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LEFT FOR WILD by Harlow Rae
Release date: October 22nd

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Harloe has crafted a refreshingly unique and captivating romance set in the most unlikely of circumstances. With equal parts heat and suspense this book will have you engrossed from the first page all the way until the very last word. Halder and Blakely are pure romance perfection, their connection instant and undeniable, their journey dangerous but unavoidable, don’t hesitate to get lost in the Wild with them for you are in for quite the ride.  

Halder is a man that was wrongly convicted of a crime and has since spent the last 5 years in prison trying to get out and clear his name. He finally gets the opportunity he’s released from prison and then boom tragedy strikes and he is in a different kind of jail.

Blakely is a social worker who takes on cases from the prison from time to time to help in their rehabilitation and transition back into society. She’s strong and capable and loves her job, but she gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and is thrust into a world she was not prepared for.

This book was so completely different than anything I’ve ever read. The storyline is utterly distinctive and I found myself easily immersed into this world. Halder is the perfect Boy Scout and gentleman while trying to fight his attraction to Blakely so that they can survive. And Blakely is marvelous she takes everything in stride and doesn’t let it bring her to the point of no return. The tension and steam between them is ever present and grows as the story progresses in a very organic way. I loved this book so much, from the characters to the storyline every aspect will hold you captivated. So, if you’re looking for something completely out of the box, look no further, get lost in the Wild!!!

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Left For Wild by Harloe Rae

Arrested. Wrongfully accused. Sentenced to ten years.
But the steel bars release me early.

After serving half of my time for a crime I didn’t commit, they grant me parole—with a very short leash. My second chance at freedom begins now, and I won’t waste it. I should’ve been paying more attention.

Ambushed. Captured. Stranded.
When I wake in the depths of a snowy forest, all seems lost. I’ve been left alone in the wilderness with zero means of escape. Until someone rouses beside me.

I recognize Blakely Cross instantly, yet she’s barely more than a stranger. Now she’s stuck with me in the worst possible place, as collateral damage.

Blakely blames me, and rightfully so. This entire situation is my fault. Our destinies are inadvertently twisted together by forces far larger than us. Whether she hates me or not, we need each other to stay alive.

Cope. Adapt. Persevere.
They tossed us out to be buried, but underestimated our determination. The bond we’re building will overcome the harshest conditions.

And we’re not willing to surrender.

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About the Author:

Harloe Rae is a USA Today & Amazon Top 10 best-selling author. Her passion for writing and reading has taken on a whole new meaning. Each day is an unforgettable adventure.

She’s a Minnesota gal with a serious addiction to romance. There’s nothing quite like an epic happily ever after. When she’s not buried in the writing cave, Harloe can be found hanging with her hubby and son. If the weather permits, she loves being lakeside or out in the country with her horses.

Harloe is the author of the Reclusive series, Watch Me Follow, the #BitterSweetHeat series, Ask Me Why, the Silo Springs series, and Left For Wild. These titles are available on Amazon.

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