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The Moth and the Flame, the second romantic standalone in the

When Rivals Play series by B.B. Reid.

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The Moth and the Flame by B.B. Reid

Release Date: May 20, 2019

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GAHHH!! I’m telling you guys!! BB Reid killed the best friends to lovers game! I’m so enamored with all things Lou and Wren! They made me laugh, the broke my heart, but their story revealed more secrets in the When Rivals Play series, leaving me already begging for more.

Wren has my whole heart. Who knew you could fall in love with the teen gangster? BB. That is who. Even when he is doing awful, criminal acts, his heart is so large. He struggles to balance what he must do with all efforts to preserve his soul and to feel even the tiniest bit worthy of Lou. His adoration and love of her made me swoon. What will also draw readers to BB’s new hero, though, is he is so unlike the rest. He does have his dominant moments and that bad boy vibe, but there is a sweetness and kindness to him that lies below his gangster surface.

Lou is such a great character. There will be readers who might not like her immaturity or, at times her selfishness, but I’m a big believer in an author staying true to a character versus making them 100% likable. Lou is authentic – authentic to her past, and her issues with abandonment. She is also a teen who wants the attention of her best friend and the person she loves. She is young, and although she was forced to mature in some areas because of her circumstances, at time she can be childish. I found her antics to be funny and true to her age. She is also the character the evolves the most, and the woman she becomes by the end is fierce and loving and what we have come to expect from BB’s leading ladies.

The Moth and the Flame is a slow burn, friends to lovers. There is a lot of push and pull tied to the internal feelings and self-worth of the characters. There are several plot details tied to The Peer and the Puppet as well that stand in their way, but BB Reid keeps readers engaged with their antics and their sexual tension. Plus, the pay-off when it does happen is so worth it! Lord, it was HOT! Once their story weaves together with the of TP&TP plot line, things really picked up and I couldn’t put the book down. I loved seeing more of Four and Ever, and getting more glimpses into Jaime and the rest of the crew, as well as seeing the overall plot line progress.
I also love where BB Reid left Lou and Wren. She wrote their romance in a way that I felt deep in my soul, and their HEA is hard fought and won, making their ending gratifying on every level.

The Moth and the Flame is phenomenally written friends to lovers, slow burn romance. The sexual tension, the suspenseful elements of the Exiled, and the gorgeous prose of BB Reid makes this one a MUST READ!

Beta read


Here lies Louchana Valentine. She was a homeless, orphaned virgin.

I never cared what my gravestone would say until I landed in deep with a powerful gangster. Lucky for me, my best friend happens to be ruthless too. I should feel guilty that he’s forced to turn on the man who’s been a father to him. Except I’ve always known that Wren’s soul wasn’t as black as he claimed.

He was good.

He was beautiful.

He was mine.

He just didn’t know it yet.

And with Wren keeping me safe, I’ve got time left to rewrite the end of my story. But if he has his way, virgin is already carved in stone.


I’ve never known anyone as alluring as Lou. Or as frustrating. Since the night she saved my life and stole my wallet for her troubles, I couldn’t stay away.

She became my onus.

My light.


With nowhere to run, I’m forced to trust someone I never expected. At least with Lou safe in Blackwood Keep—far away from me—I’ll die with my conscience intact. Because she no longer looks at me with friendship in her eyes. Those iridescent blues shine with a different need entirely, and I’ve never been able to deny her.

It is strongly advised that you read The Peer and the Puppet before diving into The Moth and the Flame. Content suitable for ages 18+.

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Blog tour-2.jpgExcerpt:

Lou didn’t awaken when I climbed through her window, weary and angry, late the following night. My prediction had come true. I’d gone back to Blackwood Keep, and against my better judgment, I confronted Danny Boy.

Or rather Ever McNamara.

Heir to a multibillion-dollar hotel empire.

And the only son of Thomas McNamara.

Surprisingly, what bothered me most wasn’t Danny Boy or his double life. Something about his father had seemed familiar to me. As if I’d known him in another lifetime.

I shook my head as I toed off the black and white striped Adidas Lou had picked out, swearing the sneakers almost made me look normal. I snorted, and with a moan, she shifted in her sleep causing the sheet covering her lower half to slip dangerously low. Before I could rethink it, I ran my fingers over the curve of her naked hip now bare to me. Thoughts of Ever McNamara fled to the recesses of my mind as I marveled at the smoothness of her skin.

It was a surprising contrast to her hardened demeanor, but I always knew it was a front. She was a pillar, no doubt standing tall and appearing strong, but one day, her cracked foundation would crumble, and I’d make damn sure I was around to pick up the pieces.

Even if she didn’t want me to be.

There were times when she didn’t appreciate just how seriously I took my role as her best friend. She claimed I acted like her father rather than her friend. If that was what she called making sure no one ever hurt her again, then sure—I’d daddy the fuck out of her.

Another moan slipped from her lips when my fingers reach the edge of her frilly blue panties, but this time, it was the sound of my name on her lips. For a second, I panicked, thinking she’d caught me perving on her, but when her even breaths continued, I realized she was still very much out of it, and a smile slowly formed as my fingers dipped lower.

“What are you dreaming right now, Lou?”

Her breath seemed to catch as I continued to toy with the seam of her panties.

“Are you dreaming of me?”

She sighed in response.

“You are, aren’t you?”

A low whine escaped her.

“I know what you’re after, little Valentine. I’ve known all along.” We both seemed to stop breathing when my fingers dipped beneath her panties and I felt her smooth skin. “How can you be sure you can handle me when I haven’t even kissed you yet?” I swallowed, cursing myself but then decided to allow myself honesty. At least this once.

She was writhing now, attempting to relieve the ache I knew was building, but we both knew it was useless. Nothing short of getting me inside her would ever do.

“You want to come.” It wasn’t a question but a statement of fact. “But you don’t get to come. You’ve been bad, Lou. This is how I’ll punish you.” I freed my fingers from her panties and stepped back. As if I’d snapped my fingers, breaking her from my spell, she jackknifed from the bed, breathing hard and looking around in confusion. When her gaze pierced the dark and found me, I remain perfectly still, my hands already in my pockets, pretending my fingers weren’t burning with the memory of her soft skin.


My eyebrow rose. “You expecting someone else?”

About B.B. Reid:

B.B. Reid is a bestselling author of new adult romance. She grew up the only daughter and middle child in a small town in North Carolina. After graduating with a Bachelors in Finance, she started her career at an investment research firm while continuing to serve in the National Guard. She currently resides in Charlotte with her moody cat and enjoys collecting Chuck Taylors and binge-eating chocolate.

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