#Review “Bad for Me” by Shanora Williams

BAD FOR ME by Shanora Williams

Release Date: December 12th

Genre: MC Romance

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I thought I knew where this book was going to go, but boy was I wrong. Shanora takes you on an angst ridden journey of EPIC proportions, with a twist you will not see coming! 

He’s the man who stole my right to live freely. And now, I’m going to steal his vicious beating heart.

Wolf is the quintessential MC President. I got a lot of Jax from Sons of Anarchy vibes from him. He’s the man that everyone around town knows. They all steer clear of him, due to his intimidating nature and his hair trigger temper. He rules the town and those in it with an iron fist. He exudes complete and utter Alpha Male. Every time he’s in a room everyone takes note. And his club has his back no matter what no question’s asked. He doesn’t like to be touch and he always likes to be in control and control those around him, he needs that power. 

“There he is,” I purr. This is the side of him I’ve been looking for.  The primal, hungry side of him that can’t resist the perfect seduction. 

Nova is a free spirit, she doesn’t want to be tied down and she doesn’t want to have any more responsibilities than she already has. She takes care of herself and her brother and she’s good with that. She absolutely does not like being told what to do, and she doesn’t like to feel like she can’t escape if she want’s too. Her strength of character and her fierceness lead to so many confrontations with her and wolf. Their push and pull was deliciously steamy and tension filled. The connection between them was potent to say the least, and you knew when they got together it would be pure fire. Shanora did not disappoint. They almost melted my Kindle with the heat between them. 

I won’t lie, it feels like home. I feel safe. Protected. I feel like I am his, and he is mine. And, at the end of the day, that’s all I wanted.

This story is a non-stop ride full of all the action and angst you can handle. Shanora has created a legit MC experience that you will fall in love with. Nova and Wolf are perfect, the dynamics between them can be felt through the pages, they didn’t feel forced or fake, everything between them felt real and alive. So, if you like MC romance than this story is most definitely for you. So buckle up and enjoy the ride that is Wolf, you will not be disappointed.


There’s a myth that floats around in my city.

They say the president of the local biker gang is ruthless, heartless, and that once you cross him, you’ll spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder.

There are whispers that he was once lost in a forest, and when he was found, he was surrounded by a pack of wolves that were protecting him.

Many will tell you he’d never let his guard down for a woman, and that if he ever did, it would be bad for her.

The one thing this city doesn’t know about me is that I’m not your average woman. I’m a fighter, and when someone messes with my family, I will fight, and when my freedom is stolen, I will do whatever it takes to get it back.

When I’m done with him, the rumors will come to an end because I’ll be the woman who tamed this infamous biker president.

I’ll be the woman who, in the end, was bad for him.

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I shove my fears aside and take another step forward until I’m standing right between his long legs. He raises his chin.

Fuck it. If he kills me for this, then I guess I’m just a dead woman, but at least I’ll know I didn’t go down without trying.

I grip his shoulders and climb on top of his lap, completely naked. Pressing my breasts to his chest, I let my fingers run past his silky, wavy hair to curl a hand around the nape of his neck.

His serious expression doesn’t change. I can’t tell if he’s enjoying this or hating it. I wonder if he can feel my heart beating—feel how terrified and thrilled I am to be doing this. God, what is wrong with me?

I press on his neck with my hand, straddling his lap as I study his full lips. If I’m going to do this, I can’t hold back anymore. I need to prove to him that I’m worthy of being claimed.

So, I lower my face and kiss him. He stiffens in the chair, finally reacting, but I don’t ease up. I use my other hand to caress his shoulders and his upper back, all while kissing him with so much fervor and passion that it nearly cuts me in two. In two, because a part of me hates everything about this, while another part of me—one that I am absolutely disgusted with—is enjoying the hell out of it.

My tongue plunges through his full lips. His mouth tastes like fruit and I sigh devouring the crisp taste. Apple. It’s apple. Without thinking, I grab one of his hands and bring it up, forcing him to palm my ass. A deep groan fills his throat and he clutches me tight.

No hesitation.

I fight a smile.

“There he is,” I purr. This is the side of him I’ve been looking for. The primal, hungry side of him that can’t resist the perfect seduction.

I break the kiss, refusing to give him too much affection. Right now, this is about our bodies and how much he’ll need mine by the time this is over.

I climb off his lap and watch his fiery eyes as I lower down to my knees. Perched between his thighs, I drag my palms over the tops of them, and then run a palm over his bulging erection.

He’s so hard. Good. That means I’m winning.

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