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Be My Brayshaw,a complete standalone set in the Brayshaw World, is AVAILABLE NOW.

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Aundi’s Musings…

5 Pink Crowns

Meagan has created such an unmatched Series; these books consume every aspect of you from the moment you open them. Every character, every moment between them pulls you further and further into the world she has created to the point you don’t want to come back out. Her words elicit every emotion you could possibly have and twists you up with every new revelation until you are breathless, aching and desperate for more. This book is so much more than I could have anticipated; Meagan has created PERFECTION with Captain and his Queen.

I fought against her. I caved. I took her mouth like I’d wanted to for months, tasting what became my newfound favorite flavor.

I have to say I did not know going into this book as to how much I was going to love Victoria. But damn I have the absolute biggest girl crush on her. I’ve always placed Raven as my number 1, but Victoria came blazing through and placed herself right next to her. This girl is simply amazing, she is so completely and utterly selfless. Every single thing she does or has done has been for others. Her heart is so big and she loves so fully that you can’t help but fall in love with her. But not only that when she needs to be tough, she’s not afraid to throw down. She will legit punch you without a second thought. And I’m obsessed with that dichotomy of her. With Raven you just knew she was badass and would come at you. With Victoria you didn’t know but damn you find out real quick.

The quiet treatment is hardly a punishment, especially when my Brayshaw speaks so loudly with his eyes, his touch, his calm. 

What is there to say about Captain other than DAMN. This man is All. The. Things. I freaking melted every time he was with Zoey, and watching as he struggles in his knew role as father but doing such an amazing job when he’s never had to be a full time dad before. Talk about swooning all over the place. His quiet speaks volumes and finally getting a peak inside that sexy mind of his was so worth the wait. 

I’m not going to lie it pulled at my heartstrings watching his relationship with Victoria and him trying to come to terms with his new normal and everything that has happened and all the things he has learned. Does he make mistakes absolutely but he’s human I could see how it could happen. Does he make up for the mistakes he made, Hell Yeah he does! 

And don’t get me started on the tension between them. You could feel it between them from the epilogue it’s this tangible thing that is always present. Growing and expanded becoming so hot and so intense that when they finally come together Holy Kindle Fire Batman!!! Did I get blue balls reading it, maybe. Is it worth it, absolutely!

“You can want to kill her and keep her at the same time, you know.” He levels me with a glare. “You saw it with me and Raven in the beginning. Don’t share what’s meant to be yours.”

Meagan is a master at her craft, consistently growing and expanding her writing, making every knew book better than the last. I’m completely obsessed with everything Brayshaw. Meagan has created characters that you want to read and are desperate to know. This world is one that you will never want to leave, but you can also continually go back and revisit. Rereading these books are just as good as when you read them the first time and it’s rare to find Authors that write stories like that. Captain and Victoria hold a special place in my heart, this book tore my soul to shreds but with each passing page Meagan slowly and meticulously put it back together with a piece of Cap and Victoria embedded. Bravo Meagan if I could give you more stars I would because you have created MAGIC!!

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy 

Tricia’s Musings…

4 Family runs deeper than blood CROWNS

The tension between Cap and Victoria at the beginning of Be My Brayshaw was off the scale. There’s passion between them but she’s the girl he doesn’t trust and so he desperately tries to resist his feelings for her. The push and pull between them overall was brilliant and just when I thought I knew where the story was going, Meagan pulled the rug right out out from under me. I’ve loved the complex plot, the twists and turns and the bombshell revelations throughout the series, but although it’s not quite ended yet, I feel like this book answered a lot of outstanding questions and brought things together.

From what I’d seen of Victoria earlier in the series, it was difficult to get a handle on her, but the more I saw her here, and the more I learned about her as her layers were exposed, the more I loved her. Strong and steady in a quiet and unassuming, yet stubborn way, to have gone through what she did in her past and still come out fighting is as shocking as it is amazing. Once her story unfolded, I really admired her. Her love for Zoey is heartwarming and actually so touching that I felt her distress at those times when she was unable to physically connect with her. Zoey was delightful, a little sweetheart, and her innocent remarks had me in fits. A beautiful child, finally surrounded by love, I thought her character was written perfectly.

I was hugely intrigued by Captain in the previous books but I have to admit it took me a minute to connect with him here, mainly because of the way he treated Victoria. Whilst understandable, it did make me quite frustrated with him at times and I could’ve given him a good shake. Give him a reason to trust, however, and you’ll see a different side to him and I was glad that he wasn’t so stubborn that it made him blind to the truth once it came. I absolutely loved him as a father and I felt that at least with Zoey he never had to guard his heart. That was lovely to see.

I loved the interaction with the other members of the Brayshaw family too. The pride these characters have in each other, the respect, and the support they give one another is wonderful. Royce in particular is definitely up to mischief. Although his book will probably mean this series will come to an end, nevertheless I can’t wait to find out what’s going on with him. Bring it on!

ARC review

Sarah’s Musings…


Being back in the Brayshaw world is like coming home all over again!

I am such a huge fan of the Brayshaw world and the characters within it. Meagan Brandy is truly able to deliver a new story that not only stays true to the iconic world she has created but also delivers another must read romance that allows Cap and Victoria to have their own unique voice and romance within the Brayshaw world.

Victoria has so many layers to who she is. I really enjoyed seeing them all peeled back with each page. Her love for Zoey rang as genuine and true, and never once is she a pushover. She knows what she wants and won’t stop until it is hers. There are parts of her I didn’t expect. Parts of her history that shocked me. And I would dare say that while she is very different than Raven, I loved her just as much. She still embodies that take no BS we love to see in a Brandy heroine.

Captain, my silent, observant, intelligent man. I love him. I wanted to strangle him, but I also fell madly in love with him. The man has a plethora of thorny vines around his heart to protect himself, and it is one of the many reasons I was able to forgive him when I also wanted to smack him. And man, oh, man, I never really expected Cap to have such a deliciously dirty side, but I was here for every moment of it. Between the bedroom, his tortured heart, and seeing him as a daddy to Zoey…put a fork in me. I’m done. Captain has my heart.

For lovers of the series, you get plenty of Maddoc and Raven (my heart filled with such happiness to see them revel in their HEA) and numerous moments of shenanigans with Royce (I’m still dying for his book and love him to death). There are even some other side characters who surprised me and made me change my mind about them or made me like them even more.

One who I loved, and it didn’t come as a surprise, is Zoey, she is such a charming little girl, and seeing how she changes the Brayshaw world in the BEST WAY warms my heart even thinking about it now.

This story, as all Meagan’s stories do, are filled with bombs, plot twists that are unexpected and throw you for a loop. Be My Brayshaw has secrets from page one, allowing me once again to be consumed by the Brayshaw world. It is a world that captivates me, and makes me long to never leave. The ideals the boys live by, the family they created, the love they show emanates from the page. And the ending, action packed, insane and utterly romantic, too.

The Brayshaw world continues to be a must read for me. I don’t know that I’ll ever be ready to let them go. It saddens me to think we only have one more book left with this crew I’ve grown to love, but this series will, without a doubt, go down as one of my favorites EVER, one I’ll continue to revisit time and time again.




“Cross one, cross all.”

That’s the Brayshaw way. 

She should have realized this before sliding into our world with secrets too big to bury.

She didn’t and now the target is on her back.

The day her lies came crashing down, I should have forced her out.

Instead, I locked her in, and with the promise I would never be hers. 

I resisted, fought against us.

I caved. 

I tasted what became my newfound favorite flavor and fell hard for the little liar.

But then the depth of her treachery reveals itself, and with it a reminder.

Our town is a twisted place, and with truth comes trouble.

In the blink of an eye, my world is split at its core, and I’m faced with an impossible decision, one that leads to a single outcome…

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About the Author:

 Meagan is a cookie dough crazed, jukebox junkie who tends to speak in lyrics. Born and raised in California, she is a married mother of three crazy boys who keep her bouncing from one sports field to another, depending on the season, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Starbucks is her best friend and words are her sanity.

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