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Title: The Right Stud

Authors: Ilsa Madden-Mills & Tia Louise

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: June 4, 2018

Cover Design: Shanoff Formats

Photo: Wander Aguiar


4 Goat Worthy Crowns

The Right Stud is a sexy and laugh-out-loud romantic comedy. I had a smile on my face the entire time. Everything from the characters to the stories is nothing but pure sexy entertaining goodness.

These characters are pure enjoyment, and their chemistry and banter is top notch.  Not only are their interactions enjoyable outside of the bedroom but it sizzles in the bedroom.  I found myself enamored with these two as a couple.

What ups the ante, though, is that the entire cast of characters is phenomenal.  The comedic timing, the insane hilarity that had me laughing out loud is just pure enjoyment.

The plot of this story is pretty clear from the opening chapters, and it doesn’t deviate from the scripted trope story-line.  The conflict is expected and the resolution is quick.  Even with the evident plot structure, I still thoroughly enjoyed The Right Stud. The cast of characters and dialogue are enough to keep readers entertained.

If you are looking for a light, quick, fun and steamy read, then The Right Stud is the book you should be reading.  It is laugh out loud romantic goodness.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.



Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills and USA Today bestselling author Tia Louise are back with an all-new romantic comedy filled with Southern sass and steamy scenes that will have you laughing out loud and fanning yourself. Pour the sweet tea and get ready…

“The best way to get over your sh**ty ex-fiancé is to get under a shiny new stud…”

As soon as Mr. Tall, Blond, and Handsome walks into that bar, I know he’s the hook-up I need to get over stupid Cheater Kyle.

A few stolen kisses in a dark hallway, and I’m pretty sure we’re headed for a home run—until he disappears without a trace.

Whatever. Men are all snakes in the grass, and I don’t need a new one anyway.

I resolve to forget about his perfect lips (and chest of steel) and instead focus on turning my Granny’s old beach house into a profitable B&B.

What I don’t expect is for him to show up the next day in my kitchen!

You see, my sexy mystery man is none other than Jax Roland, the drop-dead gorgeous home improvement star of The Right Stud, and he’s got an offer I can’t refuse.

With a suitcase in one hand and a hammer in the other, he wants to move in and renovate my old house while he films his new show.

But my roommate has secrets, and they threaten to rip our blossoming friendship—and possible love—apart.

When push comes to shove, is Jax really The Right Stud or is he just another nail in the coffin of love?

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Few things in life are as jaw-dropping amazing as Jax Roland emerging from the surf, muscles bulging, water running down the lines of his face, dripping from the ends of his hair… Jean Claude van Ram a rigid brown log in his arms, legs extended.

Okay, that last part I could’ve done without.

It takes less than a minute after he puts that asshole goat on the ground for JC to jump up and head straight for the shrub roses. I don’t even have time to say thank you before I’m charging up the hill after him.

“Oh, no you don’t!”

My overwhelming sadness at the prospect of losing Granny’s house, even my semi-gratitude toward Jax for averting Lulu’s anger over letting her precious goat drown, are forgotten in the race to save my grandmother’s flowers.

In addition to the house, they feel like my final connection to her, the plants she lovingly cultivated every year in her funny hat.

“Did you see that?” Mrs. C meets me at the gate. “He charged down there like Adonis heading into battle. It’s been a while since I’ve felt so stimulated. Reminds me of the time Mr. C talked me into taking a bite of a serrano pepper.”

I don’t have time to correct her Greek mythology or even ask why Mr. C was always taunting her with hot peppers. “Where did that bastard go?”

She jumps back, confused. “Rufus? I put him in his cage. It was time for his nap.”

“Jean Claude! He’ll eat everything!” Pushing past her, I continue running around the house, weighing my concern about Lulu’s anger versus killing that goat with my bare hands.

When I finally make it to the top of the hill, I see him, standing on the porch, his head plunged into the middle of my sweet olive, chomping away.

“Stop, you heartless bastard!” I catch him by the collar and drag him out of the deep-green leaves.

I look around, trying to decide what I’m going to do now. This jerk already chewed through the rope Lulu tied him with.

“Ashton.” The deep male voice pulls my attention to the top of the path.

Jax stands there looking all kinds of sexy with his tee stretched over his broad chest and his wet hair pushed back from his face. In his hand is a silver hook and a thin cable.

“What is that?” I drag the goat to where Jax is standing.

“I had it in the trunk of my car. It’s from a job I was doing. The owners had really big dogs.”

“He can get out of anything. I told Lulu not to bring him here again.”

“Lulu’s your friend?” He comes to where I’m standing and clips the hook through a loop on JC’s collar.

“Possibly ex-best friend.”

“You can’t really tether goats.” He gently extends the silver cable into the yard. From the soaked back pocket of his shorts, he pulls a metal stake. I watch as he loops the other end around it and pushes it into the ground. “How long do you expect to babysit him?”

“She’s got one hour left. Then we’re digging a pit. Roasted goat is delicious.”

The ripple of laughter from Jax’s throat does funny things to my insides…



Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills and USA Today bestselling author Tia Louise kicked off their co-writing adventure in 2017 with the Amazon #4 bestseller THE LAST GUY. (They had so much fun writing that zany hit rom-com, they decided to do it again.)

Great friends, former English teachers, and southern gals in real life, they’ve teamed up to bring you laugh-out-loud naughty romances with strong leading ladies and sexy alpha males who know how to please their women—and who sometimes you just want to slap.

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  1. I loved their first book together and cannot wait to read this one!

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