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Title: Twisted Fate

Series: Dark Heart Duet #2

Author: Ella James

Genre: Dark New Adult Romance

Tricia’s Musings…

5 All the angst CROWNS

Ella James brings all the angst in the concluding part of the Dark Heart duet, Twisted Fate. Heart wrenching at times, it’s a story of intense and all consuming, selfless love.

Years have passed but neither time nor distance has done anything to extinguish the feelings, the attraction and need between Elise and Luca. These star crossed lovers are destined to be together, despite the very different paths their lives, the decisions they’ve made, are taking them. Luca is desperate to fight his feelings, a necessity in order to keep Elise from being drawn into his life and suffering as a result of the seedy world he lives in. He doesn’t want to ruin her and the conflict he feels jumps from the pages. Is it possible to be a “Don with a heart”? If it is, then surely Luca is that man, for his deep and abiding love for Elise constantly finds him striving to be a good man whilst living amongst all that which most certainly is not good. Perhaps the fact that, despite feeling duty bound, nevertheless he was a victim of circumstance all those years ago.

He doesn’t take Elise’s determination and ability to see the good him into account, however, and his attempts to stay out of her life are constantly tested. She never really got over the way their relationship ended and is trying to fool herself that she’s looking for closure, whilst at the same time drowning in need for Luca every time their paths cross. They are each other’s Achilles heel and they’re continually drawn to each other like moths to a flame.

Twisted Fate brought tears of both happiness and frustration. Gritty and heartbreaking at times, it’s certainly no ordinary love story. It’s a story of passion, friendship, sacrifice, dedication and sheer determination. This is everything I have come to expect from Ella James’s wonderful storytelling and so much more.

I thought he was the white knight. Looking back, it makes sense. I was young and needed saving. Luca was my strength. He could take on anything—the world, for me. They say first love cuts the deepest. Ours became a blade that bled me out. It turns out I didn’t know a villain when he held my heart in his hands. Now it’s darker—more like his.

Elise was my whole world—until my world burned, and I destroyed her with me. Some betrayals, you can’t undo, no matter how much you wish you could. I can’t help who I am now, and why would I want to? I run this city. No one’s going to take me down—not even the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. I heard they’ve got a file eight inches thick on Don Galante. But dodging bullets is my business. They play dirty, but there’s no one dirtier than me.

The DA learns the hard way who’s in charge; he’s out. It should be time for celebration. There’s just one problem: his heir. Or should I say heiress? Elise O’Hara wears a crown of lies, a gown of red, and a fat diamond on her left hand. Now it’s me and her. Or her and me. Only one of us will be left standing when the story’s over.

This is how you write a tragedy.

*Twisted Fate (formerly known as Dark Heart Volume 2) takes place 15 years after Dark Heart and should be read sequentially.


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