#Review “Forever Wanted” by Dee Palmer

Title: Forever Wanted – Part One
Author: Dee Palmer
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Date: June 25, 2019
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Forever Wanted is Pink and Buttercup’s story and whilst it’s part of a series, in my opinion it can easily be read as a stand-alone.

I have to say, this is my favourite book in this interconnected series and that’s due to the wonderful characters and their hugely engaging personalities. Although he’s rather grumpy towards Buttercup at first, rather unwarranted if you ask me, we soon see Pink’s kind nature emerge. He’s still the strong, tough former Navy Seal, and certainly no doormat, but he’s respectful and considerate. All in all, the full package.

Buttercup is fabulous. Quirky and funny but also rather naive and unworldly, she’s found herself in a situation where she feels she has no alternative but to sacrifice her own happiness in order to save everything her grandfather holds dear. She’s a real contradiction and I loved that about her. On the one hand she’s intelligent, strong and feisty but on the other she’s become rather beaten down. Her wishes and needs have been swept aside and she’s frequently overshadowed by the more forceful, outspoken and frankly quite vile characters around her, to the point where she’s become resigned to her fate. However, I loved the way this doesn’t stop her chipping away at Pink until she uncovers the sweet man behind the emotional walls he has erected. His charming, down to earth ways have her considering that maybe there’s an alternative to the life she thought was mapped out for her.

I loved the banter between these two, which is hilarious. I like that neither of them are perfect and on the surface they’re an unlikely couple. They do say opposites attract and maybe they’re just what the other needs. The steam factor is not as high as in other books I’ve read by this author, but for me, it was just right. Don’t get me wrong, these two certainly have heaps of chemistry, it just takes time to get there but once they do, oh boy do they heat up the pages. Who knew Pink was such a romantic.

I really enjoyed this lovely, funny, sweet and charming story and hope we get to see more of this couple in future books.

As much as I love Finn, my brothers and our way of life… when things started to change, I found myself with only one option. I had to get away.
I need to clear my head and what better way than to hit the open road. My plan, for what it’s worth is to drive, try and work out what I want and to take care of number one for a change.
What is it they say about best laid plans?
My plans might be about to change dramatically when I suddenly have to swerve to avoid hitting a runaway bride. She might be beautiful underneath all that dirt but she’s a disaster, with drama written all over her tear stained face.
I have to tell myself, this is not my problem.
I don’t care.
I tell myself enough, I might even believe it for a fraction of the second it takes me to stop my truck and haul a u-turn.
Again I tell myself, I don’t care…until I do and then it’s too damn late.

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About the Author:
Dee Palmer lives just outside of London. Her passion is writing sexy steamy romance stories that will scorch the pages right off your kindle and are guaranteed to make your heart pound. She loves an HEA but isn’t afraid to put her readers through the ringer before she delivers.

When not at her desk she can be found either fannying around on Facebook or with her nose stuck in her Kindle. Once in a while when the lights are down she might be spotted about town searching for the best French martinis and throwing some dubious shapes on the dance floor.
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  1. Good to know this can be read as a standalone, based on your review I really think I’d like it.

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