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Talk British to Me by Robin Bielman

Genre: Contemporary Romance

 My musings…

4 Slow Burn CROWNS

Talk British to Me by Robin Bielman has been my first book by this author. I found it to be fun and entertaining, a romance that really thrives on the characters and their connection over lust.

The characters, Teague and Mateo, are what really drive this novel. These two are incredibly likable. Mateo has that easy and lovable charm. Readers, just like Teague, sense that he is a player, a limitless flirt, and yet he still retains that factor that draws women to him. He is open and honest, as much as he can be with his job, which only serves to heighten his attractiveness. Underneath this flirtatious nature hides a man with a heart of gentleman. As the readers get to know him, it is clear that he is raised right, and it is this personal side of him that makes readers swoon for him. Teague is a fantastic heroine. Being the youngest in her family, she has left a life of protection to make her own way in a new place. She is confident yet sweet, and she has a determination to be successful on her own. While she has the attributes needed to succeed in a big city, she still maintains that small town charm that makes her appealing to the reader as well as Mateo.

The plot of Talk British to Me is a very slow burn. There are dalliances between the two, but it takes a good portion of the novel to get to the fruition of their attraction. There is tons of tension between the two as they navigate trying to fight their attraction to each other while maintaining their friendship, but their relationship feels authentic and real. Robin Bielman also introduces readers to a host of secondary characters that are just as wonderful, and she leaves us with just enough between two of them to interest readers for the next book (I’m assuming).

Talk British to Me is another romance filled with a cast of lovable characters and authentic romance. Readers will really enjoy the friends to lovers romance, and they will certainly be intrigued with the the possibility of more to come.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.



As the Dating Guy on L.A.’s top morning show, I give the single guy’s perspective on dating, love, and sex—and I give great advice. Everyone’s hooking up…well, except for me. Sure, I can get any woman I want, but I’ve got a “no relationship” clause in my contract and the only woman I want has “relationship” written all over her. Probably stamped on her ass, too. And wouldn’t I like to confirm that.

Unfortunately, she wants nothing to do with me. At all. Something about the next Ice Age might have even come up in her rebuttal. Adorable. Because she’s determined to ignore what one simple kiss proved: she wants me as badly as I want her.

Everything in me is screaming to go after her, but I’ve got a secret that I’m fairly certain will end up with her roasting my nuts over an open fire. So, job on the line? Check. Nuts on the line? Check. Can’t get her out of my head? Nail…meet coffin. But what a way to go…

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I lean down to whisper in her ear. I can’t help it. I can tell from her body language that I make her nervous, and right now I’m a total cad, but I’m curious to see her reaction to my words. She did walk right into them. “Are you saying I make you wet, Teague?”

The trunk pops open, almost hitting her in the forehead when she balks at my question. She’s blushing, but her warm blue eyes hook me with sparks of anger. Several charged seconds pass before she speaks.

“Does it hurt? Being so full of yourself?” She turns to rummage through a small pile of clothes in her trunk. “News flash, stuck-up”—she glances at my attire, I’m guessing—“jock, you don’t make me feel anything. I’m sure there are plenty of girls in this town you can charm the panties off of with your attitude and voice, but I’m not one of them. So please do me a favor and keep your unsavory thoughts to yourself.”

Several things about what she just said hit me like a ton of goddamn bricks. That she called me a jock makes me grin. I’m wearing long athletic shorts with my collared shirt and running shoes.

She’s right about girls’ panties, but she’s the only girl to mention my voice. What would she think if I used my British accent on her? The station manager says she gets more calls about my accent than anything else.

And this bolder, more assertive, yet wholesome Teague is hot.

Don’t even get me started on her use of the word “unsavory.”

I am so fucked.

This isn’t a random chick anymore. She works for my mom. This sweet, beautiful, genuine, fascinating girl has a last name and knows my mother.

About Robin:

Robin2-287x3001When not attached to her laptop, USA Today Bestselling Author and RITA Finalist, Robin Bielman can almost always be found with her nose in a book. A California girl, the beach is her favorite place for fun and inspiration. Her fondness for swoon-worthy heroes who flirt and stumble upon the girl they can’t live without jumpstarts most of her story ideas.

She loves to go on adventures, and has skydived, scuba dived, parasailed, gotten lost in the wilderness (and only suffered a gazillion bug bites for it) hiked to waterfalls, and swam with dolphins. In her spare time she also likes to put her treadmill to good use while watching her favorite TV shows, take hikes with her hubby, indulge her sweet tooth, and play sock tug of war with her cute, but sometimes naughty dog, Harry.

She dreams of traveling to faraway places and loves to connect with readers. Keep in touch at all of her social media spots!

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