#NewRelease “Sexy Beast” by Ella J.

Sexy Beast by Ella J

Release Date: April 12th

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Designer: Clarissa Wild



Sexy Beast is absolutely, positively steamy and quick – the best kind of novella. These authors give the readers just enough characterization & story-line to engage me in their story and give me a satisfying romance.

It is a novella, so obviously the character development of the hero and heroine are not going to be as in depth as we would normally expect or want in a novel. However, within these chapters the authors are able to create characters that I care about. Darcy’s motivation is honorable, James’s icy demeanor explained and understandable, and their chemistry, mainly in the bedroom, is insane. Seriously, it is some of the hottest, probably the hottest scenes in a novella that I have ever read. The physical and emotional intimacy when they connect is top notch.

The story line is good, and I may have had an inkling about the surprise twist but not enough that I ever saw it coming, which is always an aspect of story-telling that I appreciate. The resolution is very quick, and there is little indication about how the characters get from the climax to the resolution because the story is told in a single narrative point-of-view.

Overall, I really enjoyed this first novella from Ella J., and I will absolutely be picking up more if or when they publish them. 


Yeah, I did it.

I signed on to be an “intimate companion.”

Desperate times and desperate measures lead to crazy choices.

Really, though, it’s not that crazy. Someone has to pay my brother’s bills after the wreck, and I’m the only someone left.

My first job: snuggle up to a sexy beast of a billionaire at one of his luxury ski resorts.

I can do that.

Except I’m not so sure he wants me to. The Ice King barely looks at me. He rarely speaks to me, and when he does, he says he doesn’t want me in his bed.

Okay then.

I keep my head held high, my shoulders squared, and my bruised ego under wraps—until I stumble onto secrets.

James Harrington is hiding devastating secrets.

I get too close. I get involved. I take a risk, and I give him more than he paid for.

For a moment, it’s too perfect to be true.

But there’s one more secret—and it’s the one I never saw coming.

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It’s not just his eyes that are striking. He’s so handsome that it’s almost impossible, with a strong, square jaw and high cheekbones. He has dark hair, though, slicked back. I’d call him movie-star handsome if it weren’t for the powerful presence in his face and body— the way he stands, and the show of athleticism I just saw when he skied in. This man is no pretty boy, and just standing still I feel like he’s taking up all the space in the room. The building. And he’s tall. I’m in heels, and I have to look up to meet his eyes.

He’s also breathing fast from his run down the mountain, and the strange whorl of snowy cold and heat coming from him is just more unsettling. I catch a clean scent of spicy soap and snow on the air, too. Out of nowhere, I feel a strange pull in my chest, like I want to step closer even as I feel a tingle of caution along the back of my neck. The way it feels to approach something animal and caged.

“You’re Darcy? Rina sent you?” His voice is disconcertingly deep.

I blush and start when he says my name. I don’t even know why. I was half-expecting this gorgeous guy to keep walking out of the room, but he stands there looking at me, one eyebrow raised. And then he holds out his hand to shake mine.

And it finally clicks for me that this is James Harrington. The Ice King. My client.

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