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Well if you thought book 1 was complex that has nothing on this story. After the tragic cliffhanger that CL unceremoniously tossed us off of at the end of book 1 was intrigued to see which way the plot was going to go. And CL did not disappoint; a multifaceted tale that continuously twists and turns at any moment, keeping you thoroughly on the edge of your seat waiting with bated breath. This series is so much more than you could hope for and everything you didn’t even know you needed.

The characters ever changing dynamics and evolution of relationships are unlike anything I’ve read. This is a new and different kind of RH, based more on hate than love. But underneath all that animosity and anger you can see the underlying current of affection and care that these characters feel for each other, almost against their will. It’s enticing to watch and try and learn each of them and their feelings that they so meticulously keep hidden even from themselves it feels like. You are constantly on edge wondering what’s going to happen next and what sort of reaction they are going to pose at any given situation, it’s almost exhausting trying to keep up, but it definitely keeps you completely engaged in the storyline and the outcome becomes almost physically necessary to find out.

Now, I struggle a little bit calling it an RH but only because I feel like some of the relationships developing are more geared toward M/M with little to do with Colt. At least for me I could feel their connections expanding and becoming more with each other and she was more just there. For me an RH is centered around the woman and the men all need and want her and don’t get me wrong the guys do to an extent. But it feels almost like their connection to each other is stronger. Also, there seems to be a smidge of disconnection in the storyline, there were a few instances where I wasn’t sure what was happening and certain things would be revealed out of nowhere. There didn’t seem to be cohesion to the developments that occurred, not all but some. However, given that this is a series with multiple books I’m hoping as it continues the developments will make sense and the RH connection will grow stronger.

CL has crafted something that is new and wonderful. This story and the characters within are unique and captivating. This book not only gives you all the steam you could handle, but it shows you the lengths that people will go to for those they care about. It shows you what happens when a world is torn apart and the slow progression of those trying to put it back together. This book takes you on a journey that you couldn’t prepare for even if you tried and it will leave you with a racing heart and gasping for breath as if you are the one living this story. Every time you think you’ve figured something out CL knocks you for another loop making you anxious for the next book in the series so you can find out what happens next.

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy

HLaS - ebook

Being rich is great until you become the saint of Arcadia.




They call me a saint, but if they knew the lies, the fallacies,

and what truths I hide, I’d be labeled a proclaimed sinner.

I lie, do all the bad deeds, especially if it does right by her.

She’s the darkness but also the light.

He’s my downfall but also my redemption.

Two opposites, but somehow everything I’ve fought for.

Earning her, saving him, it’s all I can think of.

Saint or sinner, I’ll win her.

Death or life, I’ll protect him.

Truth or lie, I’ll save them.

Arcadia isn’t prepared for the war its wrought.

Good thing I’m a fighter.

No one said I’d bow down to an unworthy king.

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About the Author:

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C.L. Matthews lives in lala-landia with her husband and invisible friends. She wants to riot the lack thereof authentic Mexican food in her state, but she’s an introvert at heart. She enjoys tacos, Red Bull, and warm water because she’s crazy. She’s an oddball, and realizes it’s been mentioned before, just go with it. Her joys in life consist of writing unconventional romances, making book covers, causing havoc to her reader’s hearts, and genre-hopping when she needs a change of scenery. She’s a special kind of weird and enjoys every moment of it.

Website: www.clmatthewsbooks.com

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