#Review “Hideaway” by Penelope Douglas

Title: Hideaway

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Author: Penelope Douglas

Release Date: October 2nd, 2017

Aundi’s musings…


Penelope has created an intensely dark and delicious world that will enrapture you from the first page until the very last moment. This series is a delightful blend of scary, twisted and decadent to the angstiest degree. This is book 2 in the series and should be read in order. It’s not completely necessary as they are written as standalones but they definitely have interconnecting story-lines. This story follows Kai and Banks. 

A man cannot destroy the savage in him by denying its impulses. The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. –Robert Louis Stevenson

I loved Banks, her character is so multi-layered and fascinating. How this girl had to grow up and still be who she is just floors me. She is strength personified and does everything she can to just be seen by her father. She spent her whole life living under the radar and not being noticed in her house because she is female. And according to her father females are essentially worthless other than bearing sons. She has struggled and clawed her way to being more than what he has deemed her as, and it’s empowering to see. 

“You are one of my secrets,” she shot back. “I’m trying to steal you, but I wish I didn’t want to.”

The relationship that she builds with Kai made perfect sense. There was so much push and pull between them for obvious reasons. And she was very much Hot and Cold through most of the book. Which again makes sense as to how she grew up and what her ultimate goal was. But the slow burn intensity between them was sizzling. Kai was drawn to her from the moment he met her. And you can feel that attraction jump off the pages. Every time they are in a room together it’s like you can feel the heat pouring from the pages. (The closet scene enough said). 

I love Kai’s character he’s actually a really good guy with a slightly skewed moral compass. He was raised to never disappoint and to do the right thing. And since his arrest has felt that his parents are perpetually disappointed in him. I love the glimpses into his culture and you can really see that he never wanted to bring shame on his family but knows that he has and is fighting with that. He’s Alpha protective and has a seductively dirty mouth, he is; All. The. Things! 

Around you, I get hungry. Like I’m starving.

What I loved most about this story was the intensity throughout and the perpetual state of unease due to not knowing where Damon was. It set the book on a whole new level of angst. Will he or won’t he type of thing? And you can feel that from everyone in the story. You could tell that each character was tense and it showed. This series is completely addicting, what Penelope has created will take you on an intense journey that you won’t want to leave. She has roller coaster level twists and turns that leave you gasping for breath but screaming for more. Trust me you want to read this series, you will not be disappointed. 


DEVIL’S NIGHT is returning! Hiding places, chases, and all the games are back…


Buried in the shadows of the city, there’s a hotel called The Pope. Ailing, empty, and dark—it sits abandoned and surrounded by a forgotten mystery.

But you think it’s true, don’t you, Kai Mori? The story about the hidden twelfth floor. The mystery of the dark guest who never checked in and never checks out. You think I can help you find that secret hideaway and get to him, don’t you?

You and your friends can try to scare me. You can try to push me. Because even though I struggle to hide everything I feel when you look at me—and have ever since I was a girl—I think that maybe what you seek is so much closer than you’ll ever realize.

I will never betray him.

So sit tight.

On Devil’s Night, the hunt will be coming to you.


You have no idea what I seek, Little One. You don’t know what I had to become to survive three years in prison for a crime I would gladly commit again.

No one can know what I’ve turned into.

I want that hotel, I want to find him, and I want this over.

I want my life back.

But the more I’m around you, the more I realize this new me is exactly who I was meant to be.

So come on, kid. Don’t chicken out. My house is on the hill. So many ways in, and good luck finding your way out.

I’ve seen your hideaway. Time to see mine.

*Hideaway is a romantic suspense suitable for ages 18+. While the romance is a stand-alone, the plot is a continuation of events that began in CORRUPT (Devil’s Night, #1). It is strongly recommended that you have read Corrupt prior to reading this. It is currently on sale for $0.99.

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Check out the deleted scene from Hideaway!!!

*This scene originally took place after David, Lev, and Ilia took Banks home from the cemetery, before she goes to her room and climbs in bed.


“Those fuckin’ guys,” David cursed from the drivers’ seat, lighting a cigarette. “Little shits, all of ‘em.”

“Connected little shits,” Ilia added.

I sat behind him on the passenger’s side, staring out the window as they went on talking about people they didn’t know. In was common to have that animosity for the people they worked for. And I felt the same about the girls at the party, even though I shouldn’t have made assumptions.

But it was easy to be bitter when you knew you’d never have a chance to own the types of cars you were paid to wash every day. Or hate people who were simply winners of the birth lottery, lucky enough to be born into money and never knowing what it was like to work for anything.

But Kai was different. He was nice.

Part of me wanted to explain what actually happened when I was dropped into the grave, and hey, I could even turn it around and blame it on them, but…no. I didn’t feel like apologizing for something that wasn’t my fault and something I wasn’t sorry happened.

I had my first kiss at the bottom of an empty grave. I’d always remember that, wouldn’t I?

“Hey,” I heard David say.

I turned my head and looked up, seeing his eyes on me through the rearview mirror.

“Don’t think I don’t see that little smile on you like you think he’s gonna give you something good.” He shook his head once. “Not happening. Ever. Chances are, Damon will either bolts your knees together for the rest of your life, or you’ll be marrying one of us. That’s as good as you got to look forward to, Little Girl.”

The smile I didn’t realize I had fell, and I turned my eyes out the window again, somber as we passed the gates and left the cemetery.

There was no way I’d stay here and live this life forever.

“Lots of people come from nothing and make something of themselves,” I replied more to myself.

But Lev laughed next to me as he leaned back in the seat. “Yeah, like me. Look at me.”

“And totally, me, too,” Ilia chimed in.

“Yeah, we all came from nothing and made something of ourselves,” David mocked me in the rear view mirror. “I hold down three fucking jobs, including delivering pizza part-time at night to scratch together enough to get myself a fucking teacher education and change the world, right? I do my homework on the bus to city college every day. That’s me.”

I shook my head, averting his eyes.

“Yeah,” Lev joined in with a French accent. “I’m going to go to culinary school and make ze best dishes for all ze starving children in Ah-frica.”

He kissed his fingers. “Muah!”

“And me, I’ll just get a factory job,” Ilia played along, “a good, honest living to support my church-going wife and my kids, Betty Sue, Tommy, and Vlad.”

“Vlad?” Lev asked, perking up.

Ilia shrugged. “Should have at least one good Russian name in there.”

They all laughed as if I was so naïve. Like the idea of hope was a ridiculous waste of time. But they had to want more at one point, didn’t they? How did they become so jaded?

“Thing is, baby,” David said, and I met his eyes in the mirror, “when you got no money, life can just get too damn hard. Some people make it out. Most don’t.”

Lev sighed next to me. “Shit just gets too damn hard, and Gabriel pays.”

“And a month turns into two years really fast,” Ilia added.

I frowned, staring out into the night and the trees blowing past my window. The car was becoming suffocating, the air thicker and thicker.

No wonder they drank all the time.

No wonder they fought and did everything and anything they could to numb themselves. As far as they were concerned, it was all over already. Nothing would ever be better than it was right now.

And no wonder I’d been so smitten with Kai Mori. He was different.

And he was the only one, aside from Marina, who made me feel like the world could be bigger.

David pulled up to our gate, and it immediately opened, allowing him to pull through. Everyone remained quiet as he continued down the long driveway, and I peered up front to see the digital clock read just after ten p.m.  

My brother wouldn’t be home until at least dawn. Was Kai still planning to go to the Pope tonight? He must’ve gotten that key after our conversation this morning, before he knew that he’d run into me again.

I didn’t like the idea of him there without me.

David parked around the back of the house and shut off the headlights, killing the car.

He looked at me over his shoulder. “Get to your room and stay there.”

Yeah, yeah…I pushed open my door, and we all got out, David, Lev, and Ilia heading toward the shop and their bunks, while I opened the back door, leading into the kitchen.


From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Douglas comes a new dark romance…


I was told that dreams were our heart’s desires. My nightmares, however, became my obsession.

His name is Michael Crist.

My boyfriend’s older brother is like that scary movie that you peek through your hand to watch. He’s handsome, strong, and completely terrifying. The star of his college’s basketball team and now gone pro, he’s more concerned with the dirt on his shoe than me.

But I noticed him.

I saw him. I heard him. The things that he did, and the deeds that he hid…For years, I bit my nails, unable to look away.

Now, I’ve graduated high school and moved on to college, but I haven’t stopped watching Michael. He’s bad, and the dirt I’ve seen isn’t content to stay in my head anymore.

Because he’s finally noticed me.


Her name is Erika Fane, but everyone calls her Rika.

My brother’s girlfriend grew up hanging around my house and is always at our dinner table. She looks down when I enter a room and stills when I am close. I can always feel the fear rolling off of her, and while I haven’t had her body, I know that I have her mind. That’s all I really want anyway.

Until my brother leaves for the military, and I find Rika alone at college.

In my city.


The opportunity is too good to be true, as well as the timing. Because you see, three years ago she put a few of my high school friends in prison, and now they’re out.

We’ve waited. We’ve been patient. And now every last one of her nightmares will come true.

*Corrupt is a STANDALONE dark romance with no cliffhanger. It is suitable for ages 18+.

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About the Author:
Penelope Douglas is a full-time writer living in Las Vegas with her husband and their daughter. When she’s not writing or reading, she loves road-tripping, touring retired, old ships, and pinning anything not nailed down.

Her books include the Fall Away series (Bully, Until You, Rival, Falling Away, Aflame, and Next to Never) and the Devil’s Night series (Corrupt and Hideaway (and Kill Switch and Nightfall–not yet released). Please look for her stand-alones Misconduct and Punk 57. Available now.

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