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“Kennedy Ryan’s writing continues to amaze and inspire. She is a genius wordsmith and a prose poet. And in Banner Morales, she has created the perfect heroine for this day and age. Don’t miss this read. It’s everything.” — Emma Scott, Bestselling Author

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Block Shot, Kennedy Ryan’s enemies-to-lovers, second-chance

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Kennedy Ryan continues to astound me with her complex and dynamic characters, her exquisite prose, and plots that continually make me examine my assumptions and preconceived notions on life. Her books appeal to my literary soul and my romantic heart, truly making her books must reads no matter what topic she chooses to tackle.

One of the attributes of Kennedy’s writing is that she writes honest characters, filled with flaws. Are they always likable? I think so. But do you always like everything they do? No. Jared and Banner make a lot of mistakes in this book, but their actions after and their acceptance of responsibility make their transgressions more understandable, more relatable, and on a level more acceptable. There are no justifications made, no excuses thrown out, and, as a result, these two earned my respect as a reader.

Jared, specifically, isn’t your typical hero. He has no honest and honorable goals when it come to Banner. Is he honorable in all other aspects of his life? Yes. But when it comes to Banner, he walk through any wall or person to get to her and have her. This should turn me off. I know this; however, his honesty and tenacity when it comes to her lured me in. He is consumed by her and makes no excuses for it. He has one line of vision and sole focus, and it is HOT! What really solidified the deal for me, though, is his respect for Banner. She is the one person he will even amend his goals for. He loves her and wants to nurture he she is, and Jared sacrifices for her in a way that kills him but preserves who she is at her core. SWOON!! Seriously! A man who puts his woman first, choking down his own issues and pride. It just doesn’t get better than Jared!

Kennedy Ryan knows how to write a heroine, and Banner, I dare say, is my favorite Ryan heroine. She is real in everything she does. From her insecurities to her intelligence, women will resonate with her. She is driven, successful, and a hard worker. She has risen to the top in a male dominated work force through grit and determination and hard work. She is smart and shows it, refusing to hide to placate men who are afraid of her strengths. She has the biggest heart and compassion of any character I can recall. Of course she is gorgeous, but what makes her more beautiful is her flaws. Her insecurities make her relatable and real. Her issues with her own weight I have felt. Her healthy way of dealing with it and the self love she cultivates is a message every woman needs to hear. There will be readers that don’t like her for the mistakes she makes, but her mistakes make her an authentic character, because people make mistakes. It was what happens in the aftermath that shows true character, and Banner’s character is solidified in what follows her indiscretion! She is truly a class act, and I adore her.

With all Kennedy Ryan novels, there is a bit of heavy, and Block Shot has that. It is l, however, no where near what some of her previous books are. This is light in the Kennedy Ryan world. That doesn’t mean there aren’t hot topic issues addressed. I don’t think it would be a Ryan book if readers were seeing the world through shades of gray, and Banner and Jared, once again, make readers see situations are always so black and white. My preconceived ideas on topics addressed aren’t so clear cut anymore. Love can’t always be contained. But this is more than a story about their love. It is an examination of feminism, of equality in the workplace, of compassion, and if staying true to who you are. Trust me, their love is steamy and consuming and inspiring, like all of her couples are, but it is more. With Kennedy, it is always more.

Kennedy Ryan continues to be a one-click author for me because she challenges me as a reader. She makes me examine my ideas about humanity. And let’s be real, she gives me hot heroes and fierce heroines with consuming love stories. Her books leave me feeling like love can conquer all the hate in the world and inspires me to be a better, more understanding person. When I get that and an epic romance, it can never be wrong .

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If I had a dollar for every time Banner Morales made my heart skip a beat…

The heart everyone assumes is frozen over.

Her anger is…arousing.

Every glare from those fire-spitting eyes, every time she grits her teeth,

gets me…well, you know.

If I had a dollar for every time she’s put me in my place, I’d be an even richer man.

I’m a successful sports agent because I assume “no” means you’ll think about it.

I’m sure what you meant to say is “Coming right up.”

They say even rich men don’t always get what they want,

but those men don’t know how to play the game. The trick is to keep them guessing.

Take Banner. She assumes she’s winning, but this game?

She doesn’t even know how to play.


If I had a dollar for every time Jared Foster broke my heart, I’d have exactly one dollar.

One night. One epic fail. One dollar…and I’m out.

I’ve moved on.

I’ve found success in a field ruled by men.

Anything they can do, I have done better.

They can keep the field while I call the shots, blocking them when I have to.

And Jared has the nerve to think he gets a second chance?

Boy, please. Go sit down. Have several seats.

I’ll just be over here ignoring the man carved from my fantasies with a lust-tipped chisel.

Oh, I didn’t say the struggle wasn’t real.

But I’ve got that one dollar, and Jared won’t have me.

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A Top 30 Amazon Bestseller, Kennedy Ryan writes about women from all walks of life, empowering them and placing them firmly at the center of each story and in charge of their own destinies. Her heroes respect, cherish and lose their minds for the women who capture their hearts.

She is a wife to her lifetime lover and mother to an extraordinary son. She has always leveraged her journalism background to write for charity and non-profit organizations, but enjoys writing to raise Autism awareness most. A contributor for Modern Mom Magazine and Frolic, Kennedy’s writings have appeared in Chicken Soup for the SoulUSA Today and many othersThe founder and executive director of a foundation serving Atlanta Autism families, she has appeared on Headline NewsMontel WilliamsNPR and other media outlets as an advocate for families living with autism.

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