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From the first chapter, Rafferty’s Rules had me cracking up. This is only my second book by this author and I am absolutely loving her sense of humor.

A practical joke and an attempt at revenge sees our main couple meeting for the first time in a brothel of all places. Several misunderstandings and slapstick moments later, Lissa almost comes a cropper until hunky Aussie Rafferty steps in to save her from herself. I was in hysterics as he endeavoured to keep her and her drunken antics under control. He had his work cut out, and he would probably have had more success wrestling an octopus!

The attraction and chemistry between these two is apparent from the beginning. Lissa may have started her journey as an innocent when it comes to bedroom shenanigans but once she gets the wind in her sails so to speak, there’s no stopping her, or Rafferty for that matter, who is very keen to show her everything she’s been missing. This book scores very high on the steam scale and when they’re not participating in the bedroom olympics, they’re certainly thinking about it, a lot.

I really liked this couple and their banter truly tickled my funny bone throughout. However, I thought the plot itself was a little thin and, for me, Rafferty’s secret when it was finally revealed wasn’t as shocking as I thought it would be. Nevertheless, I very much enjoyed this story and I particularly loved seeing the Phillips family dynamics at work when they gathered together to celebrate brother Byron’s marriage. Hilarious, sexy, and full of strapping Australian hunks, what more could you want?

Image result for rafferty's rules donna alam Synopsis:

The relationship may be fake but the orgasms are real . . .

My brothers say if there’s trouble, I’ll find it,
If there are shenanigans afoot, I’m usually the root cause.
But this time I’ve excelled myself,
Because this time I’ve found trouble in a brothel.
And brought her home.
I know what you’re thinking; what’s a good-looking guy like me doing in a house of ill repute?
Well, I was keeping a friend from making a mistake,
And instead, I kept her.
Maybe my brothers are right. Maybe I am an idiot.
An idiot with a fake girlfriend.

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About the Author:

Donna Alam

Donna writes dirty stories, according to her family. She hopes you find them funny, too.

When not bashing away at a keyboard, she can usually be found hiding from her family and responsibilities with a good book in her hand and a dog that looks like a mop by her feet. She likes her humour and wine dry, her mojitos sweet, and her language salty.

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