#NewRelease & #MBreview “Defy” by L.J. Shen

Defy (Sinners of Saints #0.5)

by L.J Shen

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 3, 2017 (LIVE EARLY)

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L.J. Shen’s prequel novella, Defy, is everything readers love about her stories, and the continuation of everything that is awesome about the Sinners of Saints series. The hero is deliciously dirty in so many ways, the HotHoles are out in full force, and there is enough heat to melt your eReader.

Not seeing a whole lot of Jamie in Vicious, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from him, well obviously he is a Hothole, and so I knew some of it, like his dedication to his friends, his fighting, and his use of girls. I was interested, though, to see his real character, and L.J. Shen does not disappoint with the newest hothole.  Jamie is strong, dominant, sexy, and while not as violent as Vicious, he still isn’t afraid to enact violence when needed. His skills in the bedroom are the stuff of dreams, although there is one scene that I just don’t know! It had me questioning if that would really a turn-on, but it worked for them, so right on!   His dedication in his pursuit of Melody is well-planned and orchestrated, and while his intentions at first to quell his lust, readers will love that he isn’t afraid when it moves towards more.  His most admirable quality, just like Vicious, is his unwavering support of his friends and Melody. He is the voice of reason, the voice of logic, and the voice that everyone seems to listen to, even Vicious.  There are times when Jamie doesn’t seem like an 18 year old.  His body, his maturity, and his sexual prowess is not that of an 18 year old, but of a man.  It is easy to forget this when they aren’t in a classroom setting, and these are the moments I enjoy most with Jamie.

Melody is a different beast for me.  I am not sure if it is because she came after Emilia, but she just seemed weaker to me.  I get her dreams are crushed and she is floating along in a life she hates, but I just wanted her to take life by the balls, maybe channel a little of the hotholes. Yes, she has moments of strength, literally making me cheer as she stands up to several characters, which takes some serious tenacity on her part, but I needed it to be more consistent. There are so many times though that she just seems to roll over, whether it is because she is afraid to say anything or because she just has given up, like her life sucks, so what does she have to lose. These decisions based on her apathy just didn’t sit well with me as a reader, and at times she seems less mature than Jamie. The moments that I really enjoy her character though are when she is taking her life in her hands, standing up to those trying to intimidate her, and when she is with Jamie.  She just seems lighter, happier, and much more whole when they are sharing their secret moments together.

This plot has everything readers expect from an L.J. Shen book.  Sex that will make you blush and clench. A hero that is dangerous and dominate, and yet leaves your heart in the floor in a pile of goo!  A storyline that not only gives readers the forbidden teacher student romance, but also shows the reader that love isn’t defined by age, which is done well.  Throughout the novel, I forgot on many occasions that she is 8 years older than him, as they seemed suited for one another.  The one thing this book absolutely did do is make me so excited for the next two books.  Why, oh why, can’t Trent and Dean’s story not be here?  It is going to be utter torture to wait to see more Vicious and Emilia, more of Jamie and Mel as adults, and of course to see what those other two hotholes have up their sleeves.

L.J. Shen’s Defy will be another best seller with all of this forbidden romance glory.  It is sexy, dangerous, and seductive, basically a hothole in book form, and who can resist that?  Not this girl!  Now I’ll just sit here stalking, I mean anxiously waiting on the next book is AWESOME series.

Side note: Another reason I had a hard time connecting to Melody is that as a high school teacher myself, I just cannot get into the mindset of seeing a student in a sexual way.  Even if said student is of age and it is legal, I just can’t overlook it.  The forbidden nature comes from the power role of the teacher to the student, and while it is clear Jamie has the power, I just had a really hard time connecting to a teacher who lusted after a student.  Honestly, if she would have had another job and he would have pursued her with the same age, I probably would have connected with her more.  That being said, the book is still fabulous, I still love the characters and the story, and L.J. Shen’s writing is still spectacular.  In all of these areas it is a 5 CROWN read.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.


My name is Melody Greene, and I have a confession to make.

I slept with my student, a senior in high school.

Multiple times.

I had multiple orgasms.

In multiple positions.
I slept with my student and I enjoyed it.
I slept with my student and I’d do it all over again if I could turn back time.
My name is Melody Greene, and I got kicked out of my position as a teacher and did my walk of shame a la Cersei Lannister from the principal’s office, minutes after said principal threatened to call the cops on me.
My name is Melody Greene, and I did something bad because it made me feel good.
Here is why it was totally worth it.
Defy is a smutty, insta-love, insta-lust short novella. Defy is a prequel to Vicious (Sinners of Saint #1). It is recommended, but unnecessary, to read Defy before reading Vicious.

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Vicious (Sinners of Saint #1) is Available Now!!! 

About the Author:
L.J. Shen resides in sunny California with her husband, son, chubby cat and wild, wild dreams.
Her passion is to write badass stories, sushi, UFC and her awesome family and friends (not in this order, though. Obviously, sushi comes before writing. Oh, and also the family part.)
She spend the first half of her twenties traveling the world and is now paying all the fun with extra shifts in front of her MacBook. Feel free to contact her on her Facebook page. She loves to hear from her readers.
Feel free to contact her on her Facebook page. She loves to hear from her readers.

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