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I absolutely adore this twisted Fairy-tale retelling from Max Monroe. This romance had all the signature signs of one of their stories, unique humor and steamy chemistry, but it also took on a darker element in the form of Matt Hadder and Wonderland Inc, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

This hero and his business are whre the darker aspect of this story are integrated. He is dangerous and mysterious, fulfilling the needs of the most elite. His seemingly sinister nature is enticing, and underneath all the danger lies a man who opens his heart for the right person. His interactions with Alex are everything readers love about a bad boy. He is protective and passionate in his pursuit and claiming of her, and while he doesn’t want her to change , he doesn’t hide from her, which I found to be a refreshing change of pace.

Alex is perfect as a new and refurbished Alice. She doesn’t really fit in with society, even fleeing her hometown due to her feelings of isolation. Yet, even in her new town, she hasn’t found her footing, very similar to that of Alice. When she meets Matt Hadder, though, her life seems to fall into place. She finds her niche and learns her preconceived notions about the world might not be so clear cut. Readers will love that she maintains all the essential parts of her character while growing and evolving to fit the life of Matt’s world.

Wonderland Inc. is perfect representation of the actual Wonderland. Behind the curtains, it is a land of fantasy and unbelievable options. Matt is a dream maker here, while also simultaneously running a shady business. It is here, amongst these people and the parties that Alex’s lines begin to become blurred, and she learns that the world isn’t so black and white.  Readers will also enjoy the integration of character names and roles in the form of the secondary characters.

The plot of this story will engage readers from the very beginning with Max Monroe blending humor with danger, making readers highly intrigued by Matt and leaving them with many questions about his profession. As his job is revealed and his interactions with Alex increase, so does the sexual tension between them. Once it ignites, it is a full explosion that simmers and burns, never extinguishing. Unlike their typical books, there is an element of danger and suspense that only serves to increase reader engagement, and this plot line played well with the plot of the actual Fairy-tale. The way the story is resolved is perfect, encapsulating the humor and the sexiness that readers have come to expect from these authors.

Alex in Wonderland is a fantastic beginning to their new twisted Fairy-tale series. I like the change of trope and style for the authors, but I also love that it still contains their style and humor. It is certainly worth the trip down the rabbit hole

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Alex in WonderlandSynopsis:

From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Max Monroe comes a new, sexy, and exciting twist on fairytales.

I’m Matt Hadder. 
I’ve been called ruthless, savage—even brutal—by the men and women who work for me. And I’ve earned my reputation.

Wonderland Inc., a party planning organization for every major player in the world, is Oz, and I’m its Wizard. I can make anything—drugs, prostitutes, deals—appear for a night and disappear just as quickly.

This doesn’t make me good or bad—it makes me essential.

Wonderland Inc. was my life, until a beautiful contradiction of innocence and impurity, obedience and rebelliousness named Alex Little stepped in and turned both of our worlds upside down.

Welcome to Wonderland, Alex.
A place where everything appears normal.
But we’re all mad. 

Disclaimer: Exercise caution while reading. Evidence shows that Matt Hadder’s vibrant sexiness and alpha manner may lead to confusion, arousal, and questioning the necessity of one’s own moral code.
*Authors may not responsible for any subsequent illegal activity.

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“It is. It’s just…jarring.”

      “You don’t find it natural?” I asked, putting a hand to her back and making her step closer. The pleasure girl moaned and writhed, her skin a flushed rose of arousal as Spade continued to play with her. Lou Diamond had joined them now too, feasting on her breasts and stroking his cock while kneeling on the plush red couch behind her opened leg.

      Alex shook her head and nodded at the same time, her every nerve ending buzzing with confusion over what she’d been taught was appropriate, and the very opposite way she felt.

      “That could be you,” I whispered, leaning into her back and grazing the shell of her ear with my breath.

      She shivered—for about a millisecond—before bounding away and turning to meet my eyes, panic stark in hers. “Me? Do that? Like…right here? In front of people?” she stuttered. “No. No. Um, no.”

      Excitement shot down my spine at her anxiousness. “No?” I questioned, careful to keep my tone reproachful. I wanted her to feel pressured—just to see if she could withstand it.

      After a brief pause, she confirmed with a curt, determined shake of her head. “No.”

      At six foot six and two hundred and seventy pounds, I was nothing short of physically intimidating. I was impressed by her backbone.

      “Okay,” I agreed easily. Her eyes widened, and her plump lips parted. I took pleasure in her surprise.

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