#NewRelease “Yard Sale” by Charleigh Rose

Title: Yard Sale
Author: Charleigh Rose
Genre: New Adult Romance (novella)

Release Date: July 26, 2018


5 Snowy Crowns

Hot as Heck snowboarder with an edge. Sassy heroine who handles him. Scorching chemistry that burns you up. You get it all with Yard Sale by Charleigh Rose.

Boy, oh boy, how I love Cam! God, he is complete and total hero perfection. An athletic body, the perfect amount of arrogance and swagger, and the big heart underneath will have readers swooning. There is not literally one thing in this novel that he did that didn’t hit the right spot.

Mollie is so sassy from the moment readers meet her. She can go toe to toe with Cam, and that makes her my favorite type of heroine. I love her freedom in the bedroom, and her choices that follow after. She is the type of heroine I want to be friends with.

The pacing of this novella is perfect. It moves quickly, transitioning from lust to love, but Charleigh Rose got me to invest in them as a couple and cheer for them to get together. The snapshot is enough to entertain me, heat me up, and sigh at the romance between these two. With the new epilogue and the extended epilogue, Charleigh Rose has created novella perfection. We get the whole HEA package, plus a look at some of our favorite Bad Habit characters.

Yard Sale gets a gold medal from me. It the is perfect sports romance novella. It is sexy, fun, and full of heart, a definite must read!

ARC received in exchange for an honest review

Plus you get the glimpse into rewrite the Stars

I was freshly fired from my job and betrayed by my boyfriend.
It was a new low for me. 
A one-night stand with an arrogant stranger was just what I needed. 
I didn’t know that he was a famous snowboarder, or that he’d give me the best sex of my life.
I wasn’t ever supposed to see him again.
Fate had other plans. 
I was young and rich with the whole world at my fingertips.
I was in my prime.
A one-night stand with a hot little tourist on the rebound was the perfect way to spend my weekend.
I didn’t know she’d leave in the middle of the night, or that I’d wake up wanting more. 
I never thought I’d see her again. 
Now she’s back.
She’s been keeping a secret.
One that will change everything.

“Why were you upset earlier?” I ask. “Boyfriend issues? Daddy issues?” Mollie huffs out a humorless laugh. “Sort of. I just got out of a complicated relationship right before I came here.”“Ah, so I’m the rebound,” I guess. Mollie shrugs and gives me an apologetic smile. “Maybe?” “I hate it when beautiful women use my body to get over their boyfriends. You should be ashamed of yourself,” I say, reaching over to grab her by the waist and pulling her on top of me. My cock nestles between her wet pussy lips, and she slides back and forth on top of me.“So ashamed,” Mollie says, feigning innocence. “Is it working?” I ask, flexing my hips upward. “Are you over him yet?” “Almost,” she breathes, as my hands reach up to palm her perky tits. “I guess we’ll just have to try again,” I say, and then she angles her hips just right to take me inside her. “Just one more time.”

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  1. I keep hearing good things about this one. Looks like I need to get it!! Thanks for the review.

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