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Title: Swing (Landry Family #2)

Author: Adriana Locke
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cover Design: Kari March Designs 

Release Date: December 19, 2016


 My musings…
I am in love with the Landry family.  Every single sibling I met in this book is fun and interesting, and the family dynamic among the siblings is pure entertainment.  I would literally read anything that has to do with this family, and not just because I adore these characters, but because the books are light, romantic, fun, and so steamy.
Swing is my first book in the series (I will be going to back to read Sway and Switch is already on my TBR), and I was fully entertained by Lincoln Landry from the very first page.  Adriana Locke’s character development of Linc makes him completely endearing and sexy, the perfect blend of arrogant athlete and man with a heart of gold.  His arrogance, and make no mistake he is very self-assured, comes off as fun and playful with his easy joking, even being able to make fun of himself and take other people making fun of him.  His laid-back attitude and easy-going nature counter-balance his cockiness, making him endearing and lovable.  He is also at his core a good guy, compassionate and caring, as show through his actions and devotion to win Dani’s heart.  Dani is a little more guarded with her heart, but once the reader learns of her background, readers will empathize and understand her motivation to protect herself.  Even with her walls up, it is clear to the reader that Dani is authentic and is only looking for her HEA.  Her job shows her huge heart, and when she opens herself up to the opportunity to love, she really blossoms as a character.
I loved reading about Linc and Dani.  Before anything physical occurs between the two, their banter and the chemistry between them is enough to sustain the reader.  I loved the joking, the flirting, and the chase that occurs between the two of them.  She certainly makes him work for it, and I enjoyed every single minute of him romancing her.
The plot of this story follows the traditional trope story line.  Once learning about the characters, it is clear to the reader what the conflict is going to be between the two of them.  However, even with the general knowledge of how the story will play out, it does not detract from the enjoyment of the story or the romance between the two characters.  The resolution to this story completely blew me away, as I wasn’t quite sure how Adriana Locke was going to resolve the conflict between them, but Linc doesn’t disappoint.  The epilogue of this story will also leave the reader so happy.  This particular reader had a smile so wide on her face seeing Dani and Linc finally hit a Grand Slam!
I am a new fan of this series, as the Landry family is just too hard to resist.  I want to know every single sibling and every single story.  Adriana Locke has certainly created series gold with these characters, and I know I will be anxiously awaiting the next series, not only to see who will bring Graham to his knees but also to see glimpses of previous characters I love, too.
ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

Screw him and his perfect stats.
Sinful smirk.
Delicious body.
Lincoln Landry probably even has game-winning stamina.I’d like to screw her and her perfect ass.
Dangerous curves.
Sweet smile.
Danielle Ashley probably even has a game-changing personality.There’s no denying the chemistry between them. It’s so fiery, it’s undeniable. They partake in it. Enjoy it.
They really enjoy it.
Attraction is not a problem. Nor is their banter, relationship status, or habits. That’s all fine. Perfect, actually.

The problem is as tangled up as their sheets.

A STANDALONE romantic comedy from USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke.

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Why they call it a farmhouse is beyond me. That word paints an image of a little white house with a chicken coop. This is a Southern plantation. A huge, wide porch with pillars looks to encompass the entire place. Mums line whiskey barrels and give the clean exterior pops of burgundy, orange, and yellow. It’s breathtaking.

“This is gorgeous,” I breathe as it comes into full view. “Not what I expected.”

“This is my second favorite place in the world,” he whispers against my ear.

“Second? What could be more perfect that this?”

“Inside you.”

Before he can pull away, I turn my face so my lips capture his. He deepens the kiss, our lips working against one another in perfect harmony. As we pull away, breathless, he grins. “Thank you for coming.”

“I’ll ensure you come later,” I promise.

“Naughty girl,” he chuckles as the car rolls to a stop. “I like it.”

“You will.”


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 About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke lives and breathes books. After years of slightly obsessive relationships with the flawed bad boys created by other authors, Adriana has created her own.

She resides in the Midwest with her husband, sons, and two dogs. She spends a large amount of time playing with her kids, drinking coffee, and cooking. You can find her outside if the weather’s nice and there’s always a piece of candy in her pocket.

For sneak peeks, giveaways, and more, please join Adriana’s Facebook Group, Books by Adriana Locke, or her Goodreads group, All Locked Up.

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