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Preppy returns in Preppy Part Two by T.M. Frazier.


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T.M. Frazier has once again created a story that has absolutely ripped me to shreds. My heart ached and my soul was wounded as I saw one of my favorite characters EVER struggle with the atrocities committed against him. In true Preppy fashion though, he handles it in his own crazy and outlandish way, and I love every single minute of his road to recovery.

The Preppy readers have come to love throughout his series is lost. Lost in the pain, lost in the memories, and lost in this life that has moved on without him. The anguish that pierces through him is felt in every word T.M Frazier writes. Readers get to see these glimpses of the Preppy they have loved, but he is weighed down, suffocating under a black cloud he can’t seem to escape. Watching the other characters struggle to help him does nothing to heal the heart, except the amount of love among this group of misfits and criminals is immense, and their dedication to helping Preppy heal is astounding. The one person who is able to help him, pull him from the darkness is Dre. Andrea has returned as a better version of herself, more put together and accepting responsibility for her past misdeeds. She is, however, still the girl that isn’t afraid to stand up to Preppy, to challenge him, and to push his boundaries. When she breaks and unleashes everything on him, it is one of my favorite moments of the book. I literally cheered for her tenacity, and for his reaction to it! Not everything is as clear cut, though, as Dre ends up revealing some secrets that not only rocks Preppy’s world but her world as well. This revelation begins Preppy’s return, and, oh, what a return it is! By the end of this story, the Preppy readers have loved makes his return. The cockiness, the absurd humor, and the bowtie all come back and are sported by our beloved anti-hero with gusto.

As warned by the author, this book is about so much more than the romance between Dre and Preppy, and while there are certainly the steamy scenes readers love from Ms. Frazier, there is a good portion of the book where they aren’t together and interacting, but this needed to be done. After the trauma that Preppy endured, he needs to heal, to find a new place in this new world, and he needs to come to terms, in his own way. Readers know this man never does what is expected or the norm, and T.M. Frazier honors that journey while giving the readers the romance they want from Dre and Preppy, as well as setting up the storyline for the next book.

The plot of this story will suck readers in from the opening pages. The emotional turmoil felt not only by Preppy, but also King, Ray, Ti, Bear, Dre, and even Rage and Nolan captures the reader. Seeing this family struggle to get better, to heal, to find a new path is heartbreaking, yet oddly hopeful. This group’s desire to be there for each other, to band together, and to rally around the man who for so long held them together warms the heart. In addition to the familial element, T.M. Frazier expertly sets up the next book. She layered this secondary plot details into the story, foreshadowing the events of book three, which only piques readers interest, as Preppy’s reaction based on the final act of the book is guaranteed to be EPIC, unlike anything readers have seen from T.M. Frazier before. Trust that Ms. Frazier has enough bombs placed in this story to keep readers entertained until the very end.

With Preppy, T.M. Frazier showcases why she is one of my favorite dark romance writers. The suspense, the violence, and the love, even from these violent criminals, is captivating. I love this dark and dirty world she has created, and the dubious and charismatic characters she has placed in it. I hope she never stops writing about them, because I never want to leave this world. I can at least find comfort in knowing I get to return for one more round, but one particular bomb she detonated leaves me some hope for more! Until then, I will sit and not so patiently wait for the conclusion of Preppy, the man who has stolen my heart!
ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

Displaying preppy part two.jpg Synopsis:

Preppy finds himself back in a world he once loved, but no longer recognizes. His dim smile can’t hide his inner turmoil and the people he views as family all suddenly feel like polite strangers.

Except for one person. A girl with dark eyes and even darker hair.

A girl who isn’t even an option.

At least, not anymore.

Dre can’t decide who she’s going to listen to. Her heart, her head, or her body. Because two out of those three things have her heading right back to Logan’s Beach. Closure is what she tells herself she’s seeking, but when she unlocks doors that were never meant to be opened she soon discovers that when it comes to Samuel Clearwater, closure might NEVER be an option.

This is book six in the King Series and the second part of Preppy and Dre’s story.

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“Oh yeah?” Preppy asked, taking a step forward, crowding me in, staring deep into my eyes with an intensity that had me biting down hard on my lower lip. “Do YOU like a clean look, Doc? Or do you like it dirty? Beards. Tattoos…scars?”

Yes, I like it dirty. So dirty.

I was stunned into silence. Preppy’s proximity was fucking with my brain, and I was afraid I was going to blurt out something that would dig me a deeper hole than I’d already dug for myself.  I opened my mouth to answer, but I couldn’t get the words out. Not like I needed to. Preppy answered for me. “If I remember correctly, you like it dirty. Real fucking dirty.”

He took another step. “Remember that first time? In the field? By the train tracks? Remember how I pulled your hair while I fucked you from behind and stretched you open? Remember how it felt to have me moving inside of you? How it felt when you came and screamed in my fucking ear? I do. I remember. Thought of that scream every fucking day since. It was deafening.” He chuckled and pressed his teeth against his bottom lip. He groaned, the sound shot straight to my pussy. “I can still fucking hear it now.”

So can I.

The hair on the back of my neck stood on end. “What are you doing?” I asked, trying to step around him, but he pressed his hands against the wall, caging me in. The warmth of his chest radiated onto mine. I tried to look anywhere but into his eyes, afraid of what I might see, but there wasn’t anywhere else to look. He moved even closer.

Preppy pressed his knee between my thighs, parting my legs. “Me?” he asked, with mock innocence. “I’m just reminiscing with an old friend.”

“This doesn’t feel like just reminiscing.”

He stared intensely into my eyes. “No, not YET it doesn’t.” He grinned. “But it fucking will. Soon.”

About the Author:

T.M. Frazier is a USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR best known for her KING SERIES. She was born on Long Island, NY. When she was eight years old she moved with her mom, dad, and older sister to sunny Southwest Florida where she still lives today with her husband and daughter.

When she was in middle school she was in a club called AUTHORS CLUB with a group of other young girls interested in creative writing. Little did she know that years later life would come full circle.

After graduating high school, she attended Florida Gulf Coast University and had every intention of becoming a news reporter when she got sucked into real estate where she worked in sales for over ten years.

Throughout the years T.M. never gave up the dream of writing and with her husband’s encouragement, and a lot of sleepless nights, she realized her dream and released her first novel, The Dark Light of Day, in 2013.

She’s never looked back.

Visit her at www.tmfrazierbooks.com for news, information, and appearances.

Stalk Her: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Goodreads.

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