#Review “The Punk and the Plaything” by B.B. Reid

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The Punk and The Plaything, the third romantic standalone in the When Rivals Play series by B.B. Reid, is LIVE!

Aundi’s Musings…

5 Must Read CROWNS

B.B without a doubt SLAYED this story. I loved Every. Single. Thing about Jaime and Bee, I could not get enough. From start to finish B.B pulls you into their world and wraps you up in the sexiness that is Jaime and doesn’t let you go until the last page!! I have loved every story that she has created and this one is no exception. This is an EPIC ride of first loves and second chances. So, buckle up, have spare panties on hand and enjoy the ride that is Jaime Fucking Buchanan!!!

“All’s fair in love and war, Barbette.” The moment my bedroom door slammed shut, I sank to the floor, feeling boneless. He’s taken all my strength and common sense with him. 

I’ve been dying for Jaime and Bee story since The Peer and The Puppet. I needed to know what happened and what was really going on between them. B.B did an amazing job of dropping little pieces here and there to elicit your interest in them, but ultimately not letting anything significant through. This story takes you all the way back to when they first met and all the things that happened. 

“He had his hands full, and now he’s tied up.” 

“Aren’t those the same thing?” Elliot snapped

“I can’t answer that without feeling sorry for your wife, Mr. Montgomery.”

Gahhhhh Jaime is too freaking much. His sense of humor and filthy mouth are the perfect combination. Every single thing that comes out of his mouth is dripping with either sarcasm or sensuality. I knew from the start that I was going to fall under his spell, hell I already had from The Peer and The Puppet. But this story just cemented the absolute amazingness that is Jaime. Every facet of this man is designed to make you fall for him. So, prepare to lose not only your hearts to this man but also your panties. 

When the clock strikes twelve, you’re mine, Cinderella. Don’t bother wearing panties. 

I loved Bee, I wasn’t sure what I would feel for her, since at least to me we never really got a feel for who she was. She was there but even in the other books it was as if she was just this shell of a person. I should never have doubted that she would have me falling for her, I am completely enamored with Bee. She is pure strength, this girl went through so much and in the end, she still didn’t lose her whole self, that strength was always there it was just buried. Many would have lost themselves completely, they wouldn’t have been able to withstand. But she did. This was one of the reasons I loved her so much. She’s overall just a superb character and you get to see why she became who she is. You get to see the things that happened which slowly chipped away at the girl she was always meant to be. She is Queen!!!!

“Jaime,” I whimpered. “It’s too much.” Any moment now, Id’ burn, and when he was done with me, there’d be nothing left. 

I don’t want to give too much away because this story is just to freaking good and everyone needs to read it. B.B has created such a phenomenal cast of characters that you can’t help but fall in love with each one, I am utterly obsessed with Blackwood Keep and everyone there. She has such a delicious way with words, that she draws you completely into her stories and you can’t help but get lost to them, I devoured Jaime and Bee’s story in one sitting without moving or coming up for air. So, if you love dirty talking Alpha males and the women who bring them to their knees then you will love this read!!!

ARC review

Sarah’s Musings…


JAMIE AND Bee own my heart!!! Gah, I couldn’t get enough of them or their love. And BB has upped her steam level. You aren’t ready. Jamie brings it all.

Jamie, the consummate playboy, troublemaker, the lovable thorn in the side of almost every character, was more than I ever could have bargained for. I loved the depth BB brought to him, and his many layers made me fall deeper in love with this broken and battered man.

Bee, though, she took the cake for me. I LOVED HER.  And the evolution! God, the evolution of BEE. I have a girl crush on her for real. I’m in love with all facets of her. The strength she had to endure, to play a part, is phenomenal , and the flashbacks that Reid used to show how she came to be the QUEEN of town from the independent and fierce little girl broke my heart for this heroine. I truly loved seeing her take her life back and the love she once had for Jameson.

This second chance romance was angsty, slow burning, and the steamiest B.B. Reid has written. The switching between the past and the present with flashbacks, allows so much depth to their romance. It allows readers to feel their pain in their fall, just as much as we see the beauty in their younger love. The switching between point of views also brought a much needed depth to two of the most misunderstood characters, the two whose public mask doesn’t necessarily match what is in their heart. And their HEA!!!! ONE OF MY FAVORITES B.B. has written.

Could I love this crew more? I didn’t think so, but I do. Wren and Lou, Vaughn and Tyra, Jamie’s mom. I LOVE THEM ALL. This is one of my very favorite series ever, and I am dying for the final book.

BETA review

Punk Cover.jpg

Never trust a nice ass and a smile. That girl is definitely poison.

When I first came to Blackwood Keep, I was just looking for a thrill.

Instead, I found a beautiful fraud—a tomboy my wildest dreams couldn’t conjure.

Bee didn’t just run with boys; she ran the boys. It was only a matter of time before I gave chase.

It took one summer for me to win her over and two to lose her forever.

My summer love turned ice queen. Without heart or thought, she ruined me.

Four years and an ocean between us, I still can’t forget that she chose my cousin…so I won’t.

Are the When Rivals Play books standalone?

Each novel depicts a different and completely unique romance. However, the stories and their plots are connected. It’s recommended that you read them in order for the full reading experience.

It is strongly advised that you read The Peer and the Puppet and The Moth and the Flame before reading The Punk and the Plaything. Content suitable for ages 18+.

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B.B. Reid is the author of nine novels including the hit enemies-to-lovers Fear Me. She grew up the only daughter and middle child in a small town in North Carolina. After graduating with a Bachelors in Finance, she started her career at an investment research firm while continuing to serve in the National Guard. She currently resides in Charlotte with her moody cat and enjoys collecting Chuck Taylors and binge-eating chocolate.


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