#ReleaseBlitz & #MBreview “Wicked Mafia Prince” by Annika Martin

Title: Wicked Mafia Prince
Series: Dangerous Royals #2
Author: Annika Martin
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
 Release Date: July 26, 2016

wickedmafiaprincerevMy musings…

I am just in love with this series!  Wicked Mafia Prince continues the story of Viktor and Aleksio, as they try to locate their brother, Kiro, reclaim their empire, all while navigating love.  To be fair, I knew I was going to love this story, even as I read Dark Mafia Prince.  The reader meets Viktor, and it is clear that he is damaged and volatile, which only makes him more intriguing.  From the time I put down Aleksio’s story, I was eagerly awaiting Viktor’s.

I freaking love these characters so hard!  I was drawn to Viktor in the first book of the series.  He clearly has some demons he is fighting, and he was incredibly emotional and volatile.  While that may not be appealing to some, I love a good darker romance that has a hero similar to Viktor.  And, let me tell you, Annika Martin did not disappoint with this character.  His desperation to get back his love is almost heart wrenching.  The scenes where they talk about the past are sweet but also extremely sad.  Even though he has some demons, he still has some of the best characteristics of a hero: loyal, honorable, and dedicated. I just love him!  The heroine of the story, Tanechka, is just as fantastic, and I found her to be an equal in every way to Viktor.  She is fiercely independent, protective of innocents, and loyal.  She is completely bada**, and her skills with fighting are unparalleled.  Her character seems very authentic, and I enjoy how the author integrates her old life with her current one.  Some may not like what she is doing for a “job”, but it completely fits with the growth of her characters, as well as the progression of plot.  Annika Martin expertly uses who she is now as a way to show that the old Tanechka is still alive and well inside of herself.  Not only were these two characters great apart, but they are simply irresistible together.  The memories and the actions between them expertly show the love they once had for each other, and Annika Martin did an amazing job at making their relationship develop at an appropriate pace while also showcasing what Viktor did in the past and allowing the reader to better understand this complicated character.  This book is truly filled with great, well-written, and well-developed characters. IMG_3815

Although I love Viktor, this plot is what continues to draw me back into the story.  I just cannot help myself!  I need to know how everything plays out.  What is going to happen with Lazarus?  How will they find Kiro? What will he be like?  How will Viktor and Tanechka make a life together?  What is the revenge going to look like?  This book answered so many questions but left me with a so many more.  Annika Martin’s ability to blend suspense and romance is done so well.  The reader gets just enough of each, and I cannot wait until Savage Mafia Prince comes out so I can see how their story will end.

Annika Martin’s Dangerous Royals Romance series is just simply fantastic.  There is suspense, love, betrayal, atonement, love, loss, and revenge.  Really, how does a book get better than that?  Make sure that you pick it up.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.


The most violent Dragusha brother…in a standalone romance HEA!Wicked Mafia Prince Ebook CoverViktor

You were the love of my life.
Beautiful and radiant.
Then you betrayed our mafiya family—the only family we ever knew.
Grief-stricken, I did the honor killing.
Quick and vicious.
Your heart no longer beating. Mine ripped to shreds.
When I discovered you were innocent, I was destroyed.

Now, years later—somehow, impossibly—there you are, alive.
The nun who prays and never shows her face.
Trapped on the other side of a webcam.
How can it be?
They think I’m obsessed. Imagining ghosts.
But I’ll always know you.
I’ll always know my Tanechka.

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About the Author:
Annika Martin is a NYT bestselling author who enjoys writing dirty stories about dangerous criminals! She loves helping animals and kicking snow clumps off the bottom of cars around the streets of Minneapolis, and in her spare time she writes as the RITA award-winning author Carolyn Crane.


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