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Tricia’s Musings…

5 Lost Boy and his Tink CROWNS

Going in, I didn’t expect to feel as emotional as I did about this story and it surprised me because Brielle and Royce‘s journey certainly didn’t start out in a way which tugged at my heart strings. With Royce getting up to his usual mischief it was far from it, so I had no clue what was to come. I don’t mean I felt sentimental in a “it’s the final Brayshaw book, and therefore this series has come to an end” kind of way but poignant in a way which brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat because we get to see real vulnerability here, need, want and desires flayed open where we’ve only caught glimpses before, hidden under bravado and ego.

Brielle is the perfect match for Royce and in fact for the whole group. She’s lonely and despite having a far from easy life, her spirit isn’t broken. She’s fun and feisty and loyal, with no agenda other than to be a support to whoever needs it. 

“All I want is to be whatever it is you hoped for the minute you decided I was worth this”

She’s no pushover but she’s not trying to claw her way to the top by any means either. She’s open and honest and welcoming, and her humor, her smile and easy demeanor draw people in. Kind and insightful, with a strength of character that hasn’t been achieved at the expense of others, there’s not a conceited bone in her body. I absolutely loved her.

I’m so pleased we got this opportunity to see the real Royce. Did he sometimes make the wrong decisions, yes he did, was he infuriating at times, also yes, but what stopped me from wanting to shake him silly was when we caught a glimpse of the parts of himself he tried to keep hidden, the real reason he was acting the way he was. The self proclaimed loner, the lost boy who didn’t need anyone but his brothers and their wives and kids in his life, actually feels he doesn’t deserve anyone good for himself that he’ll never be enough, that he’s always the last choice. I really hoped Brielle would be the one to show him that he, like his brothers, had so much to give and that he too deserved all the happiness in the world. I have to say, whilst we were waiting for him to get his head out of his backside, his inner dialogue and the witty banter between him and Brielle in particular was so funny it had me in fits. He just didn’t get her, she was nothing like he expected and his confusion over his reaction to her and the way she threw him off his game was hysterical. I think that out of all the Brayshaw couples, Royce and Brielle are the ones who stole my heart.

I’m sad we have to say goodbye to this family, for that’s what they are. Maybe not by blood but one created from love and loyalty, who stay together through choice and who are stronger for it. This whole series has been amazing and I really hope we get to visit this world again. I’m really not ready to let them go.

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Sarah’s Musings…

5 Hot Pocket Crowns

I’m so sad the Brayshaw series is over. I feel bereft, lost. What am I to do with my life now, knowing we won’t ever be back? But know this, Meagan Brandy ends this series with a bang, bringing the story not only full circle but also giving our beloved bad boy the perfect HEA.

Royce Brayshaw wrecked me. We got glimpses of his insecurities he masked with his playboy exterior, but we loved him because of them and because of the heart he had for his family. Royce is truly a lost boy in this book, now more than ever, and my heart ached for the man who has the biggest heart, even when he wrapped it up with barbed wire. I wanted him to see his worth and find love and be happy, truly happy. I wanted someone to come along and show him his ability for light, and, boy, did Meagan deliver a heroine who did all this and more.

Brielle Bishop is not only the perfect girl for a Royce, but she is also the perfect fit for the Brayshaw crew. She is enchanting with her easy demeanor and overall charm. She is quick to win over the hearts of the whole crew in an authentic and unsuspecting manner. She just fits, she’s the missing puzzle piece. I loved seeing her spar with Royce, rise to the challenges he laid at her feet, and love him so fiercely. She changes our beloved lost boy into a true Brayshaw King, loving him the way we all do.

With every book in this series, we have intrigue and suspense. Meagan Brandy has laid clues for an ending one won’t suspect. It was such a phenomenal conclusion to the story, and I loved how it all tied together for them as a couple and the Brayshaw family as a whole. Break Me has the grit and heart and intrigue we have loved in every single one of her Brayshaw books, but is somehow more. And even though the final pages were a bittersweet ending, she gives a the full blown, smile ear to ear happy ending for our favorite Brayshaw and his queen. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t sad. Sad to have to say goodbye to one of my favorite series and characters, but I felt complete and whole with how she delivered the conclusion not only for Royce and Brielle but the whole cast of characters we have come to consider family.

What do you saw when the end comes? You know it has to. An author can’t stay in the same world forever, but it doesn’t make it any easier. This is a crew I truly have fallen in love with. Their ideals of family and loyalty, and the way the Brayshaws love their women with their hearts and soul made me want to a part of this world always. I’m going to truly miss these characters and this world, but I have hope we will see cameos and maybe one day get to enter the Brayshaw world again.


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Aundi’s Musings…

5 Tink Crowns

This book was exhilarating but at the same time sorrow crept in because I knew that this is officially the end. Royce is where this series stops and I needed him desperately but was also not wanting to read it so that I could savior the end longer. But alas, as I knew he would Royce took over my entire mind, body and soul, and the only thing I could do was bow to his will and read the entirety of his story in one sitting. I blew through these pages with a fire in my soul and a need in my heart. I’ve been dying to know who was going to tame the untamable beast that is Royce and I was not dissatisfied, Brielle is absolute perfection, she brings light to his dark in the best way. Them together just makes your heart happy to see because we’ve all been waiting for Pony boy to fall and fall he did. 

I’ve been completely obsessed with this series since I first read Boy’s of Brayshaw last year and I haven’t looked back since. These characters have owned me from the start and each and every book has made them more alive to me. Each of these boys is so much more than you could have ever imagined they would be. And watching as the woman in their lives fit them with such perfection and ease makes the journey that much more satisfying. I’ve watched since the beginning as Royce took on the role that he presents to the outside world. But for the chance to see the man behind the curtain that is something special. Actually witnessing his loneliness to the point of suffocation will wreck your heart, you can’t help but want to reach into the book and hold him and just be there with him for him. He makes you want to be everything too him because you know if you are special enough to receive his love he will love you with a ferocity that knows no bounds and lives by no rules. 

Honestly I was a little worried Brielle wouldn’t be able to hang with our girls, but I should have known better. Because this girl slid right in and clicked into place liked she’d always been there. She carries this light in her that she displays to the world not to trick but just to bring happiness to people in some way. This girl is legit just a good freaking person and it shows in her actions and the way she handles herself and those around her. She brings a brightness to the situations and a calmness that not only Royce needs but they all do. I couldn’t be more in love with her if I tried. 

Meagan has produced magic with these boys, she’s designed something that has the ability to take you away and get you lost to all things Brayshaw. I have lived and breathed them for over a year now and I am sad to see them go, was I desperate for Royce without a doubt, but now I’m in a state of melancholy now that it’s officially over. But I know that I will reread their journeys from time to time, because you can’t ever be rid of a Brayshaw once they’ve got you they don’t let go. Thank you Meagan for creating something that is so beyond addictive you don’t have the control to stop, this series is a MUST READ always, I will continually rec this series without hesitation.  

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy 

I had a plan, and it was solid.

Track down what was hidden away and take pleasure in toying with it.
Toying with 𝘩𝘦𝘳.

That plan, it worked like a charm.
Until it didn’t.

Turned out, the feisty little thing I found was far from what I hoped for.
She was different from all I knew and more than I expected.

She was light, and I’m the bastard who led her into darkness.
But this girl… she followed with a smile.

I told her I break pretty things.
She asked me to promise.

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About the Author:

 Meagan is a cookie dough crazed, jukebox junkie who tends to speak in lyrics. Born and raised in California, she is a married mother of three crazy boys who keep her bouncing from one sports field to another, depending on the season, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Starbucks is her best friend and words are her sanity.

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