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THE BEST MAN (Chesapeake Shores #2) by Andi Burns Release Date: June 24th   

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After reading and loving the IT Guy, I was very excited to see that this author was writing the second book in this interconnected series. As soon as I started reading Molly and Ev’s story, I knew I was going to thoroughly enjoy it. There’s something about this author’s writing style, her descriptive language and her clever, intelligent, yet slightly sarcastic humor that draws me in and gives me such a good feeling.

Whilst characters from the previous story appear here, The Best Man is very much it’s own book, and Molly and Ev are most definitely characters in their own right, with their own unique personalities. The chemistry between these two is very hot and although their attraction leads to several steamy moments between them, not everything about their story focuses around the bedroom, which really allows us to see their friendship and relationship develop. It flourished and blossomed in such a way that it left me in no doubt that these two were meant to be together. With just the right amount of push and pull between them, I loved how that relationship grew despite, or maybe because of, the odd difference in opinion. Molly is a strong and capable woman, warm and loving towards her many and varied family members and assorted friends.  She has an openness to her which I felt brought out the more lighthearted part of Ev’s personality. Despite a growing dissatisfaction with his job, nevertheless Ev was a hard worker and dedicated to his career. I thought the optimistic, more animated, funny side of him had been somewhat stifled, that he hadn’t got his work/life balance right until Molly came along with her sexy, sassy self and knocked him off his feet. She made him want more.

Despite being fairly easy going, Molly held very firm beliefs about love and relationships and what she needed and expected from them. Whilst they had slightly different views on what a future together should look like, I was thrilled that Molly and Ev stayed true to themselves and their principles, whilst finding a balance, a path, which suited them both. The ending to their story does not follow the traditional formula but it’s absolutely perfect for them. I don’t think I’ve ever read a story that has ended in this way. I believed in them as a couple and in their commitment to each other and I genuinely loved it.



I was coasting along, living life, but not living it to the fullest.I was going through the motions. Complacent. Static.

Until that night in December.
One night with a stranger in a sleepy tourist town changed everything for me.

And I can’t get Grace off my mind.
No last name, no address, nothing. So imagine my surprise when I see her again and realize how closely our lives are intertwined.

Whether she likes it or not, she’s stuck with me for now and I have plans to make our arrangement a permanent one.

The Best Man is a dual POV standalone in The Chesapeake Shores series. It follows The IT Guy.

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About the Author:

Andi Burns writes contemporary romance infused with humor, sass, and steam. She loves a happily-ever-after as much as her characters do, and she always reads the last page of a book first, just to make sure it all turns out okay. Andi lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, folding laundry, or daydreaming about her next hero and heroine.   

Connect w/Andi:  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andiburnsauthor 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorandiburns 

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/19841983.Andi_Burns 

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2XY9jEy


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