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Title: Breaking Grace

Author: Rose Devereux

Genre: Contemporary Romance

My musings…

3.5 Break Me CROWNS

Rose Devereux is a new author to me, and this synopsis is one I could not pass up.  The danger, the sexual deviance, the forbidden yet inevitable romance is something I couldn’t resist.

Grace, when we meet her, is broken from the loss of her fiance.  Readers see her floundering, barely hanging on.  This broken woman in the present is mixed with a woman struggling with her sexual attraction to the man who killed her fiance during the trial, which takes place in the past. Not only does she struggle with the man who has irrevocably altered her life, but she also struggles with what turns her on sexually. She has grown up in a religious household, being told what is right and wrong, and her sexual inexperience intertwined with her religious indoctrination creates a very confused and purely innocent woman struggling with her own desires.

Bram is a alpha hero to the max. He craves ownership, but not by taking it, by wearing a person down to the point that she hands it over willingly.  His feelings for Grace go way beyond his need to corrupt her or own her.  He has genuine feelings for her and wants to do all he can to rectify that damage he has caused in her life.  His methods are unusual, and some would see them as borderline abusive, but his treatment of her is what she craves. At the end of the story, his ability to break her makes her a stronger version of herself.

This story is not going to be for everyone.  In the bedroom there is violence, vulgar dirty talk with profane words, and elements of falling in love with your captor, which is not everyone’s type of romance.  Other than the violence, I personally wasn’t bothered by much in the novel, because it is what Grace yearns for in the bedroom and what she needs to heal.  As the heroine is okay with the treatment from Bram, so was I. In addition to what happens in the bedroom, readers will enjoy seeing a more vulnerable side to Bram when we get his point-of-view. We get to see his insecurities, making him more alluring as a hero in the story.  Grace’s evolution into a stronger female is also nice to witness, but I wish we could have seen more of it when it finally comes full circle. There is a lot of build up to these two finally getting it right and getting better, and the resolution, although nice, seemed quick.  I wanted more for how long I waited for it.

Breaking Grace is sexy and dangerous, filled with enough secrets to keep readers engaged from the beginning.  I found it to be written well with interesting characters, and Rose Devereux is certainly an author whose books I would read again.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

About Breaking Grace:

Two years ago, I murdered the love of Grace Garrett’s life.

I had it all – a thriving company, money, women at my beck and call. Then I shot and killed James Winthrop. And got away with it.

His beautiful fiancé is ruined, so damaged she’s destroying herself. And I’m the reason why.

Nothing and nobody can save her. Except me. Only I know how to help her start again. By wiping the slate clean. Breaking her down until she’s brand new. And rewarding her obedience with the one thing she truly needs. Vengeance against me.

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About Rose Devereux:

Rose Devereux writes shamelessly dark romance. In her other life, she is a traditionally published author whose books have been translated into five languages. Reviews of her novels have appeared in Cosmopolitan, The Boston Globe, New York Magazine, and the Associated Press. She loves animals, sleeping late, and alpha males, and would drink Prosecco every day at lunch if she could. She lives in Boston and New Hampshire.

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