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Elijah’s Hope (Alaska Dating Games #1)

S. Doyle

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4 stars
Elijah’s Hope is the first book in a new interconnected series. With a fresh take on the idea of a blind date, I really enjoyed this story. Well written, I liked the author’s writing style very much, and I found all the characters very appealing.

Elijah is large in stature but not overbearing in nature, he’s kind and considerate in a sort of rough and ready way.  However, he’s not afraid to let his inner caveman loose when the situation calls for it. Shelby is an intriguing character. Definitely odd at the beginning, rather old fashioned in her habits and way of speaking and I couldn’t help wondering what was going on behind the eccentric and slightly overboard southern mannerisms. Her reactions, together with the banter and camaraderie between Elijah and his colleagues was entertaining and certainly had me laughing out loud.

Love happens fairly quickly here but I didn’t feel it was over the top, it felt natural enough under the circumstances. There was no rush to the bedroom but once they took that next step, oh boy did things heat up and the sexy times are very steamy! However, as the saying goes, the course of true love never runs smooth, and although there isn’t a great deal of drama and angst to the story overall, there’s a definite feeling that trouble will arrive at some point to knock our pair off their feet.

All in all, this book is a quick, easy and enjoyable read with a lovely feel to it. A great start to this series. There are some very intriguing side characters and from what I’ve seen of them so far, I think we’re in for a treat with their stories too.

Elijah's Hope (Alaska Dating Games Book 1) by [Doyle, S] Synopsis:

Four Alaskan Oil Riggers. One Contest. Four Blind Dates. Who says there are no more mail order brides…


I’m an oil rigger in Hope’s Point, Alaska and I have one option on my Tinder feed. We’re desperate but none of us are dating Gert.

So my friends and I ran a contest: submit your profile for the chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Alaska and a date with one of us.

Shelby is perfect. Gorgeous, funny, from a good family and studying to be a teacher. I came from the wrong side of every track, and Shelby is a taste of the sweet life I never had. I know she’s too good for me, but now I’m starting to wonder: Is she really who I think she is?


I was all out of choices back home and I had to get away. A free ticket to Alaska was the escape I needed. Now I’m in the middle of nowhere with a stranger – a sexy oil rigger who’s everything I didn’t know I wanted. I’m falling for him, but I can’t let him get too close. What will happen if he finds out who I really am?

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About the Author:

No joke, my romance writing career started when I was ten and realized that Leia and Han were the true couple in Star Wars.

It’s been about thirty years and over forty books and I still love it.

I also write as Stephanie Doyle for Harlequin if you’re interested in reading more.

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  1. Haven’t heard of S. Doyle before but based on your review maybe I should check these books.

  2. Looking forward to this series. Will probably wait until the last book so I can binge read them all!

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