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Just Like That by Nicola Rendell

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5 Guppy Loving CROWNS

Nicola Rendell delivers another romance filled to the brim with heart, laughter, and heat.  From the opening pages, readers are transported to the unique world filled with varied and lovable characters, and they will absolutely get caught up in the whirlwind romance of Penny and Russ.

One thing that readers have come to expect of Nicola Rendell’s characters is that they will be intriguing and even quirky, and no one fits this bill more than Penelope Darling.  She is hands down my favorite heroine from all of her books.  Readers will adore her free spirit, her love of her town, and her loyalty to her friends.  She exudes happiness and sunshine in such an authentic way that those surrounded by her can help but be affected by it.   She also leads this simple, yet holistic life, and does so in such a way that makes that type of living seem appealing, making others, including me, want to move to the land of pink flamingos and no wi-fi.  Just like the readers fall under the spell of Penny and this crazy town, Russ can’t resist it either.  Russ is the perfect alpha male.  He has all that protective, sexy, hot goodness going on, but he also has this incredibly open and vulnerable side.  Readers will absolutely love his willingness to confess his feelings, to declare what he wants, and to put it all on the line for her and their relationship. Russ will seduce readers with his dominant and alpha nature in the bedroom and is romantic words outside of the bedroom.

Penny and Russ fall fast, quickly moving from insta-lust to insta-love.  However, Nicola Rendell has a knack of making these fast paced relationships believable and authentic.  Yes, it is a short time, but as a reader, I bought into their whole relationship.  I believe their love, because their connection in and out of the bed is explosive.  These characters connect on all levels, only serving to create a romance that will leave readers swooning.

Readers will also enjoy the story line she creates for the characters.  Just Like That, although follows some of the traditional expected conflicts based on the synopsis of the book, it did not go the route I expect.  The expected conflict is there and is resolved appropriately, but it doesn’t become the crux of the story.  They story becomes about them building something solid and about them working together to create a relationship that is meaningful and permanent.  Their whole journey though is entertaining.  Readers will laugh, swoon, cringe a tiny bit (you will understand when you get there), need a fan, as usual for a Nicola Rendell novel, and, ultimately, be left with a romance they will want to revisit time and time again.

Nicole Rendell continues to be a refreshing and unique voice in the romance world.  Her stories are varied and interesting, engaging readers from the very first page.  Her heroines are unlike any I’ve read before, and I love all their quirky goodness.  Her heroes are among my favorite alphas, hitting the perfect balance of dominant and sweet.  And, boy, does she bring the dirty with her romance every single time.  Just Like That is just another glaring example of all the things that are right about a Nicola Rendell book.

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“I bet I can untangle you.”

At an airport baggage claim, Penny Darling looks up from her knotted mess of ear buds to find the sexiest hunk of man she’s ever seen. He’s got a military haircut, a scar through his eyebrow, and he’s rocking a pastel pink dress shirt like only a real man can. But Penny is on a man-free diet so she leaves the airport without succumbing to his delicious double-entendres…or his dreamy dimples.

PI Russ Macklin can’t take his eyes off Penny. As she sashays out of the airport with hips swaying and curls bouncing, he suspects they may share more than just sweltering chemistry. That suitcase she’s rolling along behind her? It looks a lot like his.

Because it is.

When he tracks her down, he holds her bag hostage in exchange for a date. Their night begins with margaritas and ends in urgent care, and Russ proves that Cosmo’s theory about a very particular type of orgasm was oh-so-wrong.

In Penny, Russ finds a small-town sweetheart with a very naughty side. For the first time ever, he’s thinking about picket fences. Penny finds in Russ a loving, caring man who understands the power of massaging showerheads.

But Russ is only in Port Flamingo for a week. They agree it’ll be a fling and nothing more. Because really, they can’t fall ass-over-teakettle in love just like that…

Can they?
99k words. HEA. Dual POV. No cheating. 
Featuring a big drooly dog named Guppy.

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Jesus,”I groan into her ear. “You always this wet?”

“For you, I think so.”

I hoist her up onto the countertop, making a nearby teakettle clatter and slosh. She loops her arms around my neck, and I kiss her again, pressing her head up against the cabinets. I add another finger, feeling just how fucking tight she really is. I compress her clit and she rolls her pelvis into my palm. That tiny movement, the shifting of her pussy, her body saying yes, it sets off something inside me, as powerful as a fucking starting pistol, and I smack the cabinet behind her head, making dishware rattle and ding.

Her hands make their way down to my belt. I pull back from the kiss and watch her, her delicate hands working the leather, unthreading the end from the loops. With my thumb I press into the edge of her clit, which makes her freeze, buckle clasped in her hand. Her eyes flutter shut, and she goes slack in my arms.

I take over and pull my belt off. “So, listen,”I say, keeping my tone serious and dark. “I want you to tell me exactly what you want. You get that?”

“This is what I want,”she gasps, feeling me through my shorts. “Oh my God, you’re huge.”

“Think you can handle me?”

“If you teach me.”

Shit, how sexy is that? I tip her chin up toward my face. “Yeah, I’ll teach you. But I want you to be fucking explicit.”

“About what…”She trails off as I lick a line up her throat.

“About what you like and how you like it. I don’t know how long I’m going to be here, and I don’t want to fuck around.”I drag my tongue along the clamshell edge of her ear. “Be dirty, be rude. Tell me what you want and don’t hold back.”

Her neck arches, and her pussy clamps down around my fingers. So I give her a third. She pauses with her hands inside my waistband, her fingers inches from my cock.

“What do you want? Tell me, right now.”

She stares hard at me, like she’s trying to call my bluff. Like she thinks it doesn’t matter what she wants, not really. But how fucking wrong she is. What she wants, that’s everything.

Still though, she doesn’t answer. She gets to work on the buttons of my shirt, her small fingers undoing one after another until she’s got her hands on my bare chest.

Time to be even clearer with her, so I pin her head back and get right up in her face. “I can fuck you all night, Penny. I can fuck you until you beg for mercy. Or I can go slow and be sweet.”I pull off her shorts, working them down her legs, and drop them on the kitchen floor.

She runs her fingertips down my abs. “Can’t we do everything?”

Goddamn it, yes. “Everything and more.”



About the Author:

Nicola Rendell writes dirty, funny, erotic romance. She likes a stiff drink and a well-frosted cake. She is at an unnamed Ivy and prefers to remain mostly anonymous for professional reasons. She has a PhD in English and an MFA in Creative Writing from schools that shall not be named here. She loves to cook, sew, and play the piano. She realizes that her hobbies might make her sound like an old lady and she’s totally okay with that. She lives with her husband and her dogs. She is from Taos, New Mexico.
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