#Review “Between Now and Heartache” by Dylan Allen

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Between Now and Heartbreak, part two in the heart wrenching, sexy and surprising Forever Trilogy from Dylan Allen, is available now!

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5 Soul Shattering CROWNS

Dylan has done it again, in this second part to this beautifully written trilogy. She pulls no punches when it comes to the angst level in this one. I don’t know how many times I had to put my Kindle down so that I didn’t throw her. (I mean it’s not her fault). My poor heart completely shattered while reading this and only Dylan can put it back together, her words are a soothing balm to my aching soul. 

“Oh, Carter. Oh, no,” she whispers, her hand comes back to my chest, covering my heart. The binding that’s been constricting it loosens at the touch of the woman who it wants to belong to. 

I was deluding myself by thinking that book one was full of angst and incredibly emotional because this just blew that one out of the water. I love these two characters so much. I am so committed to their love and their journey. Dylan has written these both with such a realness to them, you can’t help but feel a connection to them. I need them to be happy not just want them to be, but I physically need them to be.

I tasted her magic. That’s all it took to hook me. And now I have to live with the knowledge that I’ll never have it again. 

Carter is still struggling to figure out who he is. Now that he has learned some of the things regarding his past, he’s trying to figure out the rest. This poor man has been through so much. He just want’s answers and keeps getting either the run around or coming up against huge roadblocks. His struggles to find out exactly who and where he comes from really resonates with me. Everyone should know where they come from. I think it’s so important for your future to understand your past. And it broke my heart every single time he ran into an obstacle in his quest. 

“You, my love, were born with wings. And when you spread them, you will fly.”

OMG Beth is pure strength; I don’t know a single person who could go through what she did and still be standing. This woman gives me chills with how amazing she is. She also still trying to figure out who she is, but when she does watch out because she is going to be a force. She shines with both inner and outer beauty and it’s such a shame that those around her can see her. I want more than anything to watch her fully evolve into the absolutely amazing person I know she will be and see all the fantastic things she will do. 

His kiss, minty and sweet, consumes me and I never want to breath again if it means his lips won’t be on mine. 

This is more than just a love story; this is a story about finding yourself and who you were meant to be. These two go through so many things and have to overcome so many obstacles to be together. Their journey is not an easy one, but it is a necessary one. Their connection is so all consuming and so powerful you can feel it bleed from the pages every time they are in the same room together; it makes your heart ache with so many emotions. 

Dylan’s words will leave your heart and soul shattered in the best possible way. As you move through the story; each page and every word will wrap around your heart until you are completed consumed by Beth and Carter. They will become part of you once you start this journey. Read this and fall in love with these characters as I have, you will not be disappointed. 

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He’s searching for the truth.

I’m living a lie.

And as much as we want to,

we can’t stay away from each other.

Falling for Carter nearly cost me everything.

To save myself I made a deal with the devil.

Now, I’ve got a second chance and more to lose than ever.

So when he makes it clear he wants me back,

I vow not to make the same mistake twice.

Carter has learned his lesson, too.

He’s done making promises.

This time, he’s staking his claim.

He already owns a piece of my heart,

But he won’t settle for less than all of me.

And by the time his seduction is done, I’ll want to give it to him.

But I made promises I have to keep.

And the devil I owe has come to collect his due.

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