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Kristy has done a thing; a brand-new NA Romance is coming your way. This book has everything: Feisty AF Heroines, Brooding Bad Boys, Off the Charts Chemistry that will set your Kindle on FIRE!!!!! This right here is what I love about NA Romances. You absolutely NEED this in your life. 

Those stormy eyes flash with an intensity I’ve never seen from Maverick. At least when he’s not been pissed. 

Maverick is absolutely amazing; this man tries so hard to be aloof and unfeeling but deep down you can tell that he’s the exact opposite. Kristy has created him with so many layers, written with such precision divulging one layer at a time until you’re completely obsessed with him. I loved that you got to see the evolution of his character as the pages go on, giving you more and more pieces of him to love. 

I welcome the heat of her body and hold her tight, breaking all my fucking rules today. 

Ainsley is the BEST. This girl is quirky and fun but also super feisty which I love in my heroines. There are so many moments where she puts Maverick in his place in the best way and it makes you fall a little bit more in love with her every time. Her character is so much stronger than she gives herself credit for, she’s been through some crappy circumstances but she’s here standing and trying to figure out who she wants to be. I loved watching her and Maverick together you could feel the tension pouring from the pages building and building until it’s about to combust. These two are pure Kindle FIRE!!! 

“My heart can handle you, I promise.”

Kristy has this wonderful way with words that draws you completely and utterly into every story that she creates holding you captive until the last page. She creates one of kind characters that give you all the feels and more, and Ainsley and Maverick are no different. I absolutely loved this book from start to finish it will have a smile on your face and leave a lightness on your heart… This is a definite MUST READ!!!!


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Sarah’s Musings…

I absolutely loved IOU. Such a unique concept with the hilarious and lovable cast of characters makes IOU a romcom must.

Maverick is deliciously grumpy. I’m a sucker for a broody man who secretly has a heart underneath it all, and no one brings that out in him like Ainsley. What always seals the deal for me as a reader, though, is when the hero is supportive of the heroine, pushes her to be independent and follow her dreams. Maverick is hits trifecta – hot, sweet and outwardly a bit of a jerk. Yes, please.

Ainsley is a different heroine, but I found her endearing. She makes a common mistake most young girls make, but I loved going her road to self discovery with her. She is the person who wears you down and makes you love her, and I LOVED HER.

These two together are so much fun. IOU is a very slow burn, but I enjoy the moments of watching Ainsley find her independence, befriend the reluctant Maverick, and watch them fall in love. The pacing of the climax and the resolution is a bit rushed for me, but I couldn’t help my cheesy smile with how they got together and the epilogue, so it wasn’t enough to knock a star off for me.

Kristy Marie has become one of my faves. She has a unique voice in romance world, and she has the perfect mix of zany humor and steamy romance. I’ll read anything she wants to write.


It’s official.

I, Ainsley James, am crazy.

Desperate and crazy.

It’s the only explanation as to why I’m nauseous, standing outside Maverick Lexington’s door.

I mean, it’s possible the stories about his deck of playing cards—with the words IOU scrawled across the back—are just rumors of the ruthless quid pro quo deals he barters.

But the flutters in my stomach know better.

Maverick is as cold as they come.

But, I need one of those cards.

I NEED to owe Maverick Lexington a favor…

Whatever the terms, I’m willing to pay.

Because, at this point, I have nothing left to lose.

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About the Author:

A self-proclaimed reader enthusiast, Kristy started her writing journey back in 2009, reading and writing when her daughter was napping. Establishing her place in Corporate America (because something had to pay the bills), writing became her dirty, late-night secret.

After eight long years, she released her debut novel, Commander in Briefs. It was a long road, but she can honestly say, the road less traveled had the most beautiful sights.

The only thing Kristy Marie loves as much as reading and writing is sports! Especially those that require muscles and a nice ass. Her favorite is, and always will be, baseball. She’s such a fan, that she even married her small town’s high school’s centerfielder where they still live with their three badass kids. 

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