#ReleaseBlitz & #MBreview “You’re the Only One by E.M. Abel

Title: You’re the Only One

Author: E.M. Abel

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: April 11, 2017

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5 Perfect CROWNS

You know when a book is so good you find yourself picking it up to read it, even if it is only for a minute?  You hope there is a line a the stop sign, so you can squeeze in one more page.  You ignore any type of responsibilities because you need more.  You’re the Only One immersed me in the world and romance of Sky and Dillon, and it was perfection.

I absolutely adore Sky and Dillon and their story.  Sky is such a fantastic heroine.  Confident and independent, talented, stylish, and supportive, Sky is everything I respect in a heroine.  She is more than this surface level appearance, though.  She is complex, and has been shaped and molded by her past.  She struggles with trust and love, and she often protects herself by keeping others out.  She does, however, have the fortitude to push past her fear and attempt to find love and happiness. What readers will ultimately respect about this heroine is how she takes her future into her hands professionally and personally, and I enjoyed seeing her grow an develop throughout the novel. Just as Sky has growing up to do, Dillon does as well.  Dillon, throughout the novel, struggles with the pursuit of his dreams and being a stable and dependable man. Readers see him go back and forth between chasing his dreams and settling.  Even with his struggle, the kindness and loyalty he possesses shines through, making readers fall in love with him. His vulnerability and willingness to take a leap of faith, his strength in the face of difficulties, and his ability to put what matters first will have readers swooning over this hero.  These two are three dimensional, complex characters that will enthrall readers from their first moments together.

This friends to lovers romance is going to go down as one of my favorites.  E.M. Abel writes their story in such a way that readers will love them from the very beginning. The friendship, the camaraderie, and loyalty between the two lays the foundation for what will become an epic romance.  A risk is taken by the author by having them date other people, but it only creates a larger desire in the reader for these two to finally realize how great they could be together.  Additionally, her skill as a writer shines through as readers witness them date others without tarnishing or maligning the main characters, keeping reader devotion where it should be, solely on Sky and Dillon.  When they do take the leap, when they walls come down, it is fantastic, and the pay off is worth every single time readers had to watch them with someone else. Her selection of plot details, conflict, character development will engross readers from the very first page, and they won’t be able to walk away.

Another E.M. Abel book is going down as another favorite book, because it is more than just a love story.  It is a story about growth and change.  It is a story about the importance of family and savoring the time we have.  It is story that exhibits real love, love that doesn’t waver and one that stays firm in the face of trials and tribulations.  With each of her books, readers can be guaranteed they  will receive a sensational romance, but they should also know that they are getting so much more.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.


Sky and Dillon became best friends bonded through struggle, heartbreak, and a promise to get away from it all.

Together they move to New York to pursue their passions. Dillon is a singer/songwriter looking for his big break while Sky wants nothing more than to become a top fashion designer.

Years later, they’re still chasing their dreams. Their friendship has endured jealousy, insecurity, disappointments, and even open relationships.

But can they survive falling in love?



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About the Author:

E.M. Abel was born and raised a Marine Corps brat. She spent a large portion of her life moving and living in her mother’s home country, Japan. As a result, she gained independence and a unique perspective on the world. The youngest of three girls, E.M. Abel spent a lot of time alone in her room writing or sketching in her journals and dreaming up stories. Growing up, she wrote poems, short stories and articles for her high school newspaper. She also fell in love with art and discovered her desire for self-expression.

Now, a Navy wife with two children of her own, she still loves being creative and most of all translating her stories into novels. E.M. Abel can often be found with her headphones on jamming out to music, practicing yoga and searching for her Zen or exploring the latest place she’s calling home. No matter what she’s doing in her life, she’s always sure to do it her way.


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