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Play Dirty (Brooklyn Dawn, Book 1)


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5 Why Can’t This Band Be Real CROWNS

Play Dirty is the first book in a new rockstar series by these talented authors and is a fantastic introduction to the guys and girls of Brooklyn Dawn.

There’s a wonderful cast of colorful characters, not least of all the leads in this case, Lyndsey and Nash. Lyndsey is the lead singer of Brooklyn Dawn and with her best friend Jamie, she blazes through life setting the world, and the stage, on fire. Strong, opinionated, intelligent, kind, she’s just my kind of woman and I loved her. She and Nash have amazing chemistry, but a moment of madness, of recklessness, of giving in to that attraction, has far reaching consequences. It was raw and frantic and deliciously debauched and was one of the hottest scenes I’ve read in a book.

There are several versions of Alexander Nash and I loved all of them, although he’s a little difficult to like initially. A talented musician turned record producer, with a less than stellar past, he’s often surly and anti social. However, as with all things, there’s a reason for his actions and I was pleased to see he got his act together and the real man behind the prickly facade emerged before long. An unlikely couple at first, I felt their differences were actually what made them the perfect together. However, despite having chosen the better path in life, mistakes from Nash’s past continue to haunt his present, to threaten his future and add a touch of intensity and dark suspense to the plot.

This is not the first rockstar book I have read and loved by these authors, they write musicians and their exciting, yet wonderfully complex, lives like no others. Many of their previous stories and characters will remain firmly on my list of all time favorites but never before have I wanted to climb inside the pages and lose myself to the magic of the music as much as I did with this book. These authors have a love and knowledge of music which clearly shows in their writing and the multi layered characters they bring to life. Within the first few pages I was wishing this band was real. I wanted to be able to hear their sounds, go to their concerts, buy their albums and rock out! I was so jealous of their creative ability and I would’ve loved to have had their musical talent and to have been involved in the song writing process.

The way these authors pay attention to the details means it’s so easy to become invested in these fictional people, their world, their camaraderie, their thoughts and feelings. The banter between them as a band is brilliantly written too, their humor and antics had me chuckling and ensured they were more than simply one dimensional.

You get a real sense that these rockers love their life and that’s addicting. The music references, the drama, the friendships, and of course the sexy times, all make for one amazing read. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us and the members of Brooklyn Dawn next.

Cari Quinn Made In Oblivion Painkiller Synopsis:

Run, he whispered in my ear. While you still can.

I walked into a club called Ruin and found it—and him—when he bent me over the piano he was playing.

I did as he said, but not until after he’d decimated me in the filthiest way possible.

I loved every second.

That one, and the ones that came years later. When he sang with me against his will, although the words burned and the scar tissue left him raw.

Nash has secrets, deadly ones, and he won’t let me in. He just gives me dirty little tastes of him that make me desperate for more.

To the world, I’m on top. The lead singer of a famous rock band.

With Nash, I don’t mind getting on my knees.

But someone is watching us. And our stalker isn’t content to stay on the sidelines any longer.

The curtain is about to rise. Win, lose…or die.

Play Dirty is a standalone enemies to lovers rock star romance. It is the first book in the Brooklyn Dawn series set in the Oblivion world. It ends in a happily ever after.

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About the Authors:


USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn grew up wanting to be a singer more than anything else. When she realized she probably wouldn’t be hired as the opening act for the Foo Fighters, she stopped singing and started writing. Now she happily writes about rock stars, MMA fighters, suited heroes, bodyguards and everything in between. And she blasts her music as loud as the neighbors can stand, because hey, she’ll always be a rock star in her own head.


USA Today Bestselling author Taryn Elliott is a music freak who loves everything about telling stories. She has way too many ideas rattling around in her head, but music almost always ends up in the story somehow. She’s extremely lucky to have a job that allows her to slip into the shoes of musicians, actors, business women, tycoons, bodyguards, chefs, bakers, carpenters, inventors, bartenders, wine makers, artists, and so many more characters to come. Talk about living the dream!

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  1. Rockstar romances are my favorite books of all and I love this author duo’s books so much! Really looking forward to reading this!

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