#NewRelease “Worship” by Ella James

Worship (On My Knees Duet Book 1)

by Ella James

Tricia’s Musings…

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After reading the beginning, the opening act as it were, of Luke and Vance’s story in the Spring Fling anthology, I couldn’t wait to see in which direction Ms James took them next when given free reign to expand on it. This first part of their duet, which includes that first meeting, didn’t disappoint.

Luke and Vance’s first encounter is under unusual circumstances, a quirk of fate if you will, or was it simply that the stars aligned? Either way, although they are strangers, there’s an instant spark between them and their lust and fierce attraction for each other is undeniable and quite frankly incendiary. Throwing caution to the wind, they give in to their desires on that first night with complete abandon. I am not exaggerating when I say that what follows is one scorchingly hot and extremely sexy liaison. I’m not saying any more, other than be careful as your kindle may combust!

I love these characters and the way Ms James has given them contrasting personalities. Vance the free spirited artist, seemingly content within his own skin, and Luke who is very much restrained by his occupation and standing within society. Despite his busy lifestyle, he has an air of loneliness about him. I felt great sympathy for him and in fact it started to become clear to me that there’s something missing in each of their lives, definitely unfulfilled desires.

Time passes and their story changes. I was pleased to see it evolve, from merely hot and heavy to becoming one of denial and longing. A forbidden love, a temptation they’re powerless to resist. Their meetings are few and far between but time does not extinguish the passion. With each clandestine encounter, their bond becomes stronger, starts to feel more than just a meaningless hookup.

Worship is just the beginning of an extremely steamy, erotic and exciting love story. Ms James has done an amazing job with her first MM and I can’t wait to read the conclusion in Adore.

Aundi’s Musings…

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This story was the first M/M only story that I’ve read, and I have to say that I could not get enough. Ella has created a beautiful story full of heartache and struggle. The compassionate way she wrote these characters and the realism with which the situations occur will tug at your heartstrings.

Vance and Luke have this special connection that you don’t find every day. Their intensity and passion is enough to melt your Kindle and then some. These two are a frenzy of fiery heat and sensual desires. It’s completely captivating and oh so HOT!!! But due to society and familial expectations they have serious obstacles to overcome.

It broke my heart to watch them struggle and try to figure out their way in this world. You wouldn’t think that now a day’s this would be so much of an issue anymore but reading this you realize how naïve that is. I don’t want to give a lot away because I feel this is a story that everyone should read. But just know that you will not be disappointed. And keep in mind that this is book 1 in a duet so it does end on a cliffhanger.

Image may contain: one or more people and text Synopsis:

An epic, forbidden MM romance from USA Today Bestselling Author Ella James… 

You think you know me.
That’s the way I want it.
Making you feel like we know each other–like we could go grab a beer sometime–is part of my job. Maybe the most vital part. It doesn’t hurt that I’m easy on the eyes, single at 35, and born richer than sin. My aesthetic matters much more than it should, but all the better for my worthy cause.
And it’s a worthy cause.
I’ve made an art out of making you feel good, and my influence makes you want to be good. Good like me. You think you know me, but you don’t.
Everyone has secrets. Mine could cost me everything.
So I’m a fortress. No one’s ever even gotten close.
Until tonight.
See that man, the tall guy dripping on the bow of my yacht? The one I just pulled from the ocean?
He’s the one who’s going to cost me everything.

***Book two, Adore, will release November 11th.

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“Meet me at the stern, Vance.”
He’ll know how to get up. He’s already done it once.
This time, I drop the ladder for him and watch him ascend. I was right about his build. He looks lean—almost lanky, but with too much muscle to be called that. Moonlight shines off his impressive chest and shoulders. Water rivulets twine down his well-defined legs, dripping from swim shorts that cling to him like a glove.
When he steps onto the deck, he pushes his hair out of his face, and I realize it’s almost shoulder-length. I look him discreetly up and down. Guy works out. Probably not every day, but with some regularity. I can’t tell who’s taller—him or me—but I think I’m definitely bulkier. I’m an every day guy. Got the home gym thing going.
Vance Rayne, long-haired artist, wipes a palm over his face, and I can see he’s classically attractive. Strong, dark brows over striking eyes. Sharp cheekbones, a straight nose…lips that aren’t too thick or too thin. I think he’s maybe twenty-five.
His eyes find mine.
“Water. Please.” His voice is rough. His face, all Adonis lips and cheekbones, looks suspended in the moon glow. He’s half swallowed by the inky darkness—not quite corporeal. And yet his realness drums through me.
“Sure,” I manage.
I beckon him forward a few feet to the sectional seating around the cockpit. The space has the feel of several couches arranged in a broken square. He doesn’t sit, though, as I grab some water from a cooler.
I notice a dark blot on his forehead. It smears down toward his eyebrow, and my stomach does a slow roll.
“You are bleeding.”
I watch as he drains the water bottle dry. As I pass him another, something dark falls like a shadow over my heart. It’s as if the night has gelled around us. Seconds crawl past surreally. I drag in a long, slow breath, and he quirks his brow, reminding me I need to do something about the gash.
“Let me go get something,” I murmur.
I return from the cabin to find him sitting on one of the padded benches, his elbows on his knees, one hand pushed into his tangled hair. I turn a light on, casting the deck in amber. Then I drag the cooler in front of him and take a seat atop it.
As I open the first aid kit, the salty breeze kicks up a bite of his scent: sunscreen and warm, male skin. When I look up, I notice the hand that’s curved around his forehead seems to be shaking.
“You okay?”
He lowers his arm. “Yeah.” But his face is drawn. His cheeks and jaw are covered with rough stubble, his lips cracked in one corner. He probably had a miserable day on that island. Had to have been pretty desperate to swim out to an unknown vessel.
I lean in closer, squinting at the gash above his brow. It’s about an inch or so long, seeping blood, but not split open too wide. “Doesn’t look like I got you too bad,” I say quietly. “You seeing double, anything like that?”
He mumbles, “No.” His eyes are cast down. They swing up to mine, and I give him a look I hope says sorry for the head wound.
He smirks. “Hell of a welcome.”
“After the fancy invitation, too.”

About the Author:

Ella James is the USA Today and Amazon Top 10 bestselling author of twenty teen and adult love stories. She’s an angst-a-holic who loves exploring difficult situations and the emotions of the people caught up in them. Also, smut. But always, always romance.

Ella is an Alabama native who makes her home near Boulder, Colorado, with her writer husband, three young children, and hyperactive dog. When she’s not writing, she can be found hiking the foothills, taking nature photos for her Instagram account, and swilling vanilla cream soda.

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  1. The gorgeous cover already had me curious, but after reading your review, this is moving up on my TBR!

  2. I am so tempted to put my current read on hold and dive into this book instead!

  3. Love the reviews! I’ve already picked this up and looking forward to reading this.

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