

Deceit. Destruction. Bribery. You name it, my family was guilty of it. My father’s throne was built on lies. Our family was the epitome of faux royalty. Then, I fell in love and oh what a fool I was. I was just a pawn in my father’s game. And to use the man who claimed to love me…

Five years ago, I walked away, and left my father to his riches. And that man who left me in broken, jagged pieces? Well, what goes around, comes around.


Four years in a prison cell changes a man. I spent those five years fighting to survive. When I emerged, I was nothing like the man who had walked through those cell doors all those years ago. I overcame things that I never imagined I’d be faced with..

The one person who promised to never leave, did. The life I thought I knew, gone. The future I once thought I had, up in smoke. Like so many things in my life, my story and my future were stolen from me.

Sure, it’s made up of the usual parts…a beginning and an end. But just like every story, there’s a hero, there’s the villain…and then there’s me. And this is the beginning of the end.

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About the Author

Adult Contemporary Romance Author R. Holmes

Holmes is from a small town in southern Louisiana where she lives on a farm, with her husband and two little boys. Whenever she’s not chasing around the goats and her boys on the farm, she spends her time watching ridiculous amounts of Netflix and is almost always stuck with her nose in a book. She thrives on horror films, sarcasm, and reruns of Harry Potter. A perpetual night owl, you’ll find her in her office locked away until the wee hours of the morning. She loves to meet her readers and discuss her latest favorite books and her upcoming projects!

Connect with her via Facebook, Instagram (@RHolmesAuthor) and twitter!

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