#Review “Downfall” by Abigail Davies

Title: Down Fall
Series: Fallen Duet #2
Author: Abigail Davies
Genre: Forbidden Romance
Release Date: July 10, 2019


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After the action packed, wild ride that was Free Fall, the somewhat slower start to Down Fall lulled me into a false sense of security. I forgot for a moment who we were dealing with here, what cruel, controlling characters were still lurking in the shadows plotting and planning their own agendas.

I loved Lola, a strong young woman, a real survivor, who had seen more of the seedier side of life that she should have at her age. Still compassionate despite all the hurt in her life, and determined to forge a new, positive and successful life for herself, I really hoped she would find the peace and stability she craved. Her journey was a challenging and difficult one, and when you don’t know what lies ahead, how do you prepare for the trip?

Now Brody I was not so sure of. I did not agree with the choices he made in Free Fall and the way those choices were justified by making a certain party seem volatile and nasty, did not sit well with me. It’s difficult to explain without giving away spoilers, but if I could’ve changed one thing it would’ve been for the situation to have been dealt with in a different way. I think as a reader we were supposed to dislike this person because of their reactions but I actually ended up feeling sorry for them, even if their malice was aimed at the wrong person. I did, however, like Brody as a father and began to warm to him the more time he spent with his son. I really enjoyed the interactions between him and Cade, who was a brilliant character in his own right. I’m really excited that we get his story next.

Action packed and unexpected, Down Fall is a great conclusion to this duet. Whilst there were times when I doubted that this couple would find their HEA, nevertheless I was cheering them on. I loved the shocks and surprises and the edge of the seat moments which made up this rollercoaster ride of a story. This duet may have been the first books I’ve read by this author but they won’t be the last.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.


Life was chaotic and unpredictable; made up of a series of events—a collection of firsts.

First crush.

First kiss.

First love.

Between the murky waters, I’d found salvation. And it was all because of him—the broody alpha who appeared at the time I needed him most.

He promised me things, and showed me the life I could have.

But all it took was one moment to destroy everything.

Nothing else mattered.

No one else mattered.

It was him and me against the world.

Until it wasn’t.

I hadn’t known just how forbidden our love was.

I hadn’t known I’d been tutoring his son.

I hadn’t known about the family he had hidden away.

I hadn’t known he was cheating—with me.

I wish I could say I wanted to take it all back, but it’d be a lie.

A blatant lie.

He was my biggest downfall, but I’d never regret it.

Choosing him was never an option, the question was whether
he’d risk it all.

Downfall is book two in the Fallen Duet. The finalinstalment in the two part, drama filled, heart felt, epic love story.


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About the Author:

Abigail Davies grew up with a passion for words, storytelling, maths, and anything pink. Dreaming up characters—quite literally—and talking to them out loud is a daily occurrence for her.

She finds it fascinating how a whole world can be built with words alone, and how everyone reads and interprets a story differently.

Now following her dreams of writing, Abigail has found the passion that she always knew was there.

When she’s not writing: she’s a mother to two daughters who she encourages to use their imagination as she believes that it’s a magical thing, or getting lost in a good book.

If she’s doing neither of those things, you can be sure she’s surfing the web buying new makeup, clothes, or binge-watching another show as she becomes one with her sofa.

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